What you should know about drugs for weight loss


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It's time to remove warm clothes and to wear open alluring outfits. How to quickly get in shape?

We are picky about the pharmacy shelf medicine for weight loss in 3 days (a week tops) and begin to hope for a miracle. But the miracle doesn't happen. Why?

The range of such "drugs" is so broad that in our minds, build a logical chain: since so many weight-loss drugs have all pharmacies, so they are in demand. But if they are in demand – so help to lose weight! And of course I have something to buy and try! But don't hurry!

What is hidden under the shell? All these preparations – teas, pills, powders, and even diet candy are food supplements (dietary Supplements – dietary supplements) and are not a cure. Every medication has strict formulation, dosage and undergoing clinical trials. Dietary supplements of the formulation do not have, and many of them had not been subjected to any studies.

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Usually we ourselves assign to these drugs without consulting with your doctor. And thus risk their health. In dietary Supplements may include substances that can cause allergies and addiction, complications of diseases or exacerbation of chronic diseases, and many components have serious contraindications.


Part medications for weight loss slightly varies from tool to tool, but most of the ingredients the same.

Miraculous tea for pohudeniya a common component of many drugs is Senna leaf (Senna leaf or).

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Senna is another plant, in fact, an ordinary laxative. Prolonged and uncontrolled use of it in the first place, threatens dehydration body suffers the brain, the blood becomes thicker, develop disease of the immune system, exacerbated chronic diseases.

Strange but true: dehydration leads to weight gain because the metabolism. Another consequence of regular intake of Senna will be slowing intestinal motility that gets accustomed to this medicinal herb and refuses to work independently. The treatment of such problems is extremely difficult.

Remember that all laxatives have a clear course and a certain duration in days. Such funds are assigned only by the physician.

About this on the packaging of the drug for losing weight did not say a word.

Further – green tea. A wonderful tonic, especially when brewed by all the rules.

It is believed that it helps to restore metabolism and thereby boost the weight loss process. Green tea removes excess water from the body, promote decomposition of fats and cholesterol in the blood, tones the heart muscle, cleanses the blood vessels and prevents premature aging.

But proven that to lose weight using green tea is possible only in the case if you regularly drink properly brewed tea in its natural form and in moderation. Thus it is necessary to follow a diet and exercise. To take green tea dietary Supplements for weight loss ineffective.

Corn silk is another common component of miracle drugs for weight loss. These fibers resembling hair that grows on top of corn cob.

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Corn silk have a great diuretic effect, reduce appetite, fight swelling. Similar properties and turmeric, which is also included in some medications. But there is another side of the coin. These components are contraindicated for people with pancreatitis, hepatitis, nephritis and other diseases of the stomach, liver and kidneys prone to varicose veins and increased blood viscosity! Contraindications in the annotation of drugs, which is composed of corn silk and turmeric, these diseases are not present.

Another component, which is used for weight loss the horsetail. Horsetail is everywhere wild weed.

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The effect is approximately the same as from green tea: a good diuretic, which in itself contributes to weight loss. In medicine, horsetail is used in edema, congestive heart failure, for the treatment of urinary tract infections like anti-inflammatory. Infusion of horsetail is contraindicated in diseases of the kidneys, what is not said in the instructions to the drug.


In small doses, manufacturers add in the magic box of harmony and burdock. In folk and traditional medicine it is used to strengthen hair, as a diuretic and diaphoretic. Flour from the roots of burdock are used for baking bread, and roasted root is as an additive to coffee. Contraindications, as, indeed, effect.

Tea for weight loss consisting of these components, absolutely no effect on comfortably gathered under the skin fat. But before an important meeting or a long ride in traffic to drink this tea is highly undesirable.

Exotic dietary Supplements Often the packages funds for rapid weight loss found bioflavonoids citrus extract, guarana and Garcinia cambogia extract, bromelain and papain.

Citrus bioflavonoids – sounds very beautiful and mysterious. These substances (by the way, they are more than 4,000 species) contained in the interior of the citrus peel.

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Bioflavonoids strengthen capillary walls and help enhance the absorption of vitamin C. According to some, they prevent aging, strengthen the immune system, have anti-inflammatory action and are used to treat cataracts, diabetes, atherosclerosis and other serious diseases.


Citrus bioflavonoids do not have the body fat.

Guarana extract. Guarana, a beautiful vine with beautiful fruit native to South America, contains two times more caffeine than coffee.

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Caffeine speeds up metabolism, which in itself contributes to a more intensive fat. During studies involving laboratory mice, these animals lost weight.


A side effect of such a shock dose of caffeine unpredictable. Caffeine is a powerful psychostimulant and gradually causes addiction! After his admission there is a desire more and more to move. In large doses, caffeine increases blood pressure, accelerates heart rate, causes insomnia, excessive excitation or depression, can trigger a heart attack or stroke. Caffeine is contraindicated for people with diseases of the cardiovascular system, what instructions or words.

Garcinia extract – the extract from the fruit of an evergreen plant Garcinia cambogia.

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Is not only in products for weight loss but and sold as a separate component. Manufacturers claim that the unique lemon hydrocyclone, which is extracted from Garcinia cambogia, able to control appetite by maintaining a high level of sugar in the blood for the brain to signal you're full and not hungry. However, the researchers established that taking Garcinia does not affect appetite and weight loss are not affected.


Complete the list of exotic miracle supplements bromelain and papain.

Bromelain extracted from the stem of the pineapple tree and its core. Promotes the breakdown of protein foods (meat, fish), and thereby improves digestion. However, bromelain is not able to break down subcutaneous fat.

Papain is a vegetable enzyme derived from papaya.

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Like bromelain, it pushes the body to actively break down the proteins. The manufacturer convinces us how wonderful this tool is papain: burns fat, neutralizes toxins and restores intestinal flora. But it's all unsubstantiated facts. Of the side effects of papain – Allergy and upset stomach.


Plant extracts are not as they seem at first glance. And some for weight loss are useless.


Supplements for athletes

In the fight against excess weight and common components such as chitosan, linoleic acid and L-carnitine.

Chitosan is a very common ingredient in sports fat burners and products for the average losing weight. It displays the body fat molecules that come from food, not allowing them to be absorbed. Studies have confirmed that chitosan helps reduce body weight. But it is not without pitfalls. To really burn fat by using chitosan, it should be consumed regularly and in certain quantities. In those micro-doses, which contains the chitosan in pharmacy drugs weight loss its use is virtually useless. In addition, chitosan prevents the absorption of certain vitamins and minerals, which leads to their deficit.

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Shellfish source chitosan


Linoleic acid is a natural product which we get c meat and dairy products, but in very small quantities. It helps to recycle the energy of the incoming fat and promotes lean muscle mass under condition of playing sports. Proper intake of linoleic acid can be prescribed only by a specialist.

To achieve a visible effect linoleic acid should be taken in its pure form (and not in the composition of various drugs), combining with exercise and proper nutrition. Otherwise, the result will be.

Known to many the wizard of L-carnitine is a relative of vitamin B. It really helps burn fat, lowers cholesterol, protects heart and blood vessels, stimulates the regeneration of tissues and increases the stamina. Taking L-carnitine helps to build muscle mass. To produce the desired result is used in short courses only in combination with a diet and specially designed training program.

Before you decide on acquiring the drug, carefully read its composition. Even if you solely harmless components, products, usually, yield results only when a comprehensive approach – diet, clean drinking water, physical exercise.


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