7 effective home exercises for weight loss

Seven effective exercises for weight loss at home, they are all simple to learn and most of them do not need any additional equipment. Only two of them need to Wake the ball, but if you don't, you can skip these exercises or find an alternative to this ball.

Of course, an integral part of the process of losing weight is proper nutrition, which will contribute to building muscle and burning fat.

Effective exercises for weight loss at homeWell, are you ready to workout? If so, remember some rules that must be followed:

  • train 3 – 4 times a week;
  • perform all exercises one after another, without rest between them;
  • do not drink water during exercise;
  • do not make big breaks between sets;
  • try to follow the technique and do the exercises efficiently;
  • add to these exercises is still running. Run 1 – 2 times a week in a nearby Park or at the stadium.
The riveting

Exercise will make work your stomach muscles. Lie on your back with legs and arms lift up slightly (A), it will be your original position. The next movement will be raising the legs and torso up at the same time try to touch the hands of their legs (In).

In this exercise, especially in the beginning, the main thing is not to rush, do it in controlled and lower yourself to starting position as slowly as possible. Do 10 repetitions of this exercise and move on to the next.

Kick backQuite a challenging exercise, but very effective. Get in push-up position (A), then struggling to push your legs and buttocks up (In). Vitolnieki as high as you can. If, initially, you will have to turn out badly, do not despair, do as you will, "Moscow was not built".

It is desirable to perform 10 repetitions of this exercise.

Squat with jump,This is a very good exercise for leg slimming at home. Ordinary at first glance, squats, but with one caveat. Become directly, feet on width of shoulders, hands behind head (A), sit down as in a regular sit-UPS you did in high school (In), and now up don't get up, and jump out, and so high, as soon as you get ©. Hands should always be behind the head.

Perform this exercise 10 times, without resting, proceed to the next.

The twists areAgain a drill press. Sit on your butt, your back slightly, tilt back and keep your arms in front of him, and his feet lift off the floor and keep on weight (And). Staying in this position, rotate your torso to the right (In), and then to the left ©, and return to starting position. You have done one repetition.

Do 15 repetitions of this exercise and start the next.

Jumping on the hillYou need a low chair or stool. Put it in front of him, at a distance of 30 – 40 cm (A), jump onto it, trying not to make any strong swing (In). Go back to the original position.

Do 10 of these jumps.

The boat with the ballHere and it is time for exercises with Swedish ball. The first – a boat. Lie on your stomach, elbows rest on the floor and hold the ball between your legs, bending them at the knees (A), this is your starting position. Now raise your legs together with the ball as high as possible (To), make work of your buttocks and hamstrings of the thighs.

Perform 10 repetitions.

Twisting on the ballis Another exercise with the ball. Get in push-up position, with the feet cast on the Swedish ball so that your shins were located on it, and not the feet (A). Then start, as if to twist the ball with your feet on yourself, raising your hips and buttocks up (In). Climb as high as you get, and then slowly return to starting position (A).

Do as many repetitions as you can. Then relax for a few minutes and repeat all the exercises from the beginning.

Talk a little bit about nutrition:

Eating for weight lossof Course, exercise is a great way to keep my figure in excellent condition, but when you add proper nutrition, the process of losing weight you will be able to quickly, and effectively. You do not need to adhere to some hellish diets, starving, or worse, to take any of the pills that you saw in "Shop on a sofa".

Your main task is to etacratic the consumption of all kinds of biscuits, chocolates, sugars, fast food, in General, you need to completely exclude from your diet of "bad carbs."

Instead, start to eat oatmeal, buckwheat or any cereal. Instead of sweets, eat fruit, start eating more vegetables.

Cook meat steamed on the grill or in the oven.Drink plenty of water. Water speeds up metabolism, allowing your food to digest faster.

Here are some simple exercises and tips on doing that, you will be able to lose weight without putting in much effort. Exercise, eat right and you will succeed. published


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