Folk remedies for weight loss

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Folk remedies for weight loss gaining in popularity. And it's not just about efficiency — they are often cheaper and more affordable medical devices and safer suspicious of diets. Perhaps, it is impossible to count how many hundreds of years ago mankind first puzzled by the problem of excess weight. Thousands of years people from all over the world are looking for methods of getting rid of darken life and negatively affect the health of extra pounds. Therefore, in an era when the nutrition system, nutrition and countless ways of weight loss are at the peak of urgency, to dismiss the accumulated wisdom of generations is at least wasteful.

How effective are traditional methods of struggle with excess weight?

The answer to this question is unequivocal – Yes! The fact that many of the recommendations of the modern doctors, nutritionists and experts in the related fields, anyway, based on the principles that are preached in the days of our grandmothers. So, for example, a well-known way to eat less by taking a glass of water half an hour before eating – not that other, as the proverb. But today traditional recipes consider a different angle – we will talk about the effectiveness of herbal infusions, decoctions, baths, and home body wraps as weight-loss instruments.Phytotherapy

The popularity ranking of ways to use herbs for weight correction, leading positions in the broth. The most effective proven here peppermint, fennel fruit, buckthorn bark, parsley, corn silk and dandelion root. Herbal teas may consist of one component and of their mix. The principles of cooking uniform at any combination of:

— use should only herb that contains not more than two years, was kept in asirom indoor and not directly exposed to sunlight;
— prepare the broth in a glass container or ceramic, metal, and plastic — taboo;
— to prepare a broth in large volumes and for the future– irrational, because it will be effective, only fresh, so it is best to cook portions for 2-3 days maximum (from a calculation 700-900 ml per day);
— the grass can not be boiled for hours — on fire they can stay a few minutes after boiling (no more than 7);
— daily dose of the decoction is divided into 3-4 equal parts, which are taken one hour before a meal or upon the occurrence of an acute sense of hunger.

It is worth noting that the pronounced effect of herbs in the process of losing weight it is not so much the pace of weight-loss how much on the ability to significantly reduce appetite and, most importantly, sugar cravings.

Herbal baths are Express-methods used when it is necessary, for example, urgently to get rid of several centimeters in volume and successfully to fit in a dress for the celebration. The basic principle of herbal baths – diaphoretic action, i.e., stimulation of blood circulation and promote the expansion of pores for sweating and as a result, the removal of excess fluids from body tissues. To provide such an effect can a Linden, a birch leaf and raspberry, and oat straw.

Method of cooking bath herbs for weight loss: — 500 gr. current phytocomponent (selected grass or leaves), pour 4 liters of boiling water and send to boil over medium heat.
— After boiling, the decoction is strained and cooling, are added to the water-filled bathroom.
— Take a bath no more than 15-20 minutes, avoid high blood pressure and excessive loss of body fluids.

Popular recipes home body wraps Few homemade beauty rituals can say this efficiency along with cost, accessibility and simplicity as wraps popular recipes. Variations on the theme are many, but the main advantages are that this procedure, with a beneficial effect on the skin and on subcutaneous fat stores in problem areas, allows you to notice the visual transformation is literally at the end of 3-4 treatments. Reduction of cellulite, a measurable decrease in the basic parameters of the figure and improving skin turgor and skin tone are the results achievable through the use of home body wraps.

General recommendation: — all, without exception, weight for body wraps are applied to clean, dry skin, pre-treated bilinguism means;
— the layer must be sufficiently dense and thick, but the mass must not run or drip;
— apply the product you must only to problem areas (usually thighs and buttocks), should be careful with the stomach area – if you have any gynecological diseases, avoid wraps this part of the body, and in the presence of varicose veins of procedure should be avoided completely;
— depending on the individual feelings under wrap cling film is carried out for 20-60 minutes and then washed off under a warm shower;
— if the wrap causing intolerable pain, it is necessary to wash off, regardless of how long ago it had been applied; it is important to wash such compounds for wraps need only cool water.

The most effective body wraps for weight loss and eliminate cellulite:

Coffee as a basis is the white clay that is diluted with lukewarm water to the consistency of low fat sour cream; 50 gr. clay adds 25-35 grams. coffee grounds or just ground coffee.

Honey-mustard: mustard powder and honey mixed in equal parts; be careful: this wrap has significant thermal effect. — Cinnamon-ginger: to the clay-based adds 1 (depending on sensitivity to the ingredients — 2-3) tbsp ground cinnamon 0.5 tablespoon ground ginger; the wrap is the most "hot" and one of the most effective. This popular soda A wave of renewed popularity of soda baths swept the fair half with renewed force, but this method reduce the volumes were known from time immemorial. The secret of effectiveness lies in the powerful drainage effect, thanks to which just one session of this bath is able to reduce the scales at half a kilo, and even a little more.

The method of preparation of bath: — Fill the bath with warm (closer to hot) water
— Pour into the prepared bath 400-450 grams of baking soda
— Wait for the visible dissolution of soda in water
Take a bath for 15-20 minutes

We should not overestimate the miraculous of this method. Despite the fact that the basics of chemistry gave us the concept about the ability of soda to dissolve the fat that this phenomenal ability is still only applicable in experiments and cooking. The fact that penetrate through the pores directly to body fat and act on them is not possible in a normal household bath. However, a series of treatments will allow you to reduce body weight on average 1.5 grams. However, do not overdo it – frequent and abundant influence of the soda solution can dry up the skin and even damage the integrity of the mucous membranes.

And, of course, a review of popular slimming products would not be complete without the mention traditionally key note: the key to a great appearance is not the specific treatments, drugs or diet, and complexity! Let your motivation for competent combining folk remedies for weight loss will be deserved, impressive and stable!



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