IMPORTANT! Habits that suppress your immune system

Immune system cells are networked

In order to understand how the human body supports health and how he gets sick, to be acquainted with his immune system and how it performs its work, sustaining us in a healthy condition. In short, the immune system is a network of cells and organs that protect the body against the constant attacks of bacteria, parasites, viruses, microbes and toxins, which without it, would have caused serious infection and disease.

The immune system involves many components working together to deal with the slightest interference, whether a scratch or a cut, germs or toxins, bacteria or viruses mentioned above. 24 hours a day. 7 days a week the immune system protects us from any intrusion attempts which are constantly taking place. But thanks to the good work of the immune system we these attempts do not even notice.

We notice that something is wrong only when our immune system weakens. The most common signs of a weakening of the immune system is slow wound healing, prolonged and repeated infection, allergic reaction, weakness, the reproduction of microorganisms, such as stomatitis, candidiasis, fungal vaginal infection.

One of the simplest forms of weakening of the immune system is an outbreak of colds or normal febrile rashes (herpes simplex virus). Estimates in our Western society a healthy adult, on average, twice a year colds. So if You have a cold it happens much more often, it could indicate problems with the immune system.

The simplest explanation of the immune system following: its task is to recognize and classify all that belong to our body. And on the other hand its task is also to recognize and categorize anything that does not belong to our body, and just destroy everything that doesn't belong to him.

In a healthy organism, the immune system, the system responsible for the control and balance is working well to support health and destroying alien invaders. But when the immune system is weakened it may not be able to cope with his task of destroying bacteria, viruses and toxins that are constantly trying to penetrate into the body. In this case, infection and disease occur more often, and increases the likelihood of developing more serious illnesses.

While everything is simple and clear. The factors causing the weakening of the immune system have a cumulative effect. So this doesn't happen overnight. In most cases we are dealing with a very long influence of factors that weaken the immune system.

This can happen as a consequence of our own choice, and because of the election other people when we allow them to make choices for us. Stop. Read the last sentence again. Because, believe it or not, but in most cases, individual features of the "lifestyle" of the individual are the main reasons for the weakening of the immune system.

Do You know what You eat?

As already mentioned, our own "life habits" are the main cause suppression of the immune system. And now we just going to talk about those habits that contribute to weakened immune system.

To a gradual deterioration of the immune system may allow the separate or combined effect of the following factors:the quality of our food, reception of pharmaceutical drugs, emotional stress to which we are daily confronted and which we call life.

So let's start with the food we eat. We believe that our food is the most rich in valuable nutrients. And we believe that our food is the safest. Not true! In fact, we are the most overfed nation on the planet and yet we are a nation that receives the least valuable nutrients from food.

Aren't we the most wonderful and abundant food in the world? Why? You may ask why I make such a statement, when we have such an attractive, beautiful, abundant shops, markets, supermarkets – best in the world. And that's not counting the eateries that are located on every corner, on every highway. This eatery in which we can always catch what we need, because we are always late and didn't plan a normal lunch or dinner. This is our way of life.

In our stores and supermarkets are very few products that are not overloaded with sugar, preservatives, artificial dyes or artificial sweeteners. They added everything that is on the shelves.

A worse situation, we by recycling removed from all food valuable nutrients, increased our fat intake, decreased the amount of fiber in the diet and add these harmful chemicals to make it could be stored longer and look better on store shelves.

First surprise. If You haven't guessed it yourself, the first surprise is sugar. Sugar contains almost everything that we eat. Think about what 100 grams of refined sugar reduces the ability of our white blood cells fight bacteria by 50% for 2 hours after this sugar is eaten. When we eat sugar, our immune system weakens. When we eat sugar, our blood is constantly saturated with sugar, and leads to the production of large amounts of insulin, which suppresses growth hormones, which in turn are important regulators of the immune system. Sugar is one of the main causes of obesity in this country is out of control.

So sugar is bad?

Here are a few from the long list of reasonswhy we should avoid eating sugar if we want to take care of their own health.

  • Sugar suppresses the immune system;

  • Sugar causes hyperactivity and lack of concentration in children;

  • Sugar can lead to cancer of the prostate, ovarian, breast, colon and rectum;

  • Sugar takes water out of cells. For example, if you sprinkle them with sugar fruits, they will allocate juice, if you eat or drink sweet, then the body cells will give water. One of the reasons is already enough to dramatically reduce their consumption of sugar.

  • Sugar can lead to alcoholism, arteriosclerosis, arthritis, asthma, appendicitis, colitis, Crohn's disease, high blood pressure, hemorrhoids, headaches, obesity, osteoporos, tooth decay, stress, ulcers and so on.

It's obvious why this weakens the immune system? If there are signs of one of these diseases, it is necessary to check the consumption of sugar.

As we slowly poison ourselves

Since we're talking about products that suppress the immune system, it is necessary to focus on those ingredients that are contained in almost all processed foods on the market. First and foremost, this sugar and its substitute Aspartame. If the product packaging have You noticed these ingredients, you will immediately imagine a skull and crossed bones under it. This symbol is commonly placed on all products that are deadly poisons.

Is monosodium glutamate a flavor enhancer or a slow-acting poison?

Let's continue compiling our list of ingredients that should not be consumed under any circumstances. And among the first candidates on the list we have is monosodium glutamate (which can be labeled as gelatin, hydrogenated vegetable protein, textured protein, natural flavoring, yeast extract).

It is possible that now there are other names for monosodium glutamate, because its trying to hide from our eyes. And as consumers gradually become familiar with this tactic, we have to invent new names, welcome to our prestigious and wonderful Management on control over products and medicines (FDA) in an attempt to fool the consumer – You and me.

Monosodium glutamate is used as additive that enhance the taste of food, but as a consumer, You should be aware of side effects. Here are some of them: headaches, numbness, tingling, weakness, muscle pain, respiratory failure, and, most importantly, the weakening of the immune system.

Another common component, which some say good and others bad, is caffeine. It is added to most soft drinks, in pharmaceuticals. It is often used as a stimulant and diuretic. It is known that caffeine removes from the body so it needs potassium and other minerals and contributes to dehydration.

And what about hydrogenated fats?

This is one of many components whose use in products should be prohibited. They appeared somewhere in the early 30-ies, approved by... you guessed who!!! They are contained in almost all processed foods, baked goods, dressings, baby foods, instant foods, and such products as milk substitutes. These artificial fats rapidly oxidize in the body, causing damage by free radicals, which destroy cells and cause genetic damage to the organism, inhibit the immune system.

So, we've established that sugar is contained in foods that are harmful to us. But in our time it is extremely difficult to find such a store, products that do not contain added sugar. Why do food manufacturers add sugar everywhere? And besides, we got used to the taste of sugar, we have absorbed the habit of consumption of sugary foods. And sugar is addictive.

Some studies indicate that it is addictive can act even stronger than addiction to heroin. It is possible that the harm sugar brings us no less than the drug. The question arises: why is our management under the control over products and medicines allows you to add sugar to almost every product available on the market.

Knowing that sugar is harmful for us, we would have to try to abandon it. But, guess what happens? We can do this because we have developed the addiction. Do You strongly want something sweet, to rummage through kitchen drawers in search of stale candy, or to rummage the pockets of her coat, hoping to find something sweet? I'm sure you had! We have all had.

Calm down, stop biting your nails, everything is OK, our caring management under the control over products and medicines has solved a problem for us sugar. We have a substitute called Aspartame. He will take the place of sugar and everything will be fine again. Right? Again, not right! Now Aspartame contains thousands of products available on the market, ranging from bubble gum to sports drinks naves known world manufacturers, it is contained in almost all products, on the package says "no added sugar", all non-alcoholic and diet drinks.

But Aspartame has the same unpleasant actions, just like sugar. Many consumers are unaware that Aspartame is the same danger for our health as sugar, plus carries hundreds of additional risks, which ultimately leads to a further weakening of our immune system.

Aspartame is the absolute leader in the number of complaints against him. No – this substance is formaldehyde? FYI: Aspartame is a synthetically derived substitute for sugar and food additives it receives the highest number of complaints.

Here are just some of a long list of harm that this addictive synthetic substance. Arthritis, asthma, irritability, bloating in the digestive system, shortness of breath, chronic fatigue, impairment of consciousness, depression, hair loss, migraines, heart palpitations, hives, high blood pressure, susceptibility to infections, impotence, insomnia, irritability, tremors, pain in the limbs, heart beats, spasms in the muscles, nausea, numbness, tingling, panic attacks, ringing in the ears, dizziness and the list could go on and on (in the original article the name of diseases are given in alphabetical order, probably to show, what letters in the alphabet is not enough for all this ugliness).

And now get ready for the most interesting, as soon as Aspartame is heated to 30 degrees Celsius, it turns into formaldehyde. We all know about the formaldehyde and how what it is used. If we had used the formaldehyde, we would have themselves embalmed.

The list of diseases that causes the use of Aspartame in itself shows that it is a crime. Long-term use of Aspartame leads to deterioration in the following diseases: arthritis, Alzheimer's, diabetes, epilepsy, chronic fatigue, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease, lupus, Lyme disease, attention deficit disorder, depression. Is now surprised by the fact that there is a weakening of the immune system.

Why do people believe that if a product or Supplement hit the market, they are safe? Why is it so hard to realize that there is only one person capable of taking on the burden of caring for You. In the future You will be able to find an alternative to sweeteners.

And now about the water

The story of the products, affecting our immune system would not be complete without mentioning the role of water. Probably many of You have heard about the role of water, but nevertheless...

The human body needs 8-10 glasses of pure filtered water daily. I recommend anyone to use filtered water because tap water contains too many bacteria, not to mention the chlorine, fluorine, and other pollutants. Now there are reports that in tap water find the remains of medicines, which are used in the recipes. To maintain your immune system we need to filter the water.

Water cleanses our cells, flushes the entire body, it is involved in functioning of all its systems. Without these daily 8-10 glasses of pure water the body cannot excrete products of metabolism that block the spread of the tissues of essential nutrients. This is the daily amount of water is absolutely necessary. There are different categories: there are things we must do, there are things we can do, is we will do, maybe there is such that we are likely to make those who need to do anyway. Drinking water is classified as "must do anyway".

And don't forget about fiber

Fiber will complete our short list of life habits that we need to develop to support a good immune system. For proper digestion the body daily need 30-35 grams of fiber. Of our products we do not receive necessary quantity of fiber. Our American diet is, well, if we get at least 8-10 grams of fiber a day. Not enough.


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A diet insufficient in fiber and low water consumption adds to our problems with constipation in the digestive tract. In this case, the waste accumulates in the gut, become toxic, and digestive system becomes a place conducive to disease development. If this condition lasts for a long time, disrupted the ability of the intestine to function properly, a lesser amount of valuable nutrients into the bloodstream, which in turn leads to increasing problems.

So, Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and girls, drink water and eat plenty of fiber, and we'll begin to look better, feel better, and we will have more energy. Who knows, I try... it worked.published




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