2 simple exercises to enhance immunity

Our body is truly amazing. The more we learn about its structure, about the different organ systems and how they interact, the more I admire the design of the Creator. The human body is daily exposed to innumerable dangers, most of which we do not even know.

However, we have, at first glance, such a fragile body has an incredible ability to develop and heal itself and is able to adapt to different conditions of existence. Nature's wisdom in advance took care of that and gave man special systems, the main purpose of which is to protect all the other organs from the adverse effects.

One of the complicated but necessary systems — the immune system, which is designed to protect the body from foreign influence: bacteria, viruses, toxins generated by them, etc. the Immune system protects the person from both external threats and internal.

The immune system is like the border guard, which every cell needs to prove that it belongs to this body and is not going to hurt him. The immune system is able to identify corrupted, infected, cancer cells and successfully deal with them.

To the immune system include a variety of heterogeneous elements: thymus, bone marrow, spleen, lymph nodes, etc., which could exist separately, but United in a kind of friendly Alliance, whose main goal is the production of lymphocytes.

Each of these bodies performs its task. So, in the spleen, the synthesis of antibodies. Lymph nodes control respective parts of the body and perform a quick response to possible invasion of the alien object. Lymphocytes move through the blood and lymph. Furthermore, lymph involved in the cleansing of all organs and tissues.

However, the protective system is not limited to the above-mentioned bodies. For example, healthy and intact skin and mucous membranes prevent the penetration into the body of most microorganisms. Lactic acid sweat and sebum have a bactericidal effect. Tears protect the eyes, the saliva, the mucous membrane of the mouth and hydrochloric acid — the stomach wall. The natural microflora of the gastrointestinal tract successfully eliminates pathogenic microbes coming with food. Urine has a high acidity — few microorganisms are able to survive in such an environment.

Note. In the past, scientists often speak about the facilities of the Appendix to the immune system. The study surveyed 1,000 patients with removed appendixes and the same number of patients in whom it was in place. The results were spectacular: patients in the first group the immune system is constantly weakened under the influence of insignificant factors, whereas resistance to infections subjects of the second group remain on top.

In General, the main task of the immune system is to maintain the stability of the internal environment of the body.

The reasons for the decline of immunity so much that it would be easier to say which factors are not affected. The immune system is very sensitive:

  • on radioactive, chemical and toxic exposure;

  • poor diet, including fasting and trendy diets;

  • the intake of drugs, especially long-term;

  • injury involving damage to soft tissues, bones and internal organs;

  • surgery;

  • frequent viral diseases.

This list can be continued indefinitely. Low immunity even inherited! I'm not talking about stress and emotional depression. Surely you have noticed: it is necessary to quarrel with your loved one to get an unfair scolding from his superiors or hard to worry about, and without, as here, catch a cold or die from a headache.

What can we do, how we are structured: the health of the person why-that very much depends on emotions. Each of us can how to kill one eye, and "back to life" with a kind word. Anxiety, fear, worry, despair, instantly penetrate the invisible protection of immunity, and hostile microorganisms just waiting for this.

Thus, the immune system cannot cope with the external attack, and internal problems at the same time. And we also do stir regularly weaken the body and contemptuous of their own health. The result is immunodeficiency.


I'll note that to increase the immunity, which largely depends on the stable operation of the internal organs, designed the entire complex of self-massage. But if you additionally start drinking herbal teas, you will not be afraid of cold snaps, rain and slush. And, of course, you lossless will take another flu epidemic, and seasonal bursts of colds. Not bad for this hardening practice is to at least take a contrast shower and do the cold dousing. However, to start such treatments must in the summer.

However, to increase immunity, you can not only massaging the abdominal cavity and its organs. Try to regularly carry out massage of the palms and interdigital spaces on the hands.

Exercise 1

Widely spread fingers of the left hand. His right hand firmly grasp the skin between thumb and forefinger, push in, pull back and release (Fig. 1).

Then do the same with the skin between index and middle fingers (Fig. 2), the middle and ring fingers, the ring finger and little finger. Change hands: now the left hand massage right. Repeat the exercise 4 times for each hand. Do it daily, and during periods of cold several times a day.

Pressing down on certain areas of the palm thumb or any convenient object, you can influence the appropriate authorities to remove the spasm, remove flatulence, to dull the pain, to soothe the discomfort.

Exercise 2

Carefully look at Fig. 3. It shows the zones the palm of the hand, which are responsible for the functioning of a particular organ.

Fig. 3. Area the palm of your hand: 1 — intestines; 2 — small intestine; 3, gall — bladder; 4 — stomach

Of course, it's something like pain pills emergency room an urgent issue. With individual symptoms, this massage will be fine, but talk about a complete cure is not necessary. However, to remove acute conditions, too, need something. And believe me, better several times to put pressure on a particular area of the palm, than to burden your already suffering body with harmful chemicals. Because the medications that we often do not think twice to accept, for example, in hepatic colic, needs to be processed by the same liver. As a result, we further straining diseased organ.

How to perform this exercise? Let's say you have a problem with the stomach. Find the appropriate place on the palm of your hand, strongly press this point with your finger, hold for at least 30 seconds, then release. Repeat a few times.


Emotional causes of disease

These exercises improve blood flow to the brain, straighten the spine, relieve the vessels from the clips


Movement during such a massage can be a static point or which can be screwed and vibrating. What matters is that you feel better.

In addition to massage, you can affect certain parts of a palm with acupuncture or spread them with balm "Asterisk" or RUB chilli pepper.published


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