How to boost immunity

For anybody not a secret that most of the diseases hit us when our immune system comes to the critical point when he lacks the strength to fight off viruses and infections. Then we hear the advice: it is necessary to lift immunity.

Signs of decline of immune activity:

  • fatigue;
  • chronic fatigue;
  • drowsiness or, conversely, insomnia;
  • headache;
  • aching muscles and joints.
The reasons leading to the low immunity:

Stressful situations, particularly strong or repeated. (Stress is the tension in human consciousness, arising under the influence of any impressions, emotions, external influences.)

Excessive, and is not peculiar to the human body nutrition leading to salakovci of the body and the deficit of biologically active substances (minerals, vitamins, etc.)

The widespread use of antibiotics, which have tried and are trying to replace the immune system.

Active use of a variety of chemicals (possessing immunosuppressive properties) polluting the human environment.

Technopathogenic and geopathogenic zones, especially those exposed to ionizing radiation (television screens which use cathode ray gun) and high-frequency electromagnetic fields.

Incorrect treatment with drugs that inhibit the activity of lymphoid tissue (cytostatics in Oncology and immunosuppressants during organ transplantation).

Severe injuries and surgical operations.


Improving immunity – a simple case, these simple ways will help you in the short term to improve and strengthen the immune system.

What in the body is responsible for immunity? Of course, the immune system. As its unique features help to distinguish from the mass of harmful germs and viruses, then to neutralize them.

How to increase immunity?

To enhance immunity is very important to maintain the internal environment clean. Do not allow the systematic ingestion of toxic substances. You should exclude Smoking.

To enhance immunity, it is important to eat right.

To boost immunity you need to give your body exercise. There is nothing that weakens the body as inactivity (lack of movement). Here is what the famous Russian Professor N. Fedorov: "Running is a rather strong tension of the whole body. It is fraught with great waste of energy. There is a deficiency of this energy, which is a signal for the nervous system, which leads to the release of hormones that mobilize our energy resources... That in turn, changes in running the chemistry of the blood, activates the blood and immune system, leading to a more rapid renewal and rejuvenation of the composition of the blood leukocytes providing immune protection of the body."

Powerful effect for the improvement of the immune system is hardening. This should start slowly, but increase the intensity and duration of cold procedures to substantial quantities. For example, start with 1 minute stay under cool water in the shower and gradually bring to stay under cold water for 5-10 minutes.

Very destructive on the immune system are stress.

To enhance immunity, it is important to saturate the body with all necessary substances (vitamins, macro - and microelements, unsaturated fatty acids, adaptogens, like ginseng, etc.). This requires good use of biologically active complexes (drugs, supplements).

The immune system protects our body from any genetically alien invasion: whether bacteria, viruses, protozoa, etc. or our own cells that have changed as a result of mutations. If the immune system is good and the immune system in time to notice the intrusion or breakage within and reacts to them appropriately, a person is healthy.


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