A Brief Guide On How To Recognize Deadly Headache

It's a shame that our bodies can not be expressed more clearly. One of the most confusing signals that the body sends to us - a headache. It can be a sign of a serious or even fatal disease, but may simply be the result of the stress of a hard day. Fortunately, there is a way to determine what your concerns.

There are several types of headaches

Most often the person experiences tension headache (CMO), sinus headache or migraine. Usually it is a nagging pain, which gradually increases.

But some headaches can be a sign of a stroke, aneurysm, tumor or brain hemorrhage

So if you are experiencing headache of the following, seek medical attention immediately.

If the headache is sharp and unbearable, it is "thunderous" headache

The peak of such a sudden and intense pain lasts for 60 seconds, and it often indicates bleeding in the brain.

It should be concerned if a headache occurs after exercise or sex

This may be a symptom of a brain tumor or aneurysm

Severe headache may also confuse or obscure the vision it

And cause balance problems, disorientation and memory loss. All this is also a sign of stroke

Be careful if you feel a headache, "the strongest in the life»

Even if you often feel a headache, too strong demands an immediate trip to the doctor.

bad sign, if headaches occur after 55

If you have not experienced headaches or new different from the old, see your doctor.

Another bad sign when the pain began after a header

This is likely a concussion, which can cause brain damage if left untreated.

If the pain is centered around the eyes, it is called a cluster

Struck red eyes. This may be a sign of brain tumor or aneurysm.

Cluster headache is accompanied by nausea and vomiting

But if this numb neck or fever, it could be meningitis.

Beware, if the headache worse after 24 hours

Sometimes, headache can last up to 24 hours, but if it is amplified by the end of this time, it's time to see a doctor

If your family someone was sick with cancer, be careful if you have a new type of headache A new headache can warn you of a brain tumor

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