Heart Way: living pain, the risk to be alive

This article focuses on the pain and out of it, if it is short, it is the meaning of the promise:

"Have the courage to live their pain and to discover behind it the feeling of life, towards which every cell in your body, each" nerve "of your" heart "and the soul".

I want to cover it wider ...

Pain - is the companion, who accompanied me all my life, that does not leave me to this moment

. This only changed the relationship with pain related to it. In order to realize this, throughout my life I have to get rid of illusions that has consistently introduced into ignorance overshadow my sense of self and interaction with the Whole.

Every day I'm feeling better and deeper; only through the sense of myself, I can feel the whole world, the whole reality. Sometimes I was very disappointed when faced with the collapse of their illusions about life and about themselves, I feel a lot of pain, but walking into it, every time I find myself.

I feel a kind of inner courage to rely on life and the choice of "heart," and that's what fills my life. I see that life is constantly giving calls, but this is no longer calls the external circumstances: physical illness, personal relations, the implementation of the external world - there is now the challenge always comes down to one thing: "Am I ready to come in contact with the pain, walk through it and discover what in me is continually and consistently - the desire "of the heart", which does not hide from life, and ready to get rid of illusions of glamor ... "

Feeling it once I realized that there is no election in my life - my only choice - a way of "heart", and faithful companion pain, always helps me to stick with it consistently, constantly and impartially

. I have no other choice but to live "their" life.

This is the most valuable thing that I could find.

Conflict with the pain is not present, it heals my life literally. My relationships are becoming increasingly clear, the disease is literally receding, as for me the meaning is lost in them.

I do not take care of the feelings, sometimes I'm exhausted from them, but not from life, life itself is filled with meaning and celebration of the fact that I have not betrayed her, what did not trust her, and appreciate. I more say what I feel and do what I had intended. Describe how it is possible that I am and the life at the same time.

Experiences - a directed energy, which directly connects us with the whole reality

. By passing through it a stream of experiences I find your fears, the pain is always on these points. At the root of all fear is the fear of losing what is not ours, so the courage to interact with it is only possible when feeling and the feeling that we are constantly and consistently.

I call it - "the desire to live", there lies the full flavor of experiences and feelings that fills our life with meaning. Losing this aspiration, we die, we die, our relationships, our life is dying.

Avoiding feelings, we reimplemented the current of life, but our desire to live as for linking us with life, is not going away - eventually life begins to ache in the places where we blocked her talk. The pain shows us that with which it is necessary to face.

The pain will not go away as long as we do not pay attention to what hurts, and the trauma that lies behind it. We have to face your fears and know them as illusory, opening a permanent fact, what we are. If we avoid it, it starts to fonit so much that we refuse to listen and become deaf to their experiences.

Since then, the pain begins to run our lives, limiting our ability to live by the "heart". From our faithful companion it becomes a hardened enemy, c we panic fear to meet. So we begin to deny everything that can be associated with pain: relationship, implementation and even feeling myself

. Our dear, beloved body starts to hurt, it takes the response to live for our cowardice. From a disabled soul, we become physically disabled. The body is very obedient, it fulfills our installations "not live" and "do not worry". Barring yourself feel we cease to feel in your life, and the good that it was filled.

The crisis which has turned your life and made you worry - it's a blessing

. Reliance in life. When we begin to follow the path of the "heart" of life and go compromises comes the responsibility of choice that is made. Compromise in this context - is the fear of feeling fear and convey what you feel, that stops. Honesty becomes concept, and that the only thread that connects with the desire to live.

Hence the coming change, ignore its intention is not obtained, it hurts very much ...

Childhood and pain. For the first time clearly feel the pain I had in my childhood, when I was very ill, it concerned all: my physical weakness, fear, stress, and my parents overwhelmed by the fact that I can not do all this affect

. In short - everything hurt my childhood. The two main feelings that I experienced: injustice and abandonment by God, as my parents had already told us that there is a God, and he runs the show. When I look back, I pervades trembling, because I remember it - being lost in life and feel helpless. Now I feel great gratitude for the fact that I had to recognize, accept and understand. I am now 30 years old, and my childhood only tightened his biggest wound, and it gave confidence and courage to continue on that path that I chose.

Relationship and pain. In relationships we experience pain in two cases: when someone hurts us and hurt when we do. Another always show us our most sore spots, and forgive him for that perhaps only feeling the pain that lay behind his action.

Probably this is one of the strong and themselves important realizations in my life. The reasons for a lot of pain, but it is what I come to my understanding - fate brings people to heal their pain and found her himself, the one who is not afraid of pain and was able to go to be rejected in their fear, humiliated and committed , can not get away from it, c than encountered in childhood and what could not cope then.

It is very painful to feel herself in the "role" to hurt, and it is not perceived as a role, it is not an abstraction, and not a green light to inflict pain and profound compassion to whomever you caused her. It requires the utmost courage and openness to, to feel what felt the other, it takes courage to be vulnerable.

Pain and completeness. I can not specify the experience when it is completed: by doing this, I run away from him and dooms itself to the plot in life, which again will lead to this experience. Many experiences and processes require much more time to complete than expected, and we would like, but when at the head of the path becomes the "heart", you are ready to pay what is going on as long as necessary.

My experience and pain. I intentionally did not use links to different sources in psychology, not listed psychological methods of protection, which we use to escape from worries and to protect his psyche, did not describe what is not lived, and I did not consciously.

I find it interesting to follow the way of living and to disclose it through. I understand that my intention to follow the path of "heart" my companion pain is always there, where am I suggesting you should pay attention, and that is to heal. And this is life, movement and the opening - this is the real happiness for me

. Insensitivity to Pain. Many of us have learned to not feel pain, and, of course, try not to look at her, seeing her in my life as something bad, but not as a phenomenon that corrects our way. And often, we continue to live in bypassing circumstances that may cause it, so there is a feeling that life is frozen, but because we ourselves feel safer.

We may be years without relations, without feeling realizovanna, avoiding changes in my life, afraid to repeat the last bad experience. We no longer even attempt to try to change something. It comes to the fact that we do not even know what we want to change.

We try as much as possible to switch your focus on the perception of the good things we have in life and are afraid to admit it, to aspire in order not to disturb our cozy world though is that we are satisfied with it. In time this can help, but it's like living half.

Our psyche is so arranged that it will protect us forbidding us to manifest even in what have vital need: to love, to forgive, to explore, allow yourself to make mistakes, to meet a loved one, find your favorite work or create their own business, which is to their liking. And this is also normal, and the truth, so you can live, so I lived and for many years, I was awakened a health crisis for which I am very grateful.

There are people who are more sensitive to their feelings and desires, and are included in the solution to their questions in advance. They do not wait for the kicks out of life. This is looked at them and wondered: "Where did them so much effort to pass the difficulties in life and feel more happiness?" Now I understand, even not only understand and feel: their way of decision-making is closer to the "heart", they feel the desire to live .

At the risk of being alive. Now I am very interested in working with pain, I'm encouraged by the ability to pass through it and discover his life anew, re-opening itself. I can see how the opportunities and encouragement comes to the implementation of the plan. Very large internal resource is opened, when the step-by-step pass in their fears, and I'm learning to feel and interact with the full range of experiences that feel. I feel a strong intention motivates me in this process. I can not do what moves me inside.

Finish want the where I began: "Have the courage to live their pain, and to detect her, that feeling of life towards which every cell in your body, each" nerve "of your" heart "and the soul."
Author: Ivan Formanyuk


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