Natasha Muzychko: I put my cell phone and jumping around the room like a girl ...

< Anatoly Golubovskii

Natasha Muzychko. Komsomolskaya it become never had the chance, but in the rest of the description of the famous heroine is ideal: activist, athlete. Finally, just beautiful.

-What was Natasha girl?

-Dovolno Active) ran with the boys, I jumped into the drifts with garages. And generally better to find a common language with the boys than with the girls.

-You were not interested in girls?

-I Was an adventuress, and with all the guys were interesting - slazit of blooming "seals" on the ice, fall - romance. Since the girls have fun? - Jump through the gum. Boredom ... And I, as already said, was active - the commander of the school in the classroom, in the camp - Pioneer detachment commander. That did not have time to become a member of the Komsomol. It was in the year that have been taken, it was canceled, or something else has happened, I do not remember.

-A company with which you have been interesting - yard, school

-Pozhaluy, School. In the yard of the children it was not enough, did not coincide with the same interests, and the class was united team - went into the yard then one, then another ...

-What doing
<? br> -When Were small - played cops and robbers, let the balls, other games for younger, become older - playing the guitar in kindergartens.

-The singing game?

Listen. I liked the guy who played and sang. Actually, I go for it, but it does not happen every night. He was still in some sports section involved

-You childhood in some kind of sport, dance, music, fond of?

-When Was in first grade, I began to detect a music school: Mom wanted me to play the piano, and my grandmother - the accordion. He won grandmother, but when brought to the teacher, she suggested to wait a year or two, they say, where do these small fur handles stretch. I went a couple of times on ear training. Then attach to gymnastics, which I happily abandoned. Then my grandmother took me a couple of years for some dancing, I do not remember now what. And then my sister was born, and was absolutely not up to drive me somewhere. So she continued to go to all sorts of clubs, in general, I found something to do.

-Pet tried?

-This Is only later, as an adult, took singing lessons. But I can not sing

-Lyubopytnenko ... A little more - hearing did not work

? Oo hearing procedure. Voice Force lacks

-In school was atamansha company or a member of a gang?

-Ryadovaya Bandit)) I was not driving.

-Teatrom interested in school?

-Yes. She took part in productions, but I will not say that it was something special

-Polzovalas success with the boys?

-Okazyvaetsya, Yes. I thought that there were other girls prettier and more popular, even looked at them with envy. Maybe because they were much more relaxed and behaved differently had the opportunity to dress better. And I was not very sure of himself, thought that the modest clothes I do not have to notice. Later, however, it turned out that many of the boys were in love with me, just do not dare to admit. Now sometimes meet former classmates and then one, then another sigh: "Well I love you ...." Damn, why did not I know about it) even when there is no hint to guess, you know, it's hard)
-In what age began dating?

Hmm. Seriously in love for the first time in 14 years. Such a love at a distance. I came to the village to her aunt, he said to his grandmother. And there we met. In summer. Then a whole year writing letters to each other, and then met again. Romance. Mobile, Internet was not yet, come with envelope exercise book inside ... I'd still do not get is refused. So that feeling - yes, and about to meet - is considered? Or a couple of times to go to the movies? For years after the 17 I had a lot of fans. With some went to the movies, with another just drank tea. But to say that with any of them consistently met - no.

Why choose a university Dragomanov?

-I Studied at the gymnasium very fashionable Pushkin in philological class. And for admission to Dragomanova we were not required to take exams, it was enough to pass an interview. However, it came to entering the Russian-Ukrainian faculties. And I wanted to foreign philology. So I had to take

-To apply without any problems?

-C Problems. That year was a pilot - introduced some tests that I happily filled up. But examinations to recruit a sufficient number of points and passed

-In study time felt that she came to where wanted?

Yes somehow not really thought about it. Just like the fact of receipt of the atmosphere. However, it lasted not long. After the first year she met her future husband, and a year later gave birth to their first child.

< -Osoznanno?

-What There. Her first husband was older than me by 16 years. And I entrusted our lives - and our children - this man, believing that he knows what to do. Continue to learn, to her second state exam, successfully I graduated from university and went to live in Estonia. So what is the special memories about the life of a student I do not have

-When moved there, dealt exclusively with family or thinking about a career?

-Kids Were small for them needed care, so at first I was a housewife. Though of course, I wanted to develop. Especially liked the sphere of show business. Watching used to clip and think: "I like a pretty girl, it is good to become a popular demand┬╗

-What. Internal sterzhenek you got there. At you interesting to watch - the camera will not lie

-Yes? That's good ...) Well, maybe just a pretty picture

Yeah whatever may be the picture of a beautiful - if there is nothing behind it, an actor interesting to watch. Yearning. And vice versa - does not necessarily have to be a written beauty or handsome, not to tear

of you had eyes -Generally, Yes. Akhedzhakova can just stand there and fill up the whole scene. Or frame. And it's fun to watch. Barbra Streisand ...

Strip-measure ...

-Tilda Swinton ... And do you know who to me today the embodiment of female sexuality? Monica Bellucci.

She's cool, yeah. But - not my type, sorry)) ... So, you kept looking clips, envied. Stop. You are jealous and knew that she could do it herself or jealous-jealous?

-No In any case not the second. I thought that there is something, some kind of potential, in addition to external data in me. And all of this has managed to find application even in Tallinn, where you can get to work, just knowing Estonian. Even the cleaners - and they have their own. Where language is not required? On the "Russian Radio". And by chance I was able to get to work.

-I very skeptical and cautious about the concept of "coincidence┬╗

-So, You do not believe that you can just be in the right place at the right time?

< -When internally ready for this. I sometimes say, "and if by chance", then I ask to tell the backstory "accidents" - that people do and where to move the previous three to six months. And sometimes months enough rewind to find out - a fig is not a chance ... So, you came on the radio ...

-And Become the leading

-Wow! What about diction?

-Daa)) My Ukrainian "ET" was very noticeable. Nevertheless, I began to conduct night air. Well, the "news" - is loudly said to the people, it was mostly asleep, so - I drove the music, read the advertising copy

-In a piece of paper

? -When Placed on the day thereof, and worried at first brutally spied text. And then accustomed and get along without it. And I liked it wildly. I worked for about two years, but then the circumstances were such that it was necessary to return to Ukraine, because I'm divorced.

-Muzhu not like your job on the radio?

-And It including


We're no longer one organic pair, which were at first.

<-stop. Correct, if something goes wrong. At the beginning of a relationship you were a girl, who was looking at his adult man from the bottom up. And then the girl has grown up. What happened after that: it turned out that your man is not so interesting to you, or you just had a different life? It's not the same thing, is not it?

Yes, the little girl grew up and wanted to develop, to take their place in life, doing things you love. Still not sure how, but I wanted to find out. The same work on the radio - some no publicity. When came the popular group, my colleagues and I conducted concerts in nightclubs. That this publicity, among other things, could not stand my husband. And we decided to part ways. Staying there was no reason, plus everything I missed in Ukraine, so returned home.

-In what year?

-In 2003.

-What decided to do?

-Popytalas Back to the microphone, even an intern on the radio "Capital", but later abandoned the idea and went to work in a bank assistant manager. On the whole, I had a chance to work in three banks, calling them will not. I had a wonderful English ...

Why was?

-Because That is now rarely use))

What it? Carriers around the missing

I do not want

-Country. This is a nice bonus in the profession

-Just Is not necessary. You will need - tighten.
In general, at that time I had a set of qualities that were needed for the proposed operation. English, appearance, sociability, punctuality. There is a saying: "A good secretary - as a good wife." Find easy. I was a very good secretary. Jobs liked. Great staff, new friends, corporate) This period lasted 4 years

-In this time you lived with their parents?

-Not At all. In 2006 I successfully married ...

-So first marriage is considered unsuccessful?

-No. And for the first and for the second time fate brought me together with fine people, just something we misunderstood each other. Stone will not give to anybody. Yes, well, married and in 2008 gave birth to

-It has consciously?

Yes, very much I wanted. Still, in relation to the eldest it was still the parent plant: husband, family, children. And the third was quite deliberate step.

Are you serious about the installation?

-Yes, it is quite. I overbearing authoritarian mother ...

-Chapters family?

-Yes. So I lived, we can say in family charter)

-Ponyatno. So, during the bank came to an end in 2008. In connection with what?

-In Connection with the decree.

-And being on maternity leave, you decided to change the scope of activities?

-Not certainly in that way. After returning in 2003 I was looking for work, and one of her friends worked for a modeling agency. In any case, I threw her my data - you never know. I began to gradually invite castings fotoproby in advertising. That is to say that my acting path developed in parallel with the bank. And when I came into shape after giving birth, she gave the casting managers know with whom to work, that will be ready for battle. After her divorce from her second husband for some time he worked in a bank and closed the page


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