How to apply makeup in the heat, so it does not "floated"

hot weather - it's a real challenge for our daily makeup

Website shares essential tips on how to properly apply makeup in a summer heat

1. The right choice of cream

In the summer make-up artists and dermatologists recommend the use of creams are not oil-based.

2. Base makeup

Before you apply the tone, use a moisturizer for the face and the base means. So you can fix the make-up for a long time, it will not be superfluous in the heat.

3. Cosmetics Application

In apply makeup with your fingers. Prefer Sponges and brushes for make-up. Note that a thin layer of makeup can be applied only in this way, and it is the ideal solution for the summer heat.

4. Tanning

Tanning or bronzer can make your eyes brighter, and your teeth - whiter. To effect bronzer look fresh and natural, apply it to those points of the face, which tan falls in the first place: the forehead, cheeks, chin and nose

5.. Number of applied cosmetics

The most common makeup can not stand the summer heat, and begins to "fade." Therefore, the smaller cosmetics, the better. Moisturizer, concealer and mascara will be quite sufficient.

6. Bold shine

Between the healthy glow of the skin and its greasy luster is a significant difference, and in the summer you need to follow this with great care. That the skin did not shine, try to use a lighter cream bases as interacting with speakers from the pores sebum, they become noticeably darker.

7. Rich colors

Do not use the summer to make a deep, rich colors. They will look rough and will, for example, your eyelids are heavy. It is preferable to do make-up in pastel shades and nyudovyh.

8. The right choice of the shadow

In the context of the summer heat cream shade quick roll on the eyelids that gives the face a slovenly appearance. Prefer liquid shadows: they are easily and evenly applied immediately absorbed into the skin and stay on it for a long time without smearing and spreading

9.. Blush

Dry blush quickly blend with the inevitable drops of sweat, resulting in ugly divorces are obtained. To give the face a fresh blush, apply a liquid blush a very thin layer, otherwise they will be very shiny and did not give the skin to breathe.

10. Powder

Compact powder in the heat will harden in the sun, mixed with sweat and become untidy in the crust. Use loose powder, it will help you to fix make-up for a few hours.

11. Ink

Camym indispensable tool in the middle of the bathing season for you to become waterproof mascara. In addition, it will serve you faithfully and during a sudden summer rain.

12. Pencils for eyes and eyebrows

Avoid eyeliner and eyebrows, which is composed of wax as it melts quickly in the sun - and as a result, your pencil just "flow┬╗

13.. Lipstick

Avoid persistent lipsticks: they are very dry lips. In the context of the summer heat, replace such lipstick lip gloss. Its always easy to correct, and, moreover, it is well nourishes lips.

14. Experiments with a palette

Summer - the perfect time to experiment with make-up palette. Vivid colors brighten your face and give it a fresh shine. If you are a supporter of neutral colors in make-up - just type in a little more rouge

15.. Matting napkins

In summer, always keep to yourself matting napkins. They will help you to quickly and easily fix the damaged makeup, eliminate shine and beads of sweat on his face.

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