Makeup Cameron Diaz

While peers Cameron Diaz went to school discos, this beauty was one of the leading models of agency Elite, adorn the magazine covers and shows such mastodons in the fashion world as Calvin Klein and Levi`s. Nevertheless, after a couple of decades it can safely be called one of the major Hollywood actresses, especially in the comedy genre.

Her sky-blue eyes, dazzling smile, gorgeous blonde hair and long legs make it almost the most desirable woman, despite the fact that Cameron is almost 40 years old.

All during his long career Diaz had time to try on dozens of images and not just admired, and sometimes a negative impression in the first place its makeup. That makeup Cameron Diaz deserves special attention because it is not monotonous and boring, and very, very interesting. So what is the makeup Cameron chose for almost 20 years of radiance in the alley beautiful Hollywood actresses?

1. The minimum amount of make-up once does not spoil Cameron, and even decorate, for example, as shown below the photo. Still, the years take their beauty and aging Cameron, unfortunately, not so nice as we would like. This makeup on young Cam I really liked.

2. Delicate beauty with playful eyes and a stunning smile is now one of the most enviable bride, but only when the wedding - is unknown, because Cam recently broke up with her boyfriend. Again and again the minimum makeup Diaz is beyond praise. Still, her beauty was dazzling in his youth.

3. The blonde with red lips Cameron Diaz I, of course, like it, but here is a war paint - it's too much. Thank God that Cameron knows her boundaries and paint this way primarily only on photo shoots.

4. Lovely image. Makeup is not so much, but Diaz is not a supporter of laying face "tons of cosmetics" and not priverzhennitsa plastic surgery. She believes that every wrinkle can tell the human story and therefore does not use Botox.

5. The color of the eyes in Cameron extremely interesting and rich. Bright sky-blue eyes - it is literally the best, in addition to a dazzling smile in the face of Cameron. Personally I do not like Cameron brunette, but it's worth noting that when a dark hair color of her eyes stand out even more. Makeup wonderful!

6. The ideal way to "bryunetistoy" Cameron. Underlined eyes, thanks to silver and black shadows look great, and the light color lip gloss successfully completes the overall composition.

7. Looking at the photo just remember the movie "Vanilla Sky," in which Cameron was perky girl, dreaming of love, in principle, as in life. Makeup is not very much, because it is too pale. I think Cameron just extremely necessary to allocate their own luxurious eye.

8. What is her lovely smile! It is a pity that the old flame in his eyes was gone ... But I think that in such a bright blonde with blue eyes and good character (I think) will still be good. Make-up is very beautiful - bright red lips and a minimum of Meiko in front of insanely fit actress.

9. Beautiful and general standard for Cameron makeup emphasizes the dignity of all.

10. Elegant styling and exquisite makeup just incredible look on Cameron. Her mature beauty though not so great, but it still retains its former tightened figure and charming smile snow-white.

11. Makeup is absolutely not for Cameron. We had to somehow highlight the eyes, because they not a bit noticeable on the background of bright red lips. It would be best to make arrows, since then the result would be a complete and elegant image.

12. There Cam looks much older than his years, primarily because of the failure of makeup. I think that had to do something different than what makeup artists have created actress.

13. She's so natural and pretty sorry that she was not lucky in love. To be honest, it is very old for the last time. Even such a seemingly beautiful makeup does not play into the hands of Diaz. Sorry, very sorry ...

14. Again, Cameron brunette. In this photo, I even like it, but in a dark color I see it a little differently. Good makeup for carpet, though not very different from the rest.

15. In this photo makeup quite good, but the main thing - it's all those sparkling eyes Cam, as when the actress "extinct" look no makeup can not hide this. Here her playful eyes, playful girlish smile and just a great image as a whole.

16. Unusual for Cameron makeup, but it is definitely coming. Lilac shade lighter shade of gloss, beautiful color and easy installation - that such an image is for Cameron Diaz.

17. Change the color of the hair Cameron not forbid, but her experiments in this role remarkably unsuccessful. What brunette, brown hair that Cameron lost, like her personality and individuality obscures some invisible barrier. But I note a good makeup that makes Cam younger.

18. An interesting appearance Cameron and quality make-up on her face is a world almost blonde modern home.

19. It seems to me that no matter how Cameron grew old, the audience should remember her name is - always smiling and cheerful Snickerfang blonde with amazing blue eyes and endless legs. Note that the photo below - is it the best way, because it reflects all its best qualities, both external and internal.


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