30 years old legend. Pitfalls of "Alien"

Thirty years ago, in rolling out the fantasy thriller James Cameron's "Aliens." The way the film's release was long and thorny, but the result of the work of a talented Canadian director has become a true cinematic masterpiece that has taken a special place in the hearts of fans of sci-fi
Despite the fact that the sequel of the famous horror film "Alien" was markedly different from the original, he was able to find at least a cult status among the audience. If the 1979 Ridley Scott film received two nominations for "Oscar", seven years later, the tape Cameron nominated for the seven Academy Awards. It is interesting that the two paintings in the end won the cherished statuette for his revolutionary visual effects.

In a recent conversation with reporters Entertainment Weekly, Cameron admitted that it was "Aliens" became the defining film of his career. "Thanks to the" Terminator "we Gale Anne Hurd came to the attention of studio bosses, but a true breakthrough for us was the sequel to" Alien "- said the eminent director. - As soon as this tape get seven nominations for "Oscar" as to us immediately all the doors were opened »

. Brandywine Productions studio hoped to start filming the sequel immediately after the success of "Alien" at the box office, but in the administration of their partners, 20th Century Fox, took reshuffle. New boss of the Hollywood majors did not want to shoot a sequel Scott tape, which is why the two companies even started litigation. The conflict had settled a couple of years later, when the power in the studio Foh new faces came.

Once on Gaylera producers David and Walter Hill made an indelible impression of the scenario of "Terminator", they wanted to continue their cooperation with the James Cameron. He invited them to the variety of original ideas, but none of them has caused kinodela great delight. Quite by accident, James mentioned that it would be interesting to come up with a continuation of the "Alien", then Gayler Hill and ordered his 50-page screenplay of the film application. Cameron decided to use a few ideas of his unrealized script "Mama" for which he once developed the concept of the exoskeleton loader.

Legend has it that during the presentation of his project top rung studio Fox James wrote on the board the name of the original, and then added to it a dollar sign. Caption the ALIEN $ was convincing enough to film company executives decided to give the project the green light. Cameron officially nominated screenwriter "Aliens" in the day when he made an offer to compose a story thriller "Rambo: First Blood Part 2". When James asked David Gaylera, what he should do, the producer advised to undertake both works.

However, soon almost lost Canadian "Alien" because of problems with the "Terminator", the start of filming of which had to be moved to the first nine months, because Arnold Schwarzenegger has been busy working on "Conan the Destroyer". Fortunately, Fox bosses so strongly believed in the talent of James that he did not delegate the script to someone else. Cameron continued to work on the story, "Alien" as during the downtime, and right in the midst of creating a "Terminator". In the end, President Fox studios said that he was ready to give him the director's chair sci-fi thriller, if a story about a cyborg assassin warmly greeted the audience.

Already in the status directed "Aliens" James faced with another difficulty. When he started working on the script, studio bosses assured him that the deal with Sigourney Weaver in their pocket. The actress has long believed that the continuation will only spoil the heritage of the original painting. Text Cameron could persuade Sigourney, but negotiations with Fox guidance on the amount of the fee it soon turned into a real soap opera. At some point, the representatives of the studio even asked James to rewrite the script so that it could dispense with Weaver. The director chose to give up, because I saw no point in continuing the first film without Ripley.

Negotiations with Sigourney studio and did not move off the ground, because of what Cameron began looking for a way to speed up the start of the tape filming. Filmmaker showed a real connoisseur of psychology: he called the agent, Arnold Schwarzenegger, in a conversation which allegedly happened to mention that he was thinking to cut from the script storyline Ripley. The agent immediately contacted his colleague, represents the interests of Weaver, who, in turn, began to pick off the phone management studio. Soon Sigourney put his signature under a contract for $ 1 million, so it has become one of the first Hollywood actresses who deserve such a substantial fee. Salary Weaver for the second part of the franchise is about 30 times higher than the amount that she received for shooting in "Alien." Participation in the sequel also brought Sigourney Award nomination for "Oscar" in the category "Best Actress". It was the first time in the history of cinema, when a woman is fighting for the gold statuette for the lead role in the action movie.

Confrontations between the studio and Weaver managed to escape, but the production of the film has not been able to do without a number of scandals. One of them is the result of differences between Cameron and Dick Bush. Directed so often complained about how the operator exhibited light, that he decided to fire him right in the middle of filming. James had to urgently turn to the operator to "Alien" Derek Vanlintu, who could not accept the offer, but advised to consider the candidacy of Canadian Adrian Biddle.

Another conflict arose in Cameron with the second director and several members of the crew. At that time, "The Terminator" has not yet reached the screens in the UK, which is why many subordinates James did not believe in his talent. The situation is complicated by the fact that in those days the famous London studio Pinewood itself provided the directors of the workers. It soon became clear that many experienced filmmakers were not eager to spend on set 14 hours a day under the guidance of an unknown young director.

As for the second director, he did not hesitate to assert that he would be able to cope with the production of the film is much better than Cameron. Soon, it intervened in the case a producer Gale Anne Hurd, who chose to rebel fire. This decision was almost turned into a mass strike of the other members of the shooting team but Gail miraculously managed to extinguish the rebellion.

The address itself Hurd was also a lot of criticism. Gail even had to listen to accusations that a producer went to her post only thanks to the marriage with Cameron. However, eyewitnesses claim that Hurd not only brilliantly coped with their responsibilities, and provided almost the only person on the set who can defend his point of view in disputes with the project steering. At the same time Gail was always ready to come to the rescue of her husband even in the case of emergency. When it became clear that Jenette Goldstein not have the skills of shooting from a pistol, was understudy actresses performed Hurd.

The role of Corporal Hicks was James Rimar, but after only a few days after the start of filming, he suddenly left the project. It was rumored that he had quarreled with the director, but the actor himself a few years ago admitted that his dismissal had insisted the studio because he was suspected of drug possession.

Rimar managed to play in a few scenes in Alien hive. Retake this fragment risked increase of $ 18 million budget, so Cameron decided to use when installing only those frames in which Hicks by Rimar was back to camera. In other scenes already involved Michael Bina, to which the director became friends on the set of "Terminator." Actor Cameron called on rescue on Friday night, and on Monday morning he came to the set

«strangers». Commercial spaceship on which the action unfolds original "Alien", was named after the novel "Nostromo" by Joseph Conrad. Cameron decided to leave one more Easter eggs admirers of the English writer. The Landing Ship colonial marines from the sequel was named after the city of Sulak, who is mentioned in the same book Conrad. In the film, Cameron can also find references to a variety of other well-known literary works. Thus, the words of the Bishop's inability to harm people certainly caused among fans of science fiction association with the famous Laws of Robotics, Isaac Asimov formulated in the story "Runaround».

A huge influence on the fantasy thriller had the Vietnam War. Colonial Marines reminded the US military who boasted a considerable technical superiority over the Vietcong, but in reality were absolutely not ready to conduct combat operations in the enemy camp. Mindful of the fact that many of the soldiers like to leave on their uniforms any signs, the director allowed the actors to draw on their own their costumes and weapons. As a result, Vazquez armor adorned the phrase «El riesgo siempre vive!», Which can be translated as "risk - a noble cause." Bill Paxton prefer to leave suit the name of the spouse, and Cynthia Dale Scott, who performed in "Aliens" role of Corporal Dietrich, wrote on his helmet, "Blue Angel" in honor of the actress Marlene Dietrich, who played in the eponymous film in 1930. Since Michael Bean arrives on set afterward his colleagues, he was given a bulletproof vest with a heart. Bean was not thrilled with such a design outfit, as it could serve as an excellent target for the enemy.

To prepare the actors for the roles of brave warriors, Cameron sent them to training camp special purpose units of the armed forces of Great Britain. Exceptions were only Sigourney Weaver, Paul Reiser and William Hope. In the story, the characters of the first two did not have military training and Hope appeared as a character in an inexperienced lieutenant who kept the rest of the Marines in the side. In preparation for the role of each actor must have read the famous novel by Robert A. Heinlein's "Starship Troopers", which became one of the main sources of inspiration Cameron at work on the script

"Alien." The director showed himself a connoisseur of the human soul when creating breakfast scene Marines after their awakening from gipersna. It is specifically carried her to the end of the survey period, the friendship between the main characters in the movie look more convincing.

Team "Aliens" could not afford to build the right amount gipersna capsules. Because of the strict financial constraints Cameron had to save every penny, and one such camera cost the creators of the tape at $ 4, 3 thousand. The budget could pull only six capsules, and then directed by means of mirrors and elaborate camera angles created in the audience the illusion that their screen was twice as much.

budget Lack of effect on many other aspects of the work crew. So, at the disposal of Cameron were only six suits of strangers. Operator finds and installation tricks possible to create a full sense of what the Marines fought with dozens of aliens.

The famous scene in which Bishop demonstrating knife skills on hand ordinary Hudson - is improvisation. Cameron was so pleased trick with machetes, he decided to turn it into a movie. According to Lance Henriksen, crew members until the last moment did not say Bill Paxton, android that will stick a knife between his fingers was his hero. Perhaps it is for this reason, the Hudson's face can be seen as a genuine horror.

After completing work on the tense fragment Henriksen went to relieve stress in a nearby bar. The actor did not know what Cameron considers the scene not convincing enough and have given it to retake the next morning. The effects of the previous night were not long in coming: a hangover Lance almost deprived Paxton pinky

. Paxton was sure that the audience will look forward to, and when his character finally killed, but instead Hudson became one of the favorites of the public. Fans of "Aliens" felt that the film 25 times uttered a word on the letter F, eighteen of which fall on the Bill character. Carrie Henn once admitted that after every take Paxton rushed to apologize to our partners on the stage because he had expressed obscenely.

Producers tape discussing the possibility of cooperation with the creator of Alien design - Hans Rudi Giger. Cameron chose to give up his services and decided to come up with their own image of the Queen. To make her move on the set had to use 16 workers.

Although Cameron were not too pleasant memories of working on the film "Piranha 2: The Spawning," the producers which removed him from the assembly, the director was useful experience in the production of this horror. James managed to recreate the mechanism that allows you to manage stuffed predatory fish in underwater scene. Bringing to mind the device, he was able to remove the fragment, which feyskhaggery move in flasks in a scientific laboratory.

Considerable ingenuity and James showed in the manufacture of machinery for the film. When the director did not accept any of the proposed options for the design of the shuttle Marines, he had himself created a flying ship of the old Apache helicopter model. The basis for APC armored truck became a decommissioned British Airways. To make it easier to work with the vehicle, the creators of the blockbuster took out all unnecessary equipment. Interestingly, some of the scenery "Aliens" later used in other well-known paintings. For example, a few years later turned into a hive Axis Chemical plant for "Batman" by Tim Burton.

Lance Henriksen ordered a special contact lens with a double pupil, to put them in scene study Facehugger. The director felt that the actor should not use them, because Android already could cause tingling in the audience. In those days, Henriksen was disappointed with the way his career, which is why he even seriously considered the idea of ​​leaving the world of big movies in the case of failure of the "Alien". But in the end it is the image of the Bishop brought him worldwide fame and the love of fans of science fiction.

However, success was literally suffered: Lance got food poisoning during the filming of a scene attacking the Queen. The actor had to take after take to spit out of his mouth a mixture of milk and yogurt, which quickly turned sour under the scorching light bulbs. At the time, Ridley Scott has provided this time, abandoning the idea to use dairy products for a scene in the death of Ash

«Alien». Extra headache Cameron gave scene and Newt fall in the ventilation shaft. Young actress Carrie Henn intends plucked doubles to get the opportunity to once again roll down a huge hill. The director promised the girl that after the filming of this scene she can spend as much time on the improvised ride as he wants. Value for James to get the right shot, he Henn allowed to have fun in the scenery of the rest of the day.

Although the image of Newt brought Carrie prestigious award "Saturn", she decided not to bind their future life with the world of the big movie and would prefer to be a teacher.
Sigourney Weaver gave bouquets to his colleagues in the days when the shooting took place the death of their heroes. When it came to Paul Reiser, she handed him the dried flowers. Actor so convincingly played a conniving Carter Burke that his own sister slapped him in the face when I first saw "Aliens" on the big screen.

Composer James Horner promised that work on the tape takes him only six weeks. When he arrived in London, it was found that the film still continues to shoot. Horner waited three weeks before the tape is finally sent to the pasteboard. Due to the fact that the composer already had obligations to the other directors, had to leave the British capital. Cameron had no choice as their own customized ringtones to rewire scenes. "Strangers" brought the composer his first nomination for "Oscar", but he made a promise to never again have to deal with a Canadian director. Fortunately, the hatchet was buried in the mid-90s, when Cameron delighted to music Horner "Braveheart." The director suggested the composer to forgive him and to work on the film "Titanic».

Cameron was disappointed job editor Ray Lovejoy and even willing to transfer the film to the film Mark Goldblatt, with whom he has collaborated with the creation of the "Terminator". Узнав, что над его головой навис дамоклов меч, Лавджой на пару дней закрылся в монтажной комнате и принялся компоновать сцену финальной битвы. Вскоре он показал итоговый результат режиссеру, который тотчас же передумал его увольнять. Кэмерон и Лавджой занимались монтажом практически до самой премьеры, из-за чего «Чужих» так и не успели продемонстрировать тестовой аудитории.

Финальный монтаж ленты доказал, что Кэмерон внимательно относится даже к мельчайшим деталям. Во время приземления морпехов на планетоид LV-426 сержант Эйпон сообщает о десятисекундной готовности, и именно через указанный срок военные начинают покидать бронетранспортер. Не менее впечатляющим оказался и монтаж финального акта картины, в котором зрители узнают, что взрыв реактора должен состояться через 15 минут. Джеймс вновь подтвердил статус перфекциониста, благодаря чему хронометраж этого фрагмента фильма составил ровно четверть часа.

В честь 30-й годовщины с момента выхода фильма на экраны команда «Чужих» решила собраться вместе на предстоящем фестивале Comic-Con. На встрече с поклонниками будут присутствовать Джеймс Кэмерон, Гейл Энн Херд, Сигурни Уивер, Майкл Бин, Кэрри Хенн, Пол Райзер, Лэнс Хенриксен и Билл Пэкстон, которые наверняка раскроют еще немало секретов создания легендарного фантастического боевика.



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