10 types of girls, from which escape men

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The desire to marry arises from many girls, only one gets the coveted offer, and someone will never hear the long-awaited "marry me."

Site found out about the 10 types of girls, which is the most difficult to get an offer hands and hearts.

1. Actress

How to recognize it This woman is too much of the highlights and mysteries. She always wanted to be like everyone else, and she invented the role of an unusual girl, and now it performs admirably in the eyes of the man she loved.

From what he runs: All you need to know the measure. The male brain is not adapted for the absorption of large amounts of weirdness and excessive originality. Sooner or later there will come a time when a man realizes that his woman is playing some game, it invented and understandable only to her.

2. Creative nature

How to recognize it: Creativity is not expressed in the creation of masterpieces, and in a very volatile mood. A woman change the opinion and desires of every two minutes, she can't make a certain decision, but requires an understanding of chosen one.

From what he runs: Near the kind of woman a man never knows what will happen next. This keeps the psyche in a state of excessive tension and anxiety, from which the man may begin to feel that he is doing something wrong.

3. Nerdy

How to recognize it: Who knows exactly what men want. She's been at all the fantastic training on how to attract and keep a man. In her house, the bookshelves crammed with literature about family relationships. Yes, and in any other subjects she understands, and she always has an opinion.

From what he runs: A girl who always sticks to his word with the view of the expert, gives the impression of a superficial person who has no depth of knowledge. And this trait in men it is often disbelief and irony to address a girl.

4. Piero

How to recognize it: She's got it all: a hard life, imperfect figure, not developed a career, and even the weather is terrible. If it ends with a series of bad mood, then start apathy or depression, during which she is certainly not able to do at least some changes in life.

From what he runs Male protector, not a therapist. Every time he sees a girl complains about life and does everything through force with a view of Martyr, then he has only one desire — to escape, to avoid a similar ailment.

5. Obsessed with marriage

How to recognize it: The main task in life is to get married. This woman is in constant search, because she has long been all ready: she had thought of everything, remains the last missing element — a man. When introducing yourself, it all makes it clear that men will only be one choice — ZAGS.

From what he runs: Nobody wants to be the only element in the fantasies of another person. Not every man is ready for such a drastic action as marriage, and then there's the pressure is that the word "wedding" appears Allergy.

6. Independent

How to recognize it: The loneliness of these girls do not bother. Appears favorite people — well not appear — you can live alone. Deep down, she even admits to himself that surely will get tired of seeing the man in the house. Starting a relationship, a woman begins to doubt in the future will not get her man better?

From what he runs: Man will get tired of accepting limits and to consult the tables of concordance with the perfect man. Hard to have a competition with a non-existent enemies, which advance is better in everything. Why to maintain relationships, which are constantly talking about what we can do alone.

7. The snow Queen

How to recognize it: The other extreme from the obsession to get married — a complete disregard of Dating, and if happens, the girl is extremely difficult to contact. She was sure that the man always have to do everything myself, including and to find her, even if she prefers to stay home and avoid any companies.

From what he runs: This behavior will only lead to what any casual acquaintance with a man a problem, and this was followed by a persistent doubt in their own attractiveness, which will further scare away potential suitors. Do not throw all on the neck, but to show complete indifference is also incorrect.

8. Lost in the routine of

How to recognize it: Her whole life passes between home and work. At work there are no decent men on the street nobody meets in bars and clubs men are not looking for a girl for serious relationship. It turns out that men in there somewhere, but obviously do not go by the usual route of this girl.

From what he runs: Routine picks up the sparkle in the eyes and dull facial expression are not attracted to men. It pays to shake things up, find a new hobby or at least to change the usual way to work and home. Perhaps the man of your dreams every day walks near you, only on a different street.

9. Mommy

How to recognize it She cares about how her man was always warmly dressed, she'll call several times a day to see what he ate and how I behaved. If he wants a soda, she will tell you about its harm to buy him an oxygen cocktail.

From what he runs Have men can only have one mother, and he doesn't need a second in the face of the woman. He was a son, now he wants to be a man.

10. No interest in the

How to recognize it: This girl is not their special interests and goals in life. It goes to wherever, and her own point of view it is not developed. These girls aim to please, even when it is not necessary.

From what he runs: A man sees and falls in love with a girl especially after a difficult relationship, taking her kind and caring. However, the disappointment comes quickly: the female type is quickly becoming boring and uninteresting.

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