8 main reasons why real man will never change the one he loves.

Like a lot of guys in the world, but few of these men ... I was annoyed by all those stupid males who build themselves from these guys. Your mistakes cost me really strong and promising relationship with a very nice girl. Due to the fact that you cheated in my life and broke the hearts of many, it seems, the world, and not left the girls who would believe guys. Since I can remember, I have not changed any girl, and, in general, is not going to do in the future. Unfortunately, many women believe that honest guys - it's all, so to speak, an endangered species. I guess I'm not the only man who is faced with this problem ...

I'm sure there are a lot of great guys who have to bear the cross of all the mistakes that left behind some idiots. If you have lost the trust of women, I am sure you will never have to return. Unfortunately, betraying the girls, you're doing a disservice to honest guy who will want to engage with it a serious relationship, and this mistrust of males can take root in her mind for years to come.

You know what I want to tell you? Real men never change and will not be deceived. I hope you still deign to find out why:

1. This man - this is, above all, emotionally stable person. B>

Usually, we are witnessing the fact that many women are faced with when they can not control their emotions. Believe me, men in this respect, the situation is much worse ... While women share their experiences with others, men become hostages of their own emotions, because they have been taught since childhood to contain and store them in yourself. But all this, as you know, from time to time ... When something in the couple's relationship starts to go wrong, a woman can always complain to a friend, or cry in someone's vest, it can roll up hysterics or move everything in silence. But man, I would say, weak men, hitting one in such a situation, pretend that it generally does not hooked their feelings.

What usually follows from this? When the patience of a man ran out, he is looking for ways to vent somewhere all your negative emotions. Betrothed-disguised usually addicted to alcohol and cigarettes. I'll tell you more as soon as he finished with past relationships, he immediately tries to find a girl "for fun." In contrast to such personnel, strong men are able to cope with their emotions completely opposite way and never go to extremes.

2. Do real men enough willpower to keep his "friend" in his pants. B>

Dear gentlemen, be honest, I was not eager to talk to you about this, but what could be honest, we are all ready to immediately go to bed with the first we liked the beautiful girl. I'm not kidding, just the same with every ...

This man is not likely to do so with each counter.

3. Real men do not meet with the girls, they do not like. B>

Often we meet with people who may have at the moment, for whatever reasons, do not see their future. It's not so bad if you do not believe in love at first sight! But a lot of guys there with the girls because, to simply use them to their advantage.

Real men know that women - are not objects to satisfy their own desires. When a man realizes that this woman does not like, and probably never will not like it, he just breaks the relationship with her.

4. Real men treat women with respect. B>

They are, in general, are treated with respect for all people, especially when it comes to their favorite women. Treason is, in fact, false. Deceiving your partner, you thereby lose their confidence and show that you do not care about his feelings. You do not perceive it as a full lover, friend or person.

Change - is to recognize that you're better than your partner while you are not at all those. Be vigilant, guy: once lost the confidence of women, you never will attain it again.

5. So, how many times you fly to unbutton his pants, does not affect, "Are you a man». B>

Real men, and so they know that they are real men. Almost every movement and gesture they appear best male qualities. This also say their actions. Most of the "men" tend to sleep with a greater number of representatives of the fair sex. It is for them a kind of game. Any woman for this man seems just another instance to replenish your own collection.

But, dear guys, remember, a woman - not a toy. And the game that you are, be honest, I have not learned to play, called "life." If your words, as they say, in the hot, then you can destroy not only the life of dear women, but also their own ...

6. These men had never hurt the woman he loved. B>

In truth, real men never hurt any woman, let alone one that they love. Real men take care of themselves and those who are near them.

If you are lucky to find a girl that you really like, even better - she loves you just as you do it, do everything possible to see on her face a smile. In the world there is nothing worse than losing a loved one. Yes, all of us are fallible, but remember, there are errors that do not forgive.

7. Real men know that the important thing in life ...

The good guys are too busy building a life of their dreams. They do not pay attention to the little things. Such purposeful men are always trying to achieve what they want. And it's worth noting, they clearly know what they want.

As men, we always want the best. Only when we get the best, we understand that everything that happened before, it was absolutely not what we need. I would say more, every man should be the one and only woman who would love him throughout life. Against the background of a girl the other female representatives would seem to him only its faded copies.

8. This man will find the strength to break up with a woman, especially if it will be better for both. B>

If you're going to change it, the better for you, and does it break up. Anyway, sooner or later one of you will come to this decision ... Be a man and do not be, pardon the expression, a rag. In another way, it is anything but!

Yes, to be a man is really easy, but to be a real man is subject not to everyone. This man - this is, first and foremost, a man with a capital letter, and then the father, the son, a defender and a loving husband. To be so, it is necessary to respect themselves and others, and to attach to this a lot of effort. But the difference between a man and a real man, as you know, is really important. Share with your friends the main reasons for which a real man will never change the one he loves. Take a mental note - this is a worthy example for others to follow!



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