What a real man should be.

1. This man has the strength of character
The real men have to be strong character. Otherwise, how can he ensure the welfare of yourself and your family? Only a strong spirit of man can make a responsible decision and defend their point of view.

2. This man should be movable
Not only in terms of physical activity, (though this too), but also in terms of the mobility of the mind. He is able to take quick and wise decision, he always strives for something bigger, he is able to analyze situations in life.

3. This man should be physically strong
Even if he did not come growth, it will still go to the gym and do as far as possible the natural data. A weak man can not protect their children will not be able to wear your favorite hands, and can not even help push the car not-winding each other.

4. This man has clear goals in life
And most importantly, he achieves them. Despite everything, he always comes forward and takes its toll. Failure for him not critical, since he knows what he wants and always rises after the fall.

5. This man should be loving
This man loves himself, his parents, his wife and children. Family - this is the basis on which to build his life. Career and financial success of a real man does not need to boast, but for the high quality of life of his family. He will never allow himself to hit a woman, and if the favorite is crying, he will be able to calm her down and prigolubit. But not a rag! Groundless scandals will not tolerate, and he will not accept this, is able to listen to the interlocutor.

6. This man should be independent and responsible
He will never forget to take the child from the garden, and in an emergency can pat himself their shirts. He takes responsibility for their loved ones, and to any employment (even if it is mowing the grass in the garden) applies as if it affects his fate.

7. This man should be close to a real woman
His favorite - it's a pipe dream of friends and acquaintances. Well, let envy, it's better.

8. This man knows how to cook
"The kitchen - not a place for men!" - A slogan losers. A real man does not die of hunger if the wife will leave for a week to visit my mother. On the contrary, for the arrival of his beloved, he will prepare a delicious dinner and buy her favorite wine. But in everyday life is ready to be a woman.

9. This man should love their children ...
He can with what you like disgust treat offspring housemates, but their children will love it, engage in sports with them and help teach and drive a car.

10. This man should be charming and smiling
"Smile, we build and live help." Gloomy and discontented type causes neither respect nor the desire to talk to him. Conversely, smiling, able to enjoy life, imposing man inspires confidence. But not a clown.

11. This man should be careful
He's not throwing my stuff all over the bedroom, and folds neatly and put them in the cabinet (hangs on a hanger). In the cabin of his car is always clean, and shirt collar does not even hint at the spot.

12. This man
knows the value of his health.

13. This man - it's different
And now the most important thing. Every woman his idea of ​​a real man. For someone bald, chubby will be ideal (although unlikely, but who knows). But believe me, man, you try to be "real" not "it", and for yourself! Even if you find that unique, that likes your stale underwear, that's no reason to walk in it three weeks to a number!


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