How to start a man

How did all sorts of different opinions, theories, and tips on how to be a real man. And a little man with a big M. And the essence as always simple ...

This man - a morality, honor, wisdom and spirituality, integrity, humility, responsibility, virtue, generosity, creativity, service, and, of course, love.

Let me explain - I write only about what he lived and what he has learned. This is not theory from books - everything felt and accepted.

This item is one of the most important for men. And completely absent in most of us. Oddly enough - but it is chastity.

This man is born when becomes absolutely independent of women. When he has the power to deny all the girls (even those who are ready and he wants). To refuse - for one. That already has in his life. Or the one that yet, but it is his destiny.

Agree with others, known temporal relationship or pick-up girls - whatever these guys were pitching-macho brutaly- "alpha males" - confident and daring - the guys about you can only say - bad. (and then started throwing stones on army brutal and alpha)))

Moral purity - not a whim and not complex, as they think of right now. This is a huge force of men. Such a man is not planted and will not deviate from the path of life, no raskrasavitsa.

What's interesting - the morality contagious. It applies to all other areas and relationships - in the family, people and life in general.

Girls, tell me honestly - you will like such a man? Or do you prefer "macho" who wants ... everything that moves? Which is planted on the bed every babe? If you chose the latter - I can only wish you luck ... and maturation.

Unfortunately for many women, men do not have Moral is now a vaunted ability - he can not fall in love. Absolutely. He will not have to "win", singing serenades under the window and stuff like that. It is simply not what is not necessary. Lovers use each other to escape the pain.

But when the love ... fasten your seat belts - it's forever. You flight to Mars to look for if you are to be buried. Without a map, food, water and everything else. Not because of love or romantic. And because you chose. He loves you. And life will return for you. This will calm water on the ocean floor. And it will.

Man is born, when it becomes free from his lust.

2. honor and nobility
Honor, integrity - you do not know what it is? :)

A real man respects all the people around. And communicate with them respectfully. It respects the world around - and treats it with reverence. Honour - is to help other people - no matter what it takes. Honor - a state of mind.

Honesty. Total honesty. Without it there are no men.

In the words of the character of the Soviet cinema - "It's very hard to go. Because I told them where they were going. They would be much easier to stay in the dark. But those who follow me should know the truth. If they know the truth and follow me - then go to the end. And if you follow me without truth - how can they trust me? »

Total honesty. Even to the detriment of themselves and their well-being. However, this does not mean - to say whatever is on your mind. The man sees, when and how you can tell others - that they understand and hear. In this respect, and maintaining their honor.

The well-known story - a businessman honesty cost him $ 250 million. And I chose honesty! Honesty in the price quarter of a billion! I am honored to live with him on the same land.

Whatever your personal loss - a man chooses honesty. He would not lie to get a job / money / ... and so on. Guys - used only for a woman ... with no intention to spend her whole life - is immoral and dishonest) And this is not at all men.

Do any of our brothers is chooses lie - well, caterpillars, I wish you to become butterflies. Then get a chance to be men.

By the way, did you know that this man never fails to present any (!) Claims a woman? None. Never. Without exception.

For a long time it is going? Please. Her right.
Can act as a wish - to wait or go to (depending on what you have in your values ​​and where you're going) - but do not make claims.

For women, faithful to only one option - also without pretensions, sitting, waiting until he will gather case or not to re-stick wallpaper around the home) option - go to the most - no.

Anything that makes a real man - all his motives - he can explain. He sees people and processes in their depth, and not on the surface. He is driven by a thorough understanding of all sides of something. That is why - he chooses morality and honor. He will decompose on shelves every question - why so and so. IF - you are ready to hear it. No - then for you it may look like a tyrant. He said - do.

It combines the wisdom of all the other items like glue. Watch the film Legend 17 - a perfect example of all these qualities. Menshikov as a coach - does not explain its actions athletes - still do not understand, are not ready to understand. Therefore, "mocks" and demands obedience. But every action of his claim and contains incredible wisdom. And the players understand) and became the best team in the world.

Here pechalka number 2 for some women)

A man with a sense of Honor, morality, and wisdom - will not protect you, always and everywhere, even when you are clearly wrong. Surprise, yes?

This man is not important who is right. He needs to act in accordance with truth and honor, act on the basis of the highest values, and not to have these values ​​and defend the pride of another person.

If you're right - calmly admit it, but also to preserve the honor of the other. Also, if you are wrong - it saves the honor of both sides, and to talk to you frankly have alone. And you have to listen to him and do as said.

Why it can not protect you? He sees the situation through the eyes of God. You do not criticize God for the illness or misfortune? And then it turns out - that this situation was you really need and you learned a lot because of it. It was unpleasant, but also because of your selfishness - but the good outweighs repeatedly.

Spiritual, spirituality ...

Man - this is the hand of God on earth. Direct wire His will.
To do this, in the heart of man has a spiritual understanding of all laws, rules and principles on which our world is living. To do this in the soul man has a mind. The woman - a helper and inspiration, do not mix)

The man - making in the outer world.
Woman - inspires and takes care of the house.

Concepts such as kindness, compassion, honesty again, love, god, goodness, unity - the basis of any human spirituality. However, the man - the one who directs and conducts its spiritual family and all the people around. It helps us to be closer to God.

And I'm not talking about religion. And about the feeling of the creator of all that is - in the heart. There is no spirituality without honesty, wisdom and morality. She did not need to do, it is not necessary to develop - it needs to be and to live in harmony with it.

Lately my favorite item.

Integrity - a deep understanding of its principles and values, its nature - and most importantly - a total adherence to them.

Whatever happens - I have my principles and values, which will be followed in all situations and conditions. And they are based including items 1-4) Honor, Generosity, Morality and others.

The principles and values ​​- is a compass a man. Thanks to them, he always knows where and how to go. And that they will stick to it.

Here - the principles of the male fraternity. He gave the word to another man - keep.
I ask for help, took - give, to thank. At any cost, even at a loss. Without reminders. You staked his honor, his courage. Cheapo who like walking to the moon, to be called the glorious name of man (not that man). And after such a lot. And God forbid you take a girl! Take the girl - for men ashamed. And I do not give a girl ... it's just pi ... u.

There is such a dish in Asia - Chuka. Shapeless gray porridge, tasteless and odorless, which is made from what has got. These are the people - and there Chuka. So, girls, forgive them. They live so hard times.

Pechalka number 3 for women :)

For real men of its value even more important to your relationship. If you begin to act contrary to spiritual principles, contrary to morality, honor and wisdom - he chooses them, not you.

It offends you?
Do you want to get away from him?
Well, put the keys on the table, you know where the door is.

As much as he loved you no matter - real man always calmly react to the care of the beloved. And if you hear from him something like the words: 'You can leave. But know this - back will not let you. "Or if (God forbid you) to expel him -" If I go out that door - that forever will not come "- I advise you to sit down and catch my breath on their own. No you will not calm down. If it is said, This man - he did so. What utter pretentious speech? Yes, it will hurt the most and want to come back - but he made the decision, he said it - period. And the solution is based on its values ​​and wisdom.

What happens when a man chooses not to their integrity? To lie, but to get the carrot.
Sorry, try to make amends, which is not to appease the half.
Protect obviously wrong, but not the principles of justice. Abandon any principle.

There - pdffff :) explosion and destruction of most of his male essence. Fundamentals of its nature.
Very fast - and down the slope. Baba becomes in general.

One of the greatest manifestations of integrity and honor for me - Jesus. What happened to him only he does - he just silently carrying his cross. And left to his own - his integrity could not break. Therefore, we will remember him. Great man.

Integrity - a life in accordance with their deep principles and values. In what may become.

Nothing to add. Modesty.
Ponty, dress nicely, buy cool cars and crave all the best - "Guys Baba» :)

The life of this man is simple and modest. Why is that? Because their life is full of creativity and service. They see much further matter and tsatsok.

Henry Ford was a billionaire - and went to the old cloak. Because in such a cloak, he remained by Henry Ford. Slavonic princes thought - "Kohl and woolen dress you do not know the prince - and then really, what are you, Prince?»

The strength of a man is inside.
From the simplicity and modesty.

Those who do not have it - your eyes show off expensive watches, shoes, clothes or cars. Remember the joke - which compensates for a man of his powerful machine? :)

Total. 100%. For all and for everyone.

This man - the father of all the world. Not only their children - to all people. And he cares about all the people around him. And about nature. And about animals. About everything around him.

He accepts responsibility and paves a new path. Sometimes scary - but he does it. Address any issue.

This man - the Creator. And this explains his modesty. For us it is important to create something new and improve the old. Break new ground and explore new horizons.

And all this we do not just for fun - and to serve the world and people.

The ability to serve - that's what distinguishes the true man from the rest. You can sweep the floor or manage a corporation - it does not matter. It is important that our work makes the world a better place. A truly better.

Socrates "Peaceful Warrior" ran the machines. But did it by serving people.

The ministry of the family, relatives, friends, colleagues, country.

This, and not the fake, which currently enjoys a majority. True Love can not be a one woman. It is selfishness.

Either we love everything - or nothing. And then loving all - we can give it in full woman, but also take care and all the other people and nature. As part of the one God.

It Love - the source and motive of all actions of the men. Morality, honor, generosity, Wisdom - all its manifestations.

Every act and word of man pass through only one question - whether this love?
Does it increase the love in the world?

It turned out a lot.

Just do not fool ourselves and try to look handsome. Too many men think of themselves as they Men - but in fact wear a mask - under which neither honor nor generosity, nor wisdom, and love. First, learn to be honest with ourselves.

This man - this is a combination of all these qualities together. In fact - it's all very simple. Enough time to come to this state - and here it is - a man born. Then it all happens automatically - because differently is simply impossible.

Goodness and Joy.
Alexei Yakovlev


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