How to raise your own mood.

You have again depressed, fed up, just do a rotten mood and want someone to shoot? Do not worry, bad mood is every person - that's fine. The main thing - not to dwell on negative emotions and try as quickly as possible to raise own mood. To learn how to do it talk in today's article.

You understand that the reasons for your bad mood can be anything you want. From shoes to break up the resulting reprimand from his superiors. So the first thing that would cheer up, you need to understand, because of what it lost. The answer is "yes something somehow" is not accepted. Find the cause of your negative and try to get rid of them. Well, that is buy new shoes for example, instead of torn.

If we get rid of the cause is not work, then here are some universal tips for raising your own mood:

* Call a friend *
Friends, friends and more time friends! These are the magic wand that can help in almost any situation and lack of sentiment - not the exception. Vyzvonit his best friend and go with him to the movies / cafe / walk, but even to invite home and arrange races on stools (what a stupid idea, the faster you will be distracted from their problems).

* Go for a walk *
Just not the way it is in the movies. Falling leaves, the cold wind, hunched silhouette, eyes lowered to the floor ... Of course, what really nothing to lift the mood! Walking should be completely different. Put on your headphones, turn your most favorite dance tunes, and go into the city center briskly. Firstly, there is brisk walking sports, in which produced the so-called hormones of happiness, and secondly you will not be tempted to vent anger at loved ones.

* Beat a pillow *
Many people staying in a bad mood trying to take it out on others. The question is - why, if there is a pillow? We go into the bedroom, take this thing out of bed and begin to grind, that there are forces. At the same time, you can yell, scream and swear dirty (well, if there are no children). All negative and out.

* Drink a cup of coffee *
It is possible and tea, coffee if not inspiring. And if also a bit of sugar to the chocolate bar and banana, you just do beauty.

* Take a hot shower *
Or bath - whichever you prefer. The water will wash away the tension with you and help you relax, and along with your favorite songs to sing.

* Take away the apartment *
The essence of this council that would distract from their negative thoughts. Cleaning of the apartment in the plan fits almost perfectly - and order hover, and forget about the negative. By the way, cleaning can be easily replaced by watching your favorite movie. Uses for the house, of course, no, but again - distracted.

* Stop whining *
What are you, fucking rag or what? The more you whine about the plight of, so it will be harder (like attracts). So there is nothing snot plant, pulled himself together and began to look around her positive points.

* Force yourself to smile *
Naturally - go to the mirror and pull smile. Stand as five or ten minutes, and I'm telling you - after this time the mood you actually rise.

As you can see - all these tips are quite simple, but they do work. With one amendment - they will help you raise your own mood when it suddenly dropped and not the worst reason. If you have a prolonged depression, cause serious problems in life - it is better to address to the psychotherapist.


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