How to cheer yourself up at home?

Problems with mood can be even the most optimistic person and a pessimistic person a warehouse and have all the time a cheer. Fortunately, there are today many different methods to cheer yourself up that you can use without even leaving home. What were these methods?

Many essential oils have the ability to affect the mood: some are calm, others stimulate, others set up a romantic mood. And if using essential oils you need to cheer yourself up at home, then you need to choose essential oils of citrus, essential oils of vanilla, peppermint, juniper.

Delicious therapy
If Your bad mood is not caused by problems with the figure, to lift the spirits succeed with a well — known way of food. There are numerous products which due to their content of endorphins ("hormones of joy") can remarkably enhance the mood: chocolate, nuts, bananas, strawberries, pineapples.

Culinary therapy
In this method the mood is similar to the previous, but now the dishes must not eat, and to cook: inspired by the process of cooking your favorite delicacy, you can forget about bad mood for long. Interestingly, the more laborious will be selected dish, the more positive emotions will be able to test when it's ready.

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