25 most romantic movies

Romantic movies are absolute favorites hits, they are good, kind and love. The suspense, the intrigue, the expectation will prevail if the love in the end — it helps if you are watching a movie with your loved ones.

If you are looking for a good romantic movie for the weekend, turn to our list. Forget the nights that you watched something that is not even worth to download. Every film is a journey into a love story. So what are you waiting for? More to the list!

Dirty dancing

A good girl from a wealthy family falls in love with a older guy, but his environment makes the poor. Baby and johnny are creating their history in a luxurious country camp friends of the family. Witnesses to their story are in tension the whole movie, whether the development of the novel after the dance. And they get success, proving that love is more important than money, prestige and reputation.

Romantic mood: elated


Secured poor rose and Jack meet on the infamous ship, when rose tries to commit suicide. Despite the fact that these people from completely different worlds and classes, communication occurs instantaneously. A bond that is not broken even after death.

Romantic mood: tragedy

Notting Hill

Will the owner of the bookshop, while Anna is a Hollywood star with all the trappings of success. Their accidental meeting leads to instant flash. With this meeting, their lives change forever.

Romantic mood: funny

The Notebook

The stars aligned so that two lovers Allie and Noah can't be together. They genuinely love each other, but something always gets in the way — the opposition of the family, and other relationships. Anyway, their story recorded in the diary proves love conquers all, even time.

Romantic mood: sad

Gone With The Wind

The film is set in the Civil war, Scarlett o'hara achieves that Ashley Wilkes married her instead of his cousin, which leads to a fateful meeting with Red Buttler — persona non grata with a dubious reputation. Through the war, weddings, deaths, tragedies and triumphs life brings them together again and again. And once she realizes that he was always in her heart.

Romantic mood: tragic


The love story of Danny and sandy begins with the classic tale of good girl and bad boy. The characters fall in love, break up and re-find each other. The movie shows the America of the 1950s, where they have neither oil crises and the Vietnam war, or punk rock. Everywhere the atmosphere of unbridled optimism and prosperity. What do the young people in such circumstances? To sing, to dance and to love each other.

Romantic mood: prepoznati and driving


Edward and Vivian come from two entirely different social classes: he is a businessman of the highest echelon, she is a prostitute, but with a heart of gold. While in Hollywood, Edward decides to use Vivian for a week. Their intimate moments filled with not a physical relationship, but something more. When partner Edward finds out about the work of Vivien, his reaction results in a confrontation, but in the end love conquers money.

Romantic mood: sweet and reassuring


Sam and Molly are happy and in love. After an evening at the theater, they return home through a dark alley. They are attacked by a mugger and Sam is dying. But not quite. He becomes a Ghost and realizes that this is not a mistake, and he must warn Molly about the imminent danger. But being a Ghost, he can't do it live don't hear it. And he tries to help Molly through a medium.

Romantic mood: sweet and touching

Legends Of The Fall

Some people are very clearly hear your inner voice, and live the way he tells them. These people are crazy. Or become legends.

So begins the story of Ludlow family — a rapid and romantic tale about three brothers, their father, and a young, irresistible woman who fatally alters the life of each of them.

Romantic mood: tragic but inspiring

How to lose a guy in 10 days

She needs to find in a crowd of guy to fall in love with, and then make all the classic antics of a capricious beauty. To trouble Andy her choice fell on a young advertising agent Benjamin Barry, who himself had just concluded with her boss a bet that he can fall in love with a girl for 10 days. Could this strange familiarity-based adventure mixed with the lies, lead to reciprocity?

Romantic mood: excellent

Moulin Rouge

It is a place where together converge tragedy and Comedy, luxurious interiors of turn of the century and contemporary rhythms. For the love of the most famous courtesans, brilliant Satin, fighting two men, one of which — a poor writer, Christian, with his head plunged into a crazy world of nightlife, the second is a rich Duke who is ready to buy all the Moulin Rouge, if only Satine spent the night with him.

Romantic mood: heartbreaking but excellent

Room with a view

Can any one rash act to change a life? The picture tells about the life of a well-bred English lady who, once having tasted the forbidden fruit of love, turned their fate upside the head. On one of the social events invites Lucy to the dance, "not exactly educated" young man. The novel develops rapidly. But the feelings that suddenly erupted in a shower young lady, I can't go out. And even a hasty marriage with a gentleman of his circle not save Lucy.

Romantic mood: inspirational

Between heaven and earth

David lives in new York city in a small apartment he just rented. When he brought in the order of their new home, they found a young girl named Elizabeth. The girl claims it belongs to her apartment. David can't understand a thing. There was some stupid misunderstanding... But suddenly Elizabeth disappears. The hero of the film changes the lock, but she continued to appear in his apartment, then disappear.

Romantic mood: hopeful


This picture is a good example of the fact that family ties are so closely unite people, there comes a point when someone is superfluous. Also in the life of six year old Ben and ten-year Anna had a lover of their divorced father of Isabel. She does all she can to win the love of Ben and Anna. But their real mother, Jackie uses all his influence and authority to prevent this. Kindness and charm Isabel inferior blood relations.

Romantic mood: romantic and reassuring

More than love

Young man and girl get acquainted in the plane, but soon parted. For seven subsequent years they meet, break up again. And only later they realize that all this time searched for each other, and what seemed a mere coincidence, really love...

Romantic mood: funny, gives a ground for reflection

You letter

Joe Fox and Kathleen Kelly correspond via the Internet. Joe has a girlfriend, Kathleen — the guy, but to pour out the soul they can only to each other. Kathleen owns a small bookstore children's literature. Joe owns a chain of huge book stores. It opens a set next to Kathleen and comes to her ostensibly to buy a few books for children. So was their "live" acquaintance. A little later, Kathleen learns that Joe is the owner of a supermarket, threatens her inevitable ruin. Naturally, she immediately hated the heartless competitor. And their romance continues.

Romantic mood: charming and cute

Pearl Harbor

The film is the story of two dedicated brothers-pilots, whose lives, like many others, was thrown into the furnace of war. They loved each other, loved the sky and the same girl.

Romantic mood: inspiring and tragic


The shadow of a giant asteroid fell to Earth. Before the fatal collision are still a matter of days. Armageddon comes, the tragic end of world history. To prevent disaster, you need a miracle — or the combined efforts of the best of the best together with the technological power of the man. Can a handful of people to resist the universal element?

Romantic mood: sad

Wedding planner

Few people so well versed in love and marriage, as Mary Fiore, because it — the wedding master of ceremonies. However, her own personal life leaves much to be desired... Once, under very unusual circumstances, Mary met with Steve Edison. The meeting made the heroine of the film believe in love. But what was her disappointment when she learned that Steve has to marry a very rich client! What wins the soul of woman's mind or emotions, good judgment, or love?

Romantic mood: funny, a bit vulgar

Runaway bride

It happens at the beauties of a bad habit — to run from weddings. That's Maggie, in love and went to the altar, broke down and did not reach the altar, just a few steps. Such a trick could still close my eyes, if it happened once. But Maggie did the trick four times! And soon she was lost due to a broken heart, if not in the way a runaround not stood a famous journalist IKE. Will he be the next victim of Maggie, or Certosa the reporter can still ringed windy bride?

Romantic mood: funny, romantic

Love story

A young man, a student of the prestigious College from a very rich family, fell in love with a student from a family of very modest means. They married, survived and unpleasant moments, and happy, but the young wife suddenly and mortally ill.

Romantic mood: romantic, tragic

Love and Doves

Vasily Kuzyakin was injured and the treatment is sent on the trip South. And there meets a femme fatale Raisa Zakharovna, and... back Bob from the resort to his village, and the house of Raisa rice Zakharovna loved. Began for him a new life, in which there were many strange and interesting but there was not a house where there is Nagy, children and pigeons.

Romantic mood: light, good

Real love

Love unforgettable and unattainable, causing regret and ecstatic, unexpected and unwelcome, uncomfortable and inexplicable, inelegant and unequal. Love truly governs all around. The most unexpected expressions of love tells the film, the fate of many different people whose stories intertwine on Christmas eve.

Romantic mood: sweet, a little sad, but very romantic

Business woman

Enterprising new York typist dreams of a dizzying career. But on the way to the realization of the dream is a serious obstacle. She doesn't know how to dress to get a haircut, to communicate with the right people. But each person is given a chance to arrange his life. Such a chance was given, and McGill, she got the opportunity to play the role of a senior Manager, when her boss broke his leg while vacationing in Europe.

Romantic mood: sweet

Moscow does not believe in tears

The action takes place in Moscow in the fifties. In search of love, happiness and prosperity arrived in Moscow, three girls from the province. Their fate was according to their nature. Antonina married, she has children and she loves her husband. Lyudmila sees Moscow as a lottery, where your happiness can be won. Katerina falls in love with the person who is throwing it. But she never gives up and continues to build a brilliant career, raising alone her daughter.

Romantic mood: motivational, a little sad

By far, world cinema worthy of the rich paintings, and the list is endless.published



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