Studio apartment: a children's area in the parents ' bedroom

One bedroom apartment where lives a family with children, it can also be a comfortable space for everyone. Room, which is also the parent bedroom and the nursery, should be carefully planned and divided into zones. While the child is still very young, all he needs is a cot and a chest of drawers or shelves for educational toys and accessories for care. The crib of the newborn can stand right next to parents ' bed. But as the child grows, he needs more space and territory.


Where to locate the children's area?

The room needs to be divided by the area of the child and the parents. Children better positioning closer to the window and farthest from the door. This is for two reasons: the parents go to bed late and get up early, so children's beds in a more peaceful and quiet area of the room is quite logical. And the proximity of the window is important because the child needs to practice a Desk with daylight, when the parents bedroom can be only a place of rest.

Interesting choice of location children's area — the second tier. Suitable only for the apartments with very high ceilings. This ceiling mounted the platform with a children's bed and a place to play. Take care of security, install the fence to the top it was impossible to fall.


How to zone the room?

Territory the child must visually separate from adult. In the first three years of life this delimiter can serve as a Mat in the crib and sweet decor on it, or light curtain. After three years of a child's better to zone more serious methods.

The solid boundary can be erected from plasterboard. Get two separate rooms with an archway instead of a door. If you are willing to sacrifice almost all natural light in an adult bedroom, maybe this option will suit you. A partition can be partial or decorative holes, then the zoning will look more easily.

A very good way of zoning — a sliding wall. So at night you can divide the room into two, and day unite. If a partition of frosted glass or glass blocks, you will also solve the problem of lighting.

A very functional wall — shelf. This additional storage is very valuable in small spaces, and a good separator zone.

Easy and mobile solution would be blackout curtains and light screens, which can be quickly removed to make the space more open and bright.


How to save some space?

Hard to fit in the same room as sleeping space for two adults, extra bed for a child (or multiple children), a Desk, a children's play area and sufficient space for storage. What should I do?

The simplest way to refuse a full double bed and replace it with a comfortable sofa. This will allow the bedroom to play the role of a living day. From the cot should not give up because it takes so much space.

If a large bed is important to you, and the place is very small, a baby cot can install it on the second tier.

Directly area for children bed on the second tier will always be an excellent way to save space at the bottom can accommodate a Desk or play area. Bed children or adult, day rising to the wall or out under the podium is a great alternative solution.

To save space, use the closet for an adult and a child. Engage the entire height of the room, and even better, embed the wardrobe in the niche — so it will visually take less space. The Cabinet in the podium another good reception.

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As for the whole family to coexist in the same room


As they say, in close quarters, but not mad. Follow these tips when planning the room, and that close proximity will make your family friendly and closer! published


Author: Anastasia True




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