How to equip a bedroom and living room in one room

Of course, well, when you can select for the bedroom is a separate room. But do not always have the luxury of an extra room.

Separate bedroom definitely will not work in a Studio apartment, and in most cases will not work in the bedroom – especially if this apartment live 2-3 persons. But how can that be? After all, the bedroom need. The output device of the bedrooms in the living room. If you act according to certain rules, it is possible to equip living room / bedroom without quality loss functions for both these rooms.

Such a unified room, on the one hand, should be very comfortable and to have a rest, to be consider as a bedroom. But on the other hand, "sleeping" function should not be evident. So it is best that this room was the living room, and the evening turned into a bedroom.

A basic set of furniture for living room and bedroom is a bed, Desk, wardrobe, shelving, Seating, TV, decorative items and some other things, depending on the interests of the owners of the apartment. Only now these items, and their placement must be with a difference.

Bed. Sleeping place in the living room-the bedroom should be in most cases, pull-out sofa, in addition to individual cases, which will be discussed below. The sofa is folded completely not like the bed and very suitable for living room. If the room is not very small, the best option is a corner sofa, as if he at the same time contains within itself the chair. Next to the sofa you can put a beautiful coffee table, preferably on wheels. That evening, it was easy to roll to the side, and disassemble the sofa. A night like this coffee table can perform the functions of bedside. The only table with an extra shelf on the bottom, it can serve as a bedside table.

Space for bed linen. As a rule, all modern model sofa-beds are already equipped with drawer for bedding. Thus, the problem of sheets is solved by itself. In those rare cases when the model sofa-beds are not equipped with special box, you can purchase a special container for clothes on wheels, and day throw him under the sofa.

In addition, linen can be removed in a special low Cabinet with a lid on it. Many companies produce these tables, they look like a side table. Well, if you made the podium – that it is possible to organize a special compartment for storing bedding.



The extra seats in the living room and bedroom it is best to use poufs and bean bags. Such items can be easily rearranged in any place.


A dresser, a TV can be on wheels. If the TV is stationary, it is necessary to envisage what he will be closed for construction with doors, a small screen, elegant blinds, etc. Also need to make sure electrical outlets are not located directly opposite of the bed, and they were not many concentrated in one place. Also next to the sofa should be the TV and computer wires. The fact that all of this equipment significantly radiate even in the off state. If in a normal living room it is possible not to pay attention, in the living room and bedroom measures should be taken necessarily.

Cabinets. Traditional Cabinet-wall is not always convenient in the living room-bedroom. It is best to use several small cabinets, break them into groups and place in different parts of the room. This technique will allow to diversify the configuration of living room and bedroom, and will appear the degree of freedom in its design. The same can be said about the racks. But the mezzanine in the living-bedroom to arrange desirable.



The mirror in the bedroom is better not to hang on the wall, and attach to the rack or use a wardrobe with mirrored doors.

Textiles. In the living room-the bedroom desirable carpet. This gives much needed this comfort room. Caveat: if the room is large – one large rug, and if small – a few small rugs. Regarding textile window decorations, it is best to hang layered curtains in warm tones.

Zoning. Living room-bedroom it is advisable to zone as needed, at least visually, to separate the quiet area from the more active zone (or zones). Classic zoning can be done using light shelves, different flooring and through the device of the podium. Island zoning is a method in which the center of the room formed a kind of "island" of furniture. For example, the center can accommodate same bed, putting in the same group with him at the table and Ottomans. The "island" can be even...... work area in the center of the room, who in this room would look good and visually divide the space. But to arrange the dining area in the living-bedroom is definitely not.



The podium is real, even in a small room. Podiums can be arranged, starting with the area of 12 sq. m. If the living-bedroom to make a podium-case, then it can be a day to roll up a real bed. This is one of the cases where an optional sofa. Well, if the bed partially roll out, get a small sofa. In any podium you can provide a place to store various things, so the podium is a horizontal "rack". If the podium is quite small, it is possible to put a sofa bed, arrange it on a work area or your personal music room – it is a matter of taste. In the living room it will look good.

The choice of style. Styles for living room-bedrooms are more suitable for classic, not avant-garde. If you want to furnish it in a modern style, use a calm, noble colors and not more than 2 bright color accents.

In a very small living room with a sofa bed a better place and not right in front of the window. If you need the sofa yet, but only a bed, cover her better counterpane neutral colors and put some bright pillows. So it will be less associations with the bed.

Lighting. In the sleeping area the living room is better not to use a chandelier, and soft lighting: spotlights, floor lamps, sconces. But other areas of the living room highlight brighter. published

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