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According to the decree on the establishment of a maximum price for the hotel rooms in Sochi during the Olympic Games cost rooms in five-star hotels should not exceed 13,896 rubles bar. However, the suites were not included in this category, so Nightly rich personas will have to pay a large sum. In this post you will learn about the most expensive luxury rooms in Sochi. Solís Sochi Suites
Rate: 850 000 rubles (unchanged)
Area: 583 sq. m
Solís Sochi Suites is ideal for secluded relaxation. It 52 rooms and suites, and each one is more like a private apartment: the area of ​​the humble Superior rooms are 43 square meters.
It is located at an altitude of 960 meters above sea level, in the resort complex "Gorki Gorod". The project is part of the holiday village has been developed by a team of Russian and European designers and architects under the leadership of Frenchman Pierre Diener, renowned for the design of Courchevel.

Rate 230 000 (unchanged)
Area: 162 sq. m.
Twin Deluxe Suite Modern, located in the hotel RODINA, - one of the most prestigious in Sochi. The design of this suite, as well as the entire hotel, were engaged in the court of the Queen of the Netherlands decorators. It features three rooms: bedroom, living room with fireplace, and a business office. The large walk-in closet and a ski fit shape, and dozens of dresses and suits. The highlight of this room - the Rotunda, the glass room with views of the Black Sea coast and the lush vegetation of the park. Floor deck boards and a number of sun beds - in an environment easy to feel on board the Atlantic liner.
Hotel RODINA provides many opportunities for walks. It is surrounded by a park with fountains and sculptures. If the weather is not conducive to outdoor recreation, you can indulge in relaxation in one of the largest spas in Europe, or visit the 3D-cinema.

Rate 57 000 - low season, 102 000 - "Olympic" season
Area: 202 sq. m.
Living room, dining room, kitchenette, bedroom, dressing room and a balcony seamlessly into one another in the area of ​​200 square meters. m. These are the best apartments in Sochi Turkish hotel network Rixos. Interior design, contrary to the tradition of hospitality, simple, functional and discreet, which is well illustrated by the minimalist bathroom design. In the living room you can warm up by the fireplace of this, drawn strictly, but with a spark.
Rixos Krasnaya Polyana, Sochi is located at an altitude of 960 meters above sea level, so is suitable for guests who are not afraid of heights. Offer guests spa treatments, meals in gourmet restaurants and the contemplation of the Caucasian mountains from all possible angles.

Rate: 100 000 - "Olympic" season; 80 000 - low season
Area: 320 sq. m.
Since half of the 320-meter suite in the Swissôtel Sochi Kamelia takes a terrace, its guests have a chance to arrange all the best tricks on the coast. The most persistent party guests can be left for the night, because in the room there is a guest bedroom and bathroom. The interior has a warm natural colors, materials - textured wood, white marble. The decor woven a variety of images of camellias, and live these flowers can be seen in the park surrounding the hotel. For greater privacy apartments have a second input.
Swissôtel is located in the natural park, with close to all major facilities in Sochi. Guests can relax in the spa and a private beach.

Rate: 80 600 rubles (unchanged)
Area: 198 sq. m.
In neighboring Sochi Olympic Gelendzhik less bustle, but no less picturesque. Great view of the open sea and the picturesque bay of Gelendzhik - the main advantage of the presidential suite at the Kempinski. The rest - a classic five-star luxury: two bedrooms, bathroom and dressing room, living room and kitchenette.
The Kempinski features swimming pools, water slides, private beach, and even an open-air amphitheater.

Price: 45 000 rubles - regular season, 55 000 - an "Olympic" season
Area: 175 sq. m
The most spacious room of the hotel Pullman accommodates two bedrooms, living room, dining room and kitchen. Both rooms are equipped with Jacuzzi bathtubs and showers. Comfort guests provide details: exclusive cosmetics Roger & Gallet, coffee machine and LSD panel. Around the perimeter of the hotel stretches an outdoor terrace with breathtaking panoramic views of the Black Sea.
The Pullman is located next to the central waterfront Sochi. It offers guests a spa, a Mediterranean restaurant and a swimming pool on the 16th floor overlooking the sea.

Hyatt Regency Sochi
Rate: 50 000 rubles (unchanged)
Area: 200 sq. m.
Presidential Suite Hyatt Regency Sochi - is the master bedroom with panoramic windows, walk-in closet, a spacious living room and a study. Not too catchy interior with more than compensated by an excess of space and light. The atmosphere Svetlitsa complements a spacious terrace with a view, of course, the sea.
Hotel are structured specifically for the Olympics, and opened to the public recently. Its strategic location makes it the right to spend on the road to the sea less than a minute and enjoy a stroll along the promenade at any time.

Radisson Blu Resort
Rate: 45 000 rubles (unchanged)
Area: 140 sq. m.
Presidential Suite at the Radisson Blu Resort includes a bedroom with a double bed, a living room with a dining area and a seating area. Add to this a kitchenette and work area, replacing the office. This suite features a luxurious bathroom with access to a spacious dressing room and a panoramic window. Guests can relax on the terrace overlooking the sea and mountains.
Hotel Radisson Blu Resort & Congress Centre is located on the beachfront, within walking distance of sports facilities. It has all the usual for a hotel of this class of services: health and beauty center, a fitness center and spa, restaurants.

"Russian Seasons»
Rate: 150 000 rubles - Low and middle season; 250 000 rubles - the high season, 13 896 rubles - "Olympic" season.
Area: 310 sq. m.
Guests who choose apartments - two bedrooms with large beds, large dining table for 10 people and a separate kitchen. The main bathroom is decorated with Italian marble. Here there is a shower and a Jacuzzi. Also in this issue, not only arranged the living room, but a separate bathroom for guests. The suite was a place and hammam.
The hotel is located a 10-minute drive from Sochi Airport. It has a luxurious spa, an international network of Espa and two restaurants, one of which offers a high Russian cuisine, and the other - high-quality beers at a more simple snacks.

Rate: 55 000 rubles - for the year; 13,896 rubles (the maximum permitted by the decision of the government) - in the "Olympic" period
Area: 240 sq. m.
Bedroom, living room, dining room, study and bedroom again: the presidential suite at the Marriott is designed around. With this layout the entire length of the hotel stretches a closed terrace, from which you can admire the snow-capped mountain peaks of several. Interior easiest described as a natural and low-key, but without vignettes, chandeliers and mirrored tables, there has not been.
The Marriott is located in the heart of the resort at Krasnaya Polyana mountain river. Without departing from the area, guests can visit a night club, wellness facilities and a swimming pool.



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