How to guarantee and for all to disaccustom a child to read

You probably think that now I will call you often just to molest a child with a surly nagging: "read read"? Not at all!

That is, of course, stupid harassment of this kind may gradually do the trick, but other forms of weaning from reading it pales in comparison.

Take for example the so-called slogans. Well, you know: "the Book is a source of knowledge!","The book the happiness decorate, in misfortune comforts", "the Book is man's best friend" (the latter, incidentally, was once a boy, entangled in adult wisdom, amazement said, "But isn't dog man's best friend?...") Nothing discreditied any object, like empty slogans, the meaning of which escapes over and over again, so they are definitely worth repeating often and in all seriousness.

To this method it is adjacent subspecies, based on the insane idea that reading little people cannot live a decent life. And even simpler: without books can not live. Not-for-what! More, more clichés on the topic of reading: disappointment at these so-called truths over time, will serve an invaluable service... you Must bring the child to a frenzy by talking about the benefits of reading and the relation of mind and number of pages read. (CP.: not going to read — can't argue like an intelligent person, you will not be respected, you will not be able to make the right decisions, etc). It is important to firmly tie the future of man, his happiness with the habit of reading. It's nothing that we often see no correlation between erudition and human happiness (and sometimes see just the opposite with respect to the desired), discard a doubt! Remind: our goal is not to analyze the phenomenon of reading, and evoking aversion to this occupation.

The next important step is to make reading unbearable chore. Child in any case should not suspect that reading, even remotely, and can even remind the pleasure. In order to take that path at first, just enough to say something like" Do something finally: go read!" This is usually enough to read the beginning associated with the most unpleasant lessons (substitute your in opposition: leisure — it's nice to read a book — ....).

Further — more. You need to introduce reading in a number of daily responsibilities, e.g. cleaning-lessons-reading. Again about the main thing: in no case be allowed to read for pleasure. However, we hasten to reassure you about any fun and can be no question, if you just take the book a place among the duties between classes and cleaning.

Let's more jobs on the principle of "from here to here". Encourage the child inevitable punishment for failure to "reader" jobs on the principle: "do not read — do not get".


Important: sure to ask about read. The most hard to find out all the details of the plot. Rigorous interrogation about the details of the type of hair color of the hero, his mood, accuracy of the spoken word, descriptions of nature and others completely reinforces an already existing and growing due to your efforts the hatred of the written word. The usefulness of such matters is matched only by the requirement of hallucinatory on the topic "what did the author want to say?" If you feel strong enough — go for it is imperative in this field. It is unnecessary to prove that such exercises will inevitably lead to the disintegration of meaning, forms a personal connection with the text. What do we actually — remember — seek.


The following method most practitioners weaning from reading frequently find on their own. Here it is: do not try to read in front of the child! Moreover: the more you say about the pleasure to read — the less you should read yourself! However, as often happens. "I read!",- passionate said the mother every day before going to sleep!" That's right! As long as the child didn't see you with a book. If you and sin from time to time public pochityvaya, do it only with the electronic device in his hands — let him think that you are playing, and reading — another adult manipulation.

Remember: as you begin to read the evening paper books at the child, all your work threatens to go down the drain! He may suspect that the book really delivers the pleasure you allow yourself. So bear with me. Instead, it is better to just send him to read to himself, and do enjoy watching TV shows. Of course, not forgetting to repeat the main mantra that reading is a real pleasure for an intelligent person (or the same idea in any other form).

Gradually even the most stupid child grasps the most important element in reading — an empty Declaration. Simply because this can not be what mom and dad do or not do in secret what in their opinion is so important and also fun.


The appearance of the same desired effects contributes to the hard training with a minimum age of technique (what technique!) reading.

So, most of my friends tell with pride that they began to read from 4 years. 4 years generally appears in some mysterious age, have you noticed? I am four years old, I am four years old this...

However, we will not be distracted. In short, definitely customize it under 4 and immediately start to do, if in 4 it reads. Your systems on the subject of his reading — the success of the entire operation. Convince yourself that reading is the only one worthy of your attention skill. No matter what interests your child, no matter what he runs and what he can: the only thing that is socially meaningful — the ability to read and the volume read.

One of the decisive strokes, so to say "the cherry on the cake", as is usually the comparison. Force your child often, listening to others read, accompanied by its passive action sentences "Ah, a girl reading", "listen to others at least", "you see, it's not so hard", etc. With the latter, fortunately, is fairly school, arranging of reading a real vanity fair, coupled with fierce competition and humiliation of the weak.


Remember another principle: the most useful books are those which you read: noses, Barto and Bianchi — all of us! No matter what children think about this, consider how this literature and its contemporary feel, no matter how it's "their language" — they have to read your checklist. Strongly take away a child's right to independent choice books. Hard relentless control of readable material — the key to success.

Over the years, when the child becomes self-willed and could smell a rat, do not forget to repeat this: "what you read on social networks — do not read!" Tell her to be and was confused — that reading and what is not. And let in order to get out of these wilds, throw, finally, the book forever.

Decide for it as much as possible and limit any choice. Remember: even a hint of independent thinking can sooner or later bring him to book.

Will succeed: the world behind the window firmly behind us! published


Author: Dmitry Zitser

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