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There is always time to read

Some people do not read books, others I read constantly and can't imagine life without books. And both live quite normally. But there are those unfortunate people who seem to know what needs to read, but their e-reader is covered with dust on a shelf and home library consists of a dozen nedochitannaya paper copies. Is it possible to love reading, to stop this mental suffering and read a lot and with pleasure? Completely.

When people find out that someone read a lot of books, they immediately think that there is a special secret. Maybe the man has mastered speed reading? Or he refuses to do something big in life to read?

Actually no secrets and secret techniques of time management. You do find time for meals three times a day? Find time for sleep, time for friends, time for family, time for another episode of your favorite drama...

You do it all without thinking, because it is important and fun. But for some reason was not included in your list. Why?

There are at least three reasons that keep people from plunging into the world of books. Here are the reasons and ways to overcome them.

Read how working with childhood, I love to read. In fact, I don't have time, when there is no book that I slowly read. Mostly read in the mornings before work (this is the ritual, without which I wouldn't be comfortable), sometimes in the transport and almost always on weekends.

For me, reading was a natural process, regular entertainment, which brings a lot of fun and exciting. In my opinion, the problem of people who do not begin to read, is that they perceive reading as a job or obligation.

Of course, in such circumstances, you would not want to read, and after work when the stock of willpower is nearly depleted, you can give 99% guarantee that you will not take up a book.

Try instead to accept reading as a natural process, the same as, say, food or walking. Take a book or e-reader with you to work, on vacation, to the country.

Think of reading as a natural process.

I can read while eating and even love it, but I wouldn't advise it. Still, during a meal should concentrate on what you eat, feel the taste of food and the degree of saturation.

But in other situations, when your brain is not doing anything, please do so. Open the book on the subway or in a traffic jam, during a break at work, when a late friend with whom you were going to meet, or guests who were invited home.

If you go on vacation, for example to the country or the nature can also be a time for reading, for example, if you Wake up early, and then you have another 20-30 minutes, until you reach your friends.

And how much time you spend on some entertainment that you don't much like? For example, if you are accustomed in the evenings to watch movies, but have not found any really good, you just turn it off? Or continue to watch to the end to say: "That g**no!"?

Next time immediately after the first wide yawn turn off the movie and take up a book.

Enough money for sebolino books can simply be downloaded from Internet or read online, but there are still books, especially recently published, which you will have to buy or order. The problem is that people don't see this as a special need and postpone the purchase until better times.

If you decide to read more, don't even think to postpone the purchase.Saw, ordered, began to read.

When I have money, I buy books. If something remains, clothing and food.Erasmus

With modern prices for books we don't have to choose between books, food and clothing. How much is the book, not the Deluxe edition, and the usual paper version in paperback? From 300 to 500 rubles. You can't afford it? Ridiculous.

There is no clear understanding Alitalia think, the people poured their knowledge onto paper for 4,5 thousand years. It seems that during this time have accumulated so much work that in books you can find tips and new knowledge in any field.

But reading is not only new information but also knowledge the experience of others, attitudes of another person, a new view of the world. The more you read, the more experience you accumulate, and with this baggage, you will be able to better understand ourselves, not to repeat the mistakes of others and make their lives better.

To put it simply, you will find in the books hints how to solve their problems. Maybe this is because people and their problems, in General, similar.

Therefore, when you encounter the problem the first time you read the experience of someone who has already experienced a similar situation and made their findings. About like an older relative, only he does not impose his experience, but simply offering it for review.

In my own experience I can say that almost every book has one or more ideas that do not leave indifferent. But sometimes there are thoughts that turn your world view.

So, all the reasons not to read are not reasons, but just some excuses. So right now, choose a book on topics of interest and start reading. Surely this lesson will blow you away, and will not be so easy to let go of the book, not having read to the end.

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