7 tips for self-development for beginners.

In any case, whether it be work, relationships, or self-improvement themselves, there is a beginning. What exactly do not have is the end. Because self-development - a journey of a lifetime, and is important as you begin your journey.
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Have you ever thought about his life and his personality, as particles of the puzzle, each of which has developed in the past, on the other, and eventually led you to where you are? Do you remember about your achievements, mistakes, tracking any changes that occur to you from year to year? Units of the people may be doing all this without diary, accurately track the causal relationships and always understand why this or that problem is repeated in their lives. But most of us for introspection necessary material, keep in mind that it is very difficult. Write down your thoughts and feelings in a diary - a compass of your journey. Keeping a diary helps clarify thoughts, and see where you want to improve your skills, what primarily focus its efforts on improving. Tomorrow you will be able to look back and see how to feel, and to compare it with how you feel and how to think right now. Diary helps analyze, adjust and move forward without fear not get to the right place. Get into the habit to keep a daily record, and you will not be lost on the way, and always be able to track your progress.


Meditation is often the step that begins its path of self-development people miss, and in vain. Meditation - the perfect way to relieve stress and clear your "system" of the accumulated negative attitudes, negative emotions, resentment and other factors hampering the development. Daily meditation for 10-15 minutes, clear your mind of unwanted thoughts, help you sleep better and feel better. Meditation can be called a pillar of self-development, it is the item significantly increases the efficiency of the other six, so do not neglect the most ancient and proven practice.


Any way of thinking brings to your life its consequences in the form of events, people, problems and opportunities. You can control what you are getting, making pre-order - positive thinking and attitude to win in each case bearing fruit. Of all the seven councils of the most difficult to adhere to, because we are accustomed to think in a negative way and anticipate failure. Believe in what you are able to change yourself and your habitual way of thinking, let positive thinking to make your life better. Before you criticize the way, give him a chance, but remember that thoughts have a delayed effect on our lives. If good starts to happen to you immediately, so while there are consequences of past negative thoughts. Do not give up, and everything will change for the better!

Goals and action plans

Write down your goals - a kind of map of your journey. Any target as soon as you write it down and see with your own eyes, begin to grow into an action plan. Create the plan and return to recording after 30 days, to see how far you have come. Break down big goals into small and complicated plans chop into pieces - so less risk scared and throw the achievement of the desired. Keeping a diary of goals and action plans sharpens the clarity and consistency of thinking, and if you ever come to a standstill in the preparation of the plan, use creative thinking as a balloon, which can overcome the obstacles in your way.


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