How to turn her husband a millionaire.

* Believe in the husband.
And sincerely and with all his soul. Forget forever that "your husband stuffed pears". Of course, sometimes it is very difficult to transcend themselves - during the marriage accumulated grievances, and in general. But unconditional love for her husband and faith in him - the most important step on the way to his becoming a millionaire.
* Praise him.
Yes, not only women love with their ears, but all are males. Admire her husband, be kind to him. The secret of this method - in influencing the subconscious. Spouse starts to strive to overcome the high altitude and prove to you and to myself that is able to achieve any purpose. Thus, you, by the way, and will develop his self-confidence.

* Stimulate growth.
How is it done? Feminine is very simple ...
"Honey, I want a new coat, and then quite old already kind of lost. Yes, I like that. I understand that we still afford it can not. Do you work, try. This fellow .... »
In this form, please request looks very well, and in any case no pressure on the psyche. And the likelihood that her husband "suddenly" it will work is very high (on myself more than once verified)!

* Do not cut it "for nothing».
Yes, socket still "on snot" is held, and her husband, an electrician not even eyebrow lead. Paradox "shoemaker without shoes" is now observed in many families and strongly affects the "atmospheric pressure". Remind him about it gently, but do not push. Anyway, sooner or later he will make it. Husband just used that you will wave his hand and do everything yourself (invoke the wizard, etc.). So, my dear, if you learn to look at the mess it through his fingers, he realizes that it is his job. And without it, she did not. NO. In order to turn into a millionaire husband need to instill in him a sense of responsibility, and grafted it just on the basis of such "trifles».

* Develop his talents.
You have so much time together and know your Blessed at their fingertips. What he knows best? Which feels like a fish in water? Push it, help to expand knowledge and skills. Of course, a little bit and unobtrusively. You must be his support, support the woman he loved and companion all rolled into one. Is it difficult ?! Well, it all depends on the degree of "neglect." But in this world nothing is impossible, there is a will ...


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