10 things you never did MILLIONAIRES

The list of things that never make people earned more than one million, allowing them to be successful

People who earned his million is not enough to make his life in order to succeed. Each of them has its own recipe for success, they are unlikely to share, but there are things that can be seen at once - that's what they do! The list of 10 things they often never does.

So, that's what people with millions, often never do:

1. They do not communicate with people who spend a lot
Millionaires know that the people with whom you communicate, influence your habits. Therefore, to save, if you are friends with someone who squanders money is simply impossible.

2. They do not think they know all the best
People who think they know everything, stop learning and gradually lose the ability to learn new things. Millionaires know that if they lose the ability to learn - they lose.

3. They are not looking for instant success
To achieve long-term success, you must work for the future. Millionaires got good value for what did not respond to second impulses and have a distant goal.

4. They do not use time as a dimension
Millionaires measure success in terms of results. The amount spent on something of time does not mean anything if the results do not meet expectations.

5. They do not keep all your money in the account
If you want to increase, your money should work for you. The maximum that you can get from bank accounts - a small percentage of the amount in excess. Think long-term investing in stocks, bonds, mutual funds, especially those that provide dividends. Or buy land in promising areas.

6. They do not make impulsive purchases
Impulsive purchases - this is a real waste of money, and yet they lead to cluttering the house with things that you do not need and which you do not use. If you do something in the mall attracted - go away. Think about buying a day or two. If the item still think you need to, you can and should buy it. Never buy anything that he had just seen.

7. They do not spend their time mindlessly
They say that the time - money. It is, but it is more important that the time cost far more than money. Time - this is your life. If you squander it, it would be a defeat.

8. They do not focus on the negative and difficulties
Millionaires never think about the negatives and the obstacles as they mostly think of the finish. You run so far before him, but if you do not lose sight of him.

9. They do not put everything on the line
Become millionaires people always weigh their risks. If you invest all of its assets in one company, you are not an investor, and the casino client.

10. They do not earn all of their money working
You need to know only two words - passive income. There is no doubt that every man who became a millionaire wisely invest their money. These investments and brought him a steady passive income, which only grew with the years. If your money does not bring you more money, you will never get rich.


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