10 best quotation of Carlos Castaneda

The best quotes from the books of the terrible and horrible molder of opinion that changed the life of many of his books

Carlos Castaneda, dreadful and terrible. Political thinkers who changed his books many lives. A man without a personal history. Involuntary idol and inspiration psychedelic revolution that gave birth to the whole galaxy of parasites imitators. He began his career as a young scientist, and finished it by dissolving in its own myth, or madness. Everyone knows about it, but nobody knows him.

His books can be denied factually correct, you can reproach him in the vulgarisation of their own ideals, you can accuse him of lying, but you can not take away the fact that he had written "Tales of Power" are a magnificent expression of the essence of poetry and spiritual search.

For all the mystical paraphernalia Castaneda's books completely hide a simple and clear belief system. 10 best quotes and tips from Carlos Castaneda:

It is useless to spend their entire lives on a single path, especially if that path has no heart.
Not to explain too much. Each explanation hides an apology. So, when you explain why you can not do this or that, you're really sorry for the shortcomings, hoping that you will be kind to those who hear and forgive them.
To get the maximum out of life, a person must be able to change. Unfortunately, people change with great difficulty, and these changes occur very slowly. Many spend a few years. The most difficult thing is to really want to change.
I had no one else angry. No one person can not do anything that would deserve this for my reaction. People are angry, when you feel that their acts are important. Nothing like I have not felt.
You must always remember that the road - this is only way to go. If you feel that you should not walk on it, it should not stay on it under any circumstances.
To understand the reality familiar to another, you must first get rid of their own reality; But the man did not just get rid of the usual picture of the world, this habit must be broken by force.
Behave as if it was a dream. Act boldly and do not look for excuses.
The main obstacle most people - the internal dialogue is the key to everything. When a person learns to stop it, everything becomes possible. The most incredible projects become feasible.
People usually do not realize that at any moment can throw your life out anything. Anytime. Instantly.
The only truly wise adviser that we have - it is death. Whenever you feel like it often happens with you that things are going badly and you're on the verge of total collapse, turn left and ask his death, it is. And your death will tell you that you are wrong, and that in addition to her touch nothing that really would be important. Your death will say, "But I have not touched you!"


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