Same-sex marriage in California (27 photos)

Yesterday, the San Francisco court overturned the previously introduced a ban on gay marriage in California.
Collected here are photos of recently married same-sex couples throughout the world.

Argentine actor Ernesto Larrese (right) and his partner - actor-impresario Alejandro Vannelli - kiss after the wedding ceremony in Buenos Aires on 30 July. Larresse Vannelli and became the first gay couple to marry in the Argentine capital after President Cristina Fernandez signed the law on same-sex marriages, July 21. (JUAN MABROMATA / AFP / Getty Images)

Actor Ernesto Rodriguez Larresse (left) and Alejandro Vannelli hold each other's hands after the wedding in Buenos Aires on 30 July. (AP Photo / Natacha Pisarenko)

Jose Luis David Navarro and Miguel Angel Kalefato show their marriage certificate in Frias, Argentina, 1,100 kilometers north-west of the capital, on 30 July. Navarro and Kalefato married in Argentina after the entry into force of the law on same-sex marriage, signed by the President on July 21. (AP Photo / Eugenio Adorni)


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