FACTS ABOUT THE MILLIONAIRE - Rule one: "Employees are not millionaires."

FACTS ABOUT THE MILLIONAIRE - Rule one: "Employees are not millionaires." - Many rich people do not advise others to sit long in institutions. Millionaires who "made themselves" without Daddy inheritance is generally not advanced beyond 2nd year of high school. None of the club of millionaires you do not ask a higher education diploma. - 20% of millionaires have never studied at university, only 6% have a doctorate, 8% - the formation of a lawyer, another 6% - medical education. - Smart millionaires prefer to marry a woman and live with it for life. Because the left-wing hobbies harassed mentally and financially. - Statistics: 35% of millionaires work hard - around 45 - 55 hours per week (compared to the usual hard worker works 40 hours per week). - The most economical and effective among millionaires considered the Scots, with no one can explain why. But the greatest spenders-millionaires considered Russia's oligarchs. - Western millionaires never make a fuss with their children. The only thing that the rich do not stint in respect of their children - is education. No super-expensive toys, and other vagaries of execution - children must be worthy successors of family businesses. - Successful millionaires are rarely eager to get into the circle of high aristocracy. They prefer not to join any clubs, because there always have to pay membership fees and shell out for charity. - In our country everything today's millionaires made a fortune for yourself. In the world of millionaires, this category accounts for 80% and only about 20% of the rich got millions in inheritance. - Usually the millionaires in the world live relatively modestly. Instead of spending money on themselves, people who have become millionaires invest. On average, every year a millionaire invests about 20% of their income. - Portrait of the average millionaire has appeared that's how. This is a man of 57 years. He is married and has three children. About half of the wives of millionaires around the world operate. And here is the most popular profession - teacher. - One survey was conducted among millionaires, they were asked how to make your first million? The most popular answer boiled down to one thing: Always work! Everything should be under your complete and comprehensive control, do not trust your money to anybody.


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