9 lessons from millionaires about money, success and life

Brandon Turner, a columnist for Forbes, shared valuable lessons he learned from the three-day conference with the participation of 108 of millionaires.

Imagine that you were in the same room with 108 millionaires and three days can ask them any questions.

What you ask them? What I will try to learn from them?


Last weekend I found myself in exactly this situation, and this event completely changed my life. I hope that the lessons I have learnt will help you.

I recently joined a small group of men-millionaires called GoBundance — I wanted to talk to people smarter and more successful than me.

You may have heard the quote:

"If you are the smartest person in the room, you're in the same room where you should be."

So, I managed to get into the room smarter.

Here are a few tips that I have learned

1. Communicate with those who are smarter than you within ten years I invested in real estate. Besides, I'm one of the most popular podcasts in iTunes. But compared to most of the others I was just a zero in financial matters — and it was perfect.

Millionaires are not looking for a comfortable environment was more important to them to find a more successful and skillful interlocutor.

  • Want to get in shape? Contact the owner of a black belt and owner of three schools of karate.
  • Learn how to attract investment? Go to a venture capitalist with a capital of more than $ 100 million.
  • The problems in the marriage? Refer to who are married for more than 40 years.

Millionaires surround themselves with people from whom you can learn.


2. Wealth is not only money I've heard this statement is absolutely from all the millionaires: wealth is not just money.

Conversations in which I had the opportunity to participate, often dealt with relationships, adventures, fitness and charity, not making money.

My friend and colleague, a real estate investor mark Walker, helped me with the wording of this idea:

"You can be very rich and be bankrupt in matters of health, relationships, contribution to public life and private views."

Many people tend to look at rich c awe, but at what price given this wealth? If a person has 10 million, but he almost never sees children, should be treated as his life role model? The members of this club think not. In life balance is needed.


3. Help people and expect nothing in return, Talking with participants, I again and again heard the same phrase: "how can I help you?". Millionaires realize that it is much more important to be able to be useful for purposes other than to estimate that the useful surrounding can do for you. In the end, it all comes back to haunt them, but millionaires offer help and not pursuing egoistic goals, and genuinely wanting others to succeed.

After the event I was left with dozens of contacts of people from different fields, and I know I can call any of them and ask for help. And to get it.

The late zig Ziglar said:

"You can get everything in life that you want if you will just help other people get what they want."


4. Take the initiative in their hands,Most people in life go with the flow. In other words, they are always in the position of protection, not attack.

However, millionaires with whom I met this weekend, we live in a fundamentally different way. They want to determine their own future and working on this plan and are happy to follow their plans.

I mentioned that we are one of the leading extremely successful podcast. Thanks to him I found this group of millionaires — a few of them I interviewed last year. During the event I learned that these interviews was not an accident. Two members several years ago at a meeting GoBundance decided that I wanted to visit the BiggerPockets podcast guests and came up with a plan to get there. They did not expect the sea weather, and decidedly took matters into their own hands.


5. Think in a larger scale In the past year I have successfully sold two homes and were so proud. However, in the hall I met a man who sold over the past year, 80 houses, and another who bought 950 of real estate, and another that develops new technology for malaria control. I thought the sale of two houses — an impressive achievement.

Surrounded by these people I began to think bigger. Why aim for a good result, if it is possible to achieve excellent? As an investor in real estate I decided to start a new life. I will not buy a house here, a house there. I'll look wider.

At the end of this event I have set myself a new goal this year to buy 50 or more mobile homes and within three years to increase its fleet to 1,000 units. Yes, this new scale.

Think maybe in your life too, there is a bar that you can lift 10 times?


6. Wealth gives you the opportunity to be generousAs a child, I imagined millionaires are greedy selfish people who swim in the pool with gold coins. Thank You Scrooge McDuck. However, the reality is markedly different.

Do not tire of repeating: I met people genuinely wanted to give and help. During the event, many auctions for the right to receive personal training with the speaker, and collected more than 100 thousand dollars of charity.


7. Health cannot be bought for money I try to keep myself in shape, but compared to most of the participants I felt terrible. Millionaires know how important it is to exercise.

Dead all the money in the world, so I met people pay much attention to nutrition and fitness and observe mode.


8. Entrepreneurship should be taught from childhood Successful people teach the same to their children. I figured that seeing as nine children (the children of participants of the meeting) opened the conference own business selling t-shirts and other Souvenirs. Each of them went home with a couple hundred dollars earned with their own hands!

Children (some as young as three or four years) bought their goods wholesale, sold retail, gave a portion of their income to charity and left with a profit. Fantastic! They already understand the basics of entrepreneurship!


9. Always look for opportunities for growth I asked Jon BergHOFF, host and managing partner of Flourishing Leadership Institute that during the conference he remembered the most. He replied:

"It's a group of people who have already achieved great success. They not only took the time and money to get here, but with genuine sincerity and curiosity were looking for any opportunity for development. Their humility, openness and love for their work deserve a great respect. And it is these qualities — the key to a future of even greater success."published


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