Oligarchs caught off guard

How else to see Alexander Mamut not wearing a tie and a suit and ski cap and a long scarf? Or at Villa Elena Baturina Shalva Chigirinsky in Monaco? Oleg Deripaska's birthday party Nikita Mikhalkov? Or Mikhail Prokhorov at a concert of the "Beasts" in Courchevel? Photos are interesting in that they are not staged.

Ex-owner of the network "Euroset" and now a resident of London Chichvarkin 2005

The former leader of the "Golden hundreds of» Forbes Mikhail Prokhorov (2nd place in the latest ranking of Forbes)
at a concert of the "Beasts" in the ski resort of Courchevel 2007

Roman Abramovich leaves the "Garage" - Center for Contemporary Culture, 2009

Oligarch Alexander Mamut on holiday in Courchevel 2009

Bankrupt developer Shalva Chigirinsky (65 th place in the ranking of Forbes - 2009), the first deputy mayor of Moscow
Vladimir Resin, and the only woman in the "Golden hundreds of» Forbes, Elena Baturina (27th place in the latest ranking of Forbes)
a villa in Monaco Chigirinskiy 2008


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