Russian oligarchs. Out of the Crisis

Russian Forbes presented a list of Russian billionaires. According to the magazine, the oligarchs recovered from the crisis, and over the past year increased its state twice. Billionaires was 62, whereas in 2009 there were 32, and the combined wealth of members of the Forbes list was 297 billion. Against $ 142 billion. Dollars a year earlier. The leader of the "golden hundred" to be expected shift. Now, in the first place the principal owner of the Novolipetsk Metallurgical Combine Vladimir Lisin. Status businessman for the year tripled to $ 15, 8 billion. In the world ranking of billionaires Lisin took 32 th place. In last year's Forbes ranking none of the businessmen do not overcome the level of $ 10 billion., And this year alone capital gains Lisin exceeded US $ 10 billion. In the first five as the owner of the group "Onexim" Mikhail Prokhorov, with a fortune of $ 13, 4 billion., The co-owner " Alfa-Group "Mikhail Fridman with $ 12, 7 billion. Roman Abramovich with $ 11, 2 billion., and owner of" Basic Element "Oleg Deripaska with $ 10, 7 billion. Newcomers rankings become brothers wrestlers Boris (pictured) and Arkady Rotenberg (99 th and 100 th place), which is considered close to Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. Both earn $ 700 million. But the disgraced oligarch Boris Berezovsky has taken off from the list without breaking the input level of $ 700 million. Among the richest people in the country is only one woman president of "Inteko" Yelena Baturina has improved with a fortune of $ 2, 8 billion.


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