Meridiist Lamborghini by TAG Heuer

TAG Heuer has teamed up with the famous Italian manufacturer Lamborghini super sports car to create a limited edition mobile phone. Meridiist Lamborghini is hand-assembled from more than 430 mechanical components, many of which are based on chronographs TAG Heuer. Like the supercar, it has excellent handling: the additional display on the top of the phone makes it easy to keep track of time, and a patented multi-function TAG Heuer switch allows you to easily manage incoming calls. In honor of the year Automobili Lamborghini base all over the world will be sold only 1963 of these devices worked to the last detail. Sharp-angled design of Meridiist Lamborghini, whose body is made of stainless steel coated with titanium carbide, much like super sports car down to its famous inscription on the lid of the battery - the same as on the cylinder block V12 Automobili Lamborghini. On the back of each phone an individual number engraved limited edition, and the steel central button minimalist black keyboard is decorated with the trademark of Lamborghini - Taurus.


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