Carbon Meridiist

Carbon definitely become the most fashionable material season. When creating a new collection of mobile phones, designers TAG Heuer as the main material used carbon fiber, resulting in Meridiist bought aggressively sporty. Carbon, carbon fiber, or - a high-tech composite material, which is three times stronger and more than four times lighter than steel. Due to its unique properties, this innovative material gained widespread in the automotive industry, especially in the production of sports cars. But lately, it has been widely spread in the production of gadgets premium level - not least because of its cost is not the most democratic. Limited Edition Carbon Meridiist represented by two models, each of which is released with a circulation of 200 copies. In both the battery cover and the upper and lower panels, framing the screen is made of sapphire, made from carbon fiber. The side of the phone features original ornaments, and on the steel base of the battery cover lock is applied engraved limited edition. Both phones in this series support the GMT, which allows you to keep track of time in two time zones. The design of the first model of a part of carbon and black alligator leather combined with contrasting body made of polished stainless steel. In another embodiment, the carbon fiber blends with stainless steel with black PVD-coated. Such a surface is virtually impossible to scratch.


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