Case-jubiljar TAG Heuer

In honor of the 150th anniversary of the Swiss company TAG Heuer released a set of «150th Anniversary Coffret», which includes Carrera Chronograph Calibre 17 Grand RS2 and mobile phone Meridiist. Especially for this collection of French art studio designers Pinel & Pinel was established case handmade in the style of the classic coffer. Each of the sets assigned limited series serial number engraved on the chronograph and the phone. All the world will be sold 150 copies - one for each year of the history of the watch brand. In the anniversary kit phone and Chronograph are presented in a new black and orange tones. Orange integrated into TAG Heuer logo on the front and side buttons Meridiist, and a logo RS2 on the rear of the phone. In the design of the chronograph orange elements are present on the dial, seconds hand and stitching in the wrist watch. Case handcrafted resembles a trunk 30-ies of the last century. Luxurious interior design inspired by the royal chests the time of Louis XVI. Upholstered in black calf leather with orange stitching, a case is also made in a single clock and chronograph colors. Inside are located the charger for the phone. A special built-in rotary mechanism updates the factory automatic movement watch chronograph is fixed on a rotating basis, eliminating the need to manually wind the watch.


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