TAG Heuer Meridiist GMT

new line of mobile phones with the TAG Heuer Meridiist GMT function has gone on sale. TAG Heuer Meridiist GMT was presented in the "Odyssey of Pioneers" - the world's first circumnavigation rally environmentally friendly electric vehicle category GT, organized by TAG Heuer, together with Tesla Motors. The new GMT function allows pilots to track two time zones simultaneously, and at the intersection of meridians and automatically switch the time from home to the local. Since Roadster TAG Heuer Tesla will have to overcome 37 000 km, and the route will pass through the 15 largest cities in the world, this feature is indispensable for the electric vehicle driver. Models Meridiist, equipped with function GMT, distinguished by their appearance - on the back of the device, the logo TAG Heuer, engraved GMT, and the camera shutter is decorated with trim on the technique of "concentric guilloche". This motif is found in the design of classic chronographs TAG Heuer, for example, a chronograph Carrera Calibre 17 Grand RS2.


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