Speed ​​smartfonTag Heuer Racer

The company introduced a smartphone Tag Heuer Racer, uniting motorsport technology and sophisticated aviation materials. The Swiss brand is traditionally closely linked to the world of high-speed motor racing and aviation. Light parts, shock-resistant design, composite materials: titanium, weightless and durable carbon fiber, black PVD-coated, stainless steel 316L, the rubber - all these have been run it in motorsports and aviation. Sports, but at the same time elegant design Tag Heuer Racer inspired by high-end luxury cars GT, while its aggressive lines are a reflection of your own house style. Designed in Switzerland Manufactured in France, Tag Heuer Racer smartphone running the Android system with a personalized 3D-interface. In the line of Tag Heuer Racer present a model to suit every taste, from the Sport Classic, made of 316L stainless steel and coated with a dark gray rubber to Precious Gold, decorated with 18-carat pink gold. A key line of this model is Full Carbon Orange. Its front panel is completely covered with carbon fiber and black rubber on stainless steel with black PVD-coated coated orange racing stripe. The back cover is a carboxylic polished plate with orange accents, the parties who have suffered a black PVD-coated. Update as of 09/13/2012: In the sale of novelty will appear in the autumn of 2012. Price starts from 2500 euros. http://www.youtube.com/embed/GrNOntZDTVk video>


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