Madonna has sold a villa in Beverly Hills

Madonna put up for sale his home in Beverly Hills. Behind the villa in the French pop diva asks for $ 28 million. Madonna not really advertise the intention to get rid of its remaining space: it has entered into a contract with a real estate agency, but sell their own home bases has not appeared and there are no advertisements. However, with its famous Madonna is not required to advertise anything. Journalists willing to smash the news themselves, and without any payment. It is known that the estate in Beverly Hills Madonna bought in 2003 for $ 12 million. According to the public records of the tax service, the total area of ​​the house is 5800 square meters. ft (534 m2). It has three bedrooms. However, realtors clarify that Madonna will almost certainly expanded the house, so that the real area of ​​more than the official. House in California singer acquired during marriage with director Guy Ritchie. Now she lives in a townhouse on the Upper East Side in New York, which it acquired in 2009 for $ 32, 5 million.


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