How much will my military equipment?

To be honest, I do not know a man who wanted to be a professional to acquire military equipment. Interestingly, some installations and devices today are auctioned and many of us can afford such a purchase. If you work hard, of course;) Look at how much it will cost the purchase of military equipment in the continuation of the post!

We give price without customs duties and in the currency in which the lots auctioned. Cost (if announced) each machine corresponds to the data provided by the seller.
Who sells: Mortar Investments (Czech Republic)
Price: $ 19,482
Amphibian PTS-10 entered service the army of the Soviet Union in the mid-1960s. In 1968, the car park has expanded the armed forces of Czechoslovakia. To move along the ground PTS-10 uses a caterpillar, and water vapor is included screws located in the rear part.

Amphibian equipped with a giant twelve-engine cylinder capacity of 38 liters. This machine allows PTS-10 to move along the roads at speeds up to 42 kilometers per hour, and the water, the figure is 11, 5 kilometers per hour. This engine consumes 150 liters of fuel per hundred kilometers. Fuel reserves are stored in four tanks: three small total volume of 405 liters and in one large, which accommodates 300 liters.
Load capacity PTS-10 no less impressive than the volume of its engine. Amphibian is able to take on board, for example, "Ural-375D" or 72 people. It is easy to calculate that on a fishing trip on such a machine can take away all the dacha cooperative. "Golf" for a similar price of the not master.

Who sells: Exarmyvehicles (Czech Republic)
Price: € 18,500
Self-propelled gun-howitzer SHKH VZ.77 DANA - a real time machine. Unit looks so futuristic that it fit to send to the shooting of the seventh episode of "Star Wars." The "Dana" entered the army of the Czech Republic, almost 40 years ago - back in the 1970s.

The basis for the combat vehicle taken Eight-truck Tatra T815. Overall length "given" more than 11 meters, width - three meters. Mass of the vehicle - 29-odd tons. Motor to match the dimensions: twelve-17, 64-liter unit, the return of which is 360 horsepower and 990 Nm of torque. Speed ​​capabilities "given" for this kind of technology are good: the maximum speed of trucks on the road with a hard surface is 80 kilometers per hour.
But the main VZ.77 - gun. The machine is equipped with a 152-mm gun and can simultaneously carry up to 60 missiles. It is a pity that shoot sparrows will unlikely: civilized countries whose laws permit to store in the garage armed to the teeth with all-terrain vehicle, no longer exists. In general, this instrument can not shoot. Yes garage and a car height of 3, 33 meters will have to build from scratch.

Who sells: Private Seller (Russia)
Price: 550 000 rubles
Or BRDM armored reconnaissance and patrol vehicle - perhaps the most "civil" copy of our list. It is possible to go fishing and hunting. Rumor has it that in the cabin of the vehicle comfortable in a foreign car: able to heat the stove to the state of the sauna cabin, and completely soundproof allows you to watch cartoons with subwoofer BRDMe parked campers and not disturb others.

Yet it is obvious that this machine is weakly adapted for driving on roads in the conventional sense of the term, even despite the fact that its top speed is about 100 kilometers per hour. But BRDM-2 is able to swim and cut timber. However, the latter will require prior training from the experts.
The machine, which, according to the seller, held "pre-training" and is ready for operation in the asset 140-horsepower engine GAZ-41, four-wheel drive and a decent head light. But the main thing - the car is in Russian. Go for it abroad, and then explain the customs, that you're taking military transport "purely for personal use" is not necessary. The main thing that the seller is not proved tricky Ensign, and the technique was not on a budget of one of the army units.

Who sells: Exarmyvehicles (Czech Republic)
Price: € 27,000
T-55A is hardly comparable to the degree of fame with the legendary T-34, but left 55 minutes long after the 34th - in the late 1960s. It is based on lay T-54B. Development of machines involved specialists of the plant number 183 in Nizhny Tagil. There also has been adjusted its assembly. In addition to the alma mater, the T-55A released back in Poland, Romania and Czechoslovakia.

About T-55A can safely say: "full stuffing". The machine has increased in comparison with the T-54 fuel tanks, there is a system of creating a smokescreen (implemented very simply - at the expense of fuel injection on the exhaust manifold), and even anti-nuclear defense with counter X-ray radiation.
In the movement of the T-55A provides a twelve-engine power of 580 horsepower. Appetite for this unit, to put it mildly, a brutal 410 liters per 100 kilometers. And this summer. Winter to overcome the same distance would require an additional 40 liters of diesel.
Now about the weapons. The main weapon - a 100-mm gun. Ammunition - 43 projectile. In addition, the disposal of two 55-caliber gun 7, 62 and 12, 7 millimeters. Take advantage of them is unlikely to succeed, but gone too far neighbors in a traffic jam for sure do not know.

Studebaker M29C
Who sells: Army Jeeps (US)
Price: $ 35,000
And again, for you, the fishermen: amphibious Studebaker M29C since World War II. Most of his life in this car spent in the United States and by appointment operated for a short time. Moreover, it is generally swim almost did not have time, but, as the seller, no problems will float if required.

M29C - compact car. Its length is only 3, 2 meters, width - 1, 68 meters, and height - 1, 3 meters. In the movement of the vehicle is provided by means of the 70-strong six-cylinder engine. Maximum speed - 58 kilometers per hour. A power reserve is sufficient for most tasks, from filling up refueling amphibian able to overcome 266 kilometers.
Here are just a weapon in M29C napryazhenka - it is not. However, why is it, if you use it all the same it is impossible? But the seller promises to make to the car collection of the most relevant parts. Valuable and useful bonus for rarity technology.

Who sells: Army Jeeps (US)
Price: $ 45,000
And another dream summer resident, gardener with an eye on logging - FV-432 armored personnel carrier. Capacity of the machine - the envy of all modern SUV: in addition to the driver and commander within the 432nd able to accommodate ten people on two benches placed along the sides.

There was a lot of armored versions. In the list there is a sanitary version, evacuation, option for laying mines and modification with a rocket launcher. It is not surprising that in addition to the UK (where it was developed FV-432), an armored personnel carrier was the US Army, Denmark and Portugal.
432 goes through the second six-cylinder engine capacity of 240 horsepower. The maximum speed on the road is 52 kilometers per hour, and the range is 480 kilometers.
Judging by the photos, FV-432 is in fair condition, but hideous figures seriously detracts from the appearance of the harsh techniques. On the other hand, we can take the can of paint and repaint everything.

M998 HMMWV Humvee
Who sells: Auctions America (USA)
Price: $ 15 000- $ 20 000
As choosing military equipment, could do without the Humvee? That's one of the military "Hammer", which are sold in the US top ten. Estimated value of this instance - only 15 to 20 thousand dollars. Yes, some 20 thousand dollars! For the legendary and able to travel almost anywhere a military jeep.

The machine is designed for four people, including the driver. The car retains its original coloring. Humvee equipped with a 150-horsepower diesel engine 6.2 V8, which allows 2, 3 unit-of production car to go to a top speed of 113 kilometers per hour. A 95-liter tank is enough for an SUV 563 kilometer run.
Humvee production began in 1984. The total circulation was 281,000 copies. Let's face it, not a rarity. However, to become the owner of the vehicle for 15-20 thousand dollars, we would not have refused.

M42A1 Duster
Who sells: Auctions America (USA)
Price: $ 50 000- $ 70 000
Do you still think that the Duster - it's a crossover Renault and Dacia? Certainly not! Here it is, the most correct "Duster": self-propelled anti-aircraft gun, produced a division of General Motors for the US Army from 1952 to 1959.

Machine that can take on board six people, weighs 22 tons 5. In its motion causes the motor, which would have envied and sports car: "Six" with a mechanical supercharger. Engine output of 446 horsepower. Unfortunately, the dynamics of the "Duster" is not sportkarovskaya: a top speed of just 72 kilometers per hour, and the range is 193 kilometers.
But armed with M42A1 with everything in perfect order. The machine is equipped with a pair of 40-millimeter anti-aircraft guns that are mounted on a rotating turret. In addition, there are 7, 62-mm machine gun. With a "Duster" can carry the amount of ammunition, enough to kill a small army of 480 units of 40-millimeter charges and 1750 rounds of machine gun.
Initially, "Duster" was used during the war between North and South Korea in the early 1950s. Later, in the mid-1960s, the same technique was used in the war with Vietnam. The US Army, it was listed before 1990. Not surprisingly, the anti-aircraft guns are interested in other countries: the car was delivered to Jordan, Pakistan, Taiwan and Germany.



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