Female cadets: the first issue

An interesting selection of photos from the discharge of the Yekaterinburg Suvorov Military School. This year ends experiment among graduates - 12 girls. All of them - the daughter of a professional military. on the young defenders of the Motherland suggest to look in the continuation of this post!

As conceived by the MoD, the girls have after graduating from college, then military schools, to replace civilian personnel in the army and navy, in which armed forces needed while experiencing workforce shortages due to reforms in the army and a lack of the military. The experiment was conducted in Yekaterinburg and Moscow Suvorov Military School and the St. Petersburg Nakhimov. It is not known, as in other cities, and in Yekaterinburg experiment was a success: all 12 graduates enter the military college.

- I am very glad that follow in the footsteps of his father - he was my military. From his childhood dream of becoming a doctor, but also wanted to wear shoulder straps, so I will enter into a military medical school in St. Petersburg at the Faculty of Surgery - said Natalia graduated from IED Shvetsov.
Natasha - gold medalist at their year - 11 people with a gold medal, two silver medalists. Do girls - four gold and one silver medal. That is one in five in this 66th edition of the account - with a medal for excellence in their studies. This was not previously. According to the officers, teachers, the influence of boys and girls at each other, because the girls have learned with them.

- We have not started to create a separate class for girls. Our graduates were in the same class with the boys - just like in a regular school. They taught the students to dance, to join the creativity, and in some moments even disciplined, - said the head of the Yekaterinburg Suvorov Military School, Colonel Yuri Zatonatsky.

As recognized by the guys, they were shocked when they saw marching on the parade ground of female cadets at first shunned them, hesitated, but then became friends and began to help the girls get comfortable. \ "Substitute the strong man's shoulder \" - a joke now girls.

About discipline - a separate conversation. In IED received 19 girls, seven of them for various reasons left: someone went with my parents to the new duty station, and someone could not resist demands discipline. After all, here use a mobile phone or surf the web can only be scheduled, and that for some who are used to spending time on social networks and communication via SMS, abnormal test.

It was hard to get used to military discipline, to cope with the volume of training material, which is significantly higher than in a normal school. Not to mention the 3-hour daily self study. It is worth saying that the students mastered the two required languages ​​- English and German, and Chinese - as an additional, received his musical education, everything is fine dancing. In general, all graduates - independent, ready-to-life people. Usually, after each release of Yekaterinburg IED about 70 percent of the students want to study in military academies, this year there tend to get all graduates without exception. The girls chose the medical sphere, communications, military space forces.

- This is the first and last issue of women in the history of our school. Russia's Defense Ministry has decided not to continue the experiment, although the girls were successfully trained. What caused such a decision is unknown, but it is not discussed, but of course we will miss our graduates - said Yuri Zatonatsky.

According to the school's tradition of students on the eve of the release did not sleep - greeted the dawn in the territory of the school, and in the morning after the presentation of certificates they went to the parade ground and threw up a coin. Happiness.

The Yekaterinburg Suvorov Military School in December 2013 was 70 years old. First school was called Orel and based in Yelets, and in 1947 was transferred to Sverdlovsk. Among the graduates of the VCA 11 Heroes of the Soviet Union and Heroes of the Russian Federation.


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