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In the first series, Alexander Belov, resigned from frontier troops, with friends drinking beer on the Sparrow Hills. We show the view from the Sparrow Hills and the football stadium "Luzhniki" with the roof, which was built in 1999, but the film goes in 1989 ...

8-Series. White plays in Quake2. Do not forget that the action of the story takes place in the 95th year, before the release of the game a few more years. At the first level at the outset in a single game, he tries to shoot from RailGun, which, as we know, there is only in the middle of the game, but certainly not at the beginning. Or are we just wanted to show how Sasha gaining secret codes ??? & lt;

The film begins with a scene in which explodes "Mercedes". Many people know that during the filming of this episode, "Merce" blew up twice. But does anyone know anything and "Mercedes", too, there were two? This can be seen by comparing the writing on the trunk (the second picture she double) and rear bumpers (gray instead of black).

"Merce" not only blew twice, but he filmed the episode with the explosion in two different places. This can be seen by comparing the background. Furthermore, it is seen as "Meares' leaves little to the left. Probably, in order to avoid a collision with a truck and "live" to the next stage. :)


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