Adults Babes

In this issue you will see not only how to look now former child actors of the Soviet cinema, but also learn information about their present life.

1. Dmitry Barkov and Yegor Druzhinin - Petrov Vasechkin.
Druzhinin finished LGITMiK. He worked at the Leningrad Youth Theatre. With his wife lived in the United States. He now lives in the capital again. Author of many musicals, ballet director, as well as the films "Day Watch". Author concert performances. He is the winner of the "Golden Mask". He participated and preparing the project "Star Factory". Conducted transfer "Golden Gramophone". He worked at the famous project "Dancing with the Stars." Engaged in a theatrical production of "Life Is Everywhere!".
Barkov one time worked in Leningrad on channel music. I played episodic scenes in movies. He lives in St. Petersburg. Arranged studio film school "Kinoostrov".

2. Inga Ilm - Masha Startseva.
In 90th-starred in the nude photo shoot for men's magazine, for which he paid with work on television. Now Inga - art historian. Lives in St. Petersburg.

3. Natalia Guseva - Alice Selezneva.
Natalia appeared in films only in the school years. A total of four pictures of her filmography: except for "guest ..." "Will the Universe," "Purple Balloon" and "Race of the century." After high school, he became a virologist. Today, chemist biologist working in a Moscow firm. Has a daughter.

4. Marianne Ionesyan - Julia Gribkova.
After school he entered the Moscow State University at the Faculty of Philosophy, after which immigrated to the United States. In 1997, the University of Texas received a master's degree in business management. Who bears the name Marianne Gray, he lives in Virginia, where he works as a business consultant.

5. Ilya Naumov - Fima Korolyov.
In the movie he is no longer starred. Now he works in the construction business. Performer of the Koli Gerasimov - Alex Fomkin died in 1996..

6. Kutepov sisters, Pauline and Xenia - two foxes from the family Larsen in the film "Red, honest, love".
Pauline in 1993, graduated from the directing department GITIS (Pyotr Fomenko). Since 1993 - the actress of the Moscow theater "Pyotr Fomenko Workshop».
Xenia studied at drama school and film school. Filmed in the movies. In 1993 she graduated from the Directing Department, actor's department GITIS (Pyotr Fomenko). Since 1993, the actress of the Moscow theater "Pyotr Fomenko Workshop».
Both actresses active in films and theater plays.

7. Dennis Zaitsev - their younger brother, Louis the Fourteenth.
In 1997, Denis graduated from the St. Petersburg Academy of Theatre Arts, the course Andrei Andreyev. More students play on the stage of Youth Theatre, and after graduating from the Academy of Theatre Arts was admitted to the troupe of the St. Petersburg Comedy Theater named after NP Akimov. Filmed in advertising, as well as in the film "Winter Cherry", "Winter Cherry-3", "Possessed." His most famous "adult" role - Lieutenant Berg in the series "Empire under attack" in 2000.

8. Tom Sawyer - Fyodor Stukov.
He graduated from the Higher Theatre School named after BV Shchukin in 1993. He played in the theater "Vershtadt" (Hannover, Germany). A leading TV "Lego-ho!", "Under 16 and over", "World lotteries" (leading professor). Today, active in films. Engaged in activities director, for example made as a director of the popular series "The Eighties".

9. Victor Perevalov - Ivan of "Mary-mistress".
While it is small - often filmed. And when grown up, call in a movie stopped. After painting "Tavern on Pyatnitskaya" virtually disappeared from the screens. He lived on a small pension. Only in the late 2000s once again began to play small roles in television series. He died on a train in the summer of 2010, after filming the movie about forgotten artists.

10. Alexander Loye - Star Yeralash.
In 1993 he starred in advertising carbonated beverage "Hershey-Cola." In 2004 was the second director of the series "Blind" together with actor-director Sergei flywheel.
In 2005 he worked as the director of the series "Blind-2" with Valery Pugashkinym. In 2006 he graduated from the Higher Theatre School. Shchepkin (artistic director of the course - Nikolai Afonin). Active in films.

11. Torsuevy brothers, George and Vladimir - Electronics & Syroezhkin.
Many years of doing business, which, however, the brothers went wrong. Vladimir went to work in the taxi, Yuri went to Germany. Now both are working in Moscow in various companies. Offers to act until receive.

12. Vasily modest - a bully Makar Gusev.
Acting career Odessa Vasiliy do not become conscious - enrolled in the Merchant Navy and became a sailor, respectively.

13. Eugene Livshits - Ryzhikov from Electronics.
He graduated from the Institute of Music. Schnittke, lives in Germany and plays in Dusseldorf Symphony Orchestra on the xylophone, vibraphone and marimba.

14. Tatyana Protsenko - Malvina.
Graduated VGIK film studies. Refuses all offers to star in a movie (the role of Malvina - only) or to become a TV presenter: writing poetry and a daughter.

15. Dmitri Joseph - Pinocchio, cub from "Little Red Riding Hood".
After high school, Dmitry entered VGIK, where he studied on a course Alexei Batalov. After the fighting positions were distributed in Minsk, where he worked in the Minsk theater-studio movie actor. At the time, he was shot at various studios, but most of all the roles they had played in the film studio "Lenfilm". At the same time he entered the director's office and, as soon as he graduated, started working in advertising, which at this moment is actively developing. Later, he developed television projects and films. Currently engaged in directing videos, commercials and reality shows.

16. Michael Metyolkin - "Elusive Avengers" Valery Meshcheryakov.
Metelkin Michael, a graduate of the Institute of Cinematography, in the movie did not go, preferring to work in television: in the main edition of the Information Department of Pedagogical Sciences, he was director of documentaries. This film is about life in the USSR and were intended mainly for the view abroad. Soon, however, the Department broke up and all of its employees attributed to the Radio and Television. Work at the new location seemed Metelkin uninteresting, and he decided to go back to the movies. Especially as a famous film director Alexander Stolper offered him a long time to go to the director. Having passed the 20 days between an external 30 examinations Metelkin was admitted to the second year VGIK. His directorial debut was the film "Frost took place", which starred a whole galaxy of stars.

17. Vasily Vasilyev - Yasha Roma.
After filming in the trilogy of "Elusive" Vasily Vasilyev movie longer shot, but received a lot of proposals. Accepting the invitation of the theater "Romen", he worked in his company for two years. At the same time he graduated from the studio dramatic actor. After leaving the "Roman", Basil went to Lenkontserte, which traveled under the protection of the entire Union. He played the guitar gypsy songs, bard songs and songs of his own.
In the 90 years Vasiliev settled in Tver, which became the head of the cultural center. He is married. Vasily Vasilyev and his wife Marina have two daughters - Ksenia and Kristina.

18. Copper Marinescu - Mirabella in Romanian-Soviet musical "Maria, Mirabella".
Copper became a professional actress - actively removed so far. Gilden Manolescu, who played Mary, died five years ago in a car accident.

19. Pippi Longstocking - Svetlana Stupak
With a career of actress tied to "get a proper profession." People rumor ascribes her three failed marriages, because she supposedly now leads the life of a hermit. A daughter, Elizabeth.

20. Lina Braknytė - Swauk / doll heir Tutti
Lina Braknytė much and successfully filmed in his childhood. The most memorable films - Girl and the Echo (1964), The Three Fat Men (1964), Dubravka (1967). After high school, Lin arrived in Moscow to enter the Film Institute, but was not received and returned to Vilnius, where he graduated from the Institute in the specialty "historian". More than twenty years working in the department of rare books library of the Institute of History of Lithuania.

21. Pavel Chernyshev - Star Boy
For Paul Chernyshov this role because only one left in his acting career. More Paul in the movie is not filmed. It was a common desire to him and his parents. After high school, he graduated from the Institute of Friendship of Peoples. He served in the army. He is married and he has two children: a son and daughter Nastya Egor. Works ... in the funeral business.

22. Fedor Dunaevskii - Courier
In the wake of the success of the film courier, Fedor Dunaevsky starred in a couple of pictures, then went to seek his fortune abroad. For several years he lived in Germany and Italy, after which he returned to Russia and was the director's education. The last 15 years Fedor Dunaevsky lives in Israel, where he engaged in business. His company is engaged in cargo transportation.

23. Anton Androsov - boy from "Plumbum or Dangerous Game"
In the next 10 years after the release of the film on the screen in 1986, Anton Androsov starred in several films, and then, in the mid-90s, went into business.



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