The teacher of the kindergarten kids (11 photos)

One of the kindergarten teachers today tells us about the life of the little brats, their feelings, manners, and many others.

On the psychological filter

Old Soviet professors liked to say that working with children can only those for whom it is a calling. Specifically, in my case it is difficult to name calling. This is not the call of the soul and all-consuming love for children, everything is quite prosaic: in our kindergarten music director working my mom, and she invited me to teach kids English. Learning should be children aged 3 to 7 years. For me it is a way to maintain the level of language: to train children and she remembers everything, and then teach again. At the same time, and you can earn a little money. Special education for kindergarten teacher needed items such as "pre-school education", "child psychology", "health", "Life Safety", "ethics", are welcome. But in reality you can do without it. There are, of course, closed elite kindergartens. In such places year in the child's parents can not do it as a year of study in a good university. Here there is a special education should be one hundred percent. Not only teachers, but also the nurses, storekeeper and housekeeper. At the same time there and the staff of a very different categories of people, and most foreigners work. The municipal gardens educators and nurses are working, usually people are not that special education, and none at all. In the best case - school, 11 classes - already well. And it goes with the song. There is no psychological tests, medical checks - nothing. All filter - is head of the kindergarten. Then you and the test and polygraph, and a discussion of bad habits. By the way, smoking - a grave sin in kindergarten. On the territory of the kindergarten can not smoke, though some manage.

On the shortage of places

The salary of the teacher just above the minimum wage, which, by the way, about 12 thousand rubles. It is not enough for anything. Even myself, so to speak, on the tights do not earn. Schedule is also unusual: teachers work in shifts (assuming that you're lucky and you're not alone in the group): from 06:45 to 12:30 and from 12:30 to 19:15. It so happens that the parents do not have time to come to seven in the evening to pick up the baby - sitting and educators to nine and later. In general, without exaggerating, working from morning to night. Therefore volunteer for such work with such payment will go only a very brave man. Yes, almost nobody goes. All the personnel policy of kindergartens held on young moms. Everyone knows the problems with kindergartens and queues. While dozhdeshsya, the child has to go to school. Here offer output, profitable for both sides, "Come nurse, take your child." And my mother, do not hesitate to go. Because there is no choice. A child in the kindergarten will hold for four years. And you with him. Sometimes even forced to sign an agreement under which the dismissal child loses all the benefits, and can even fly out of the garden.

On education

Each decides and selects the technique, usually by trial and error. Oddly enough, but the children are like strict teachers, demanding. And necessarily fair. Sucy-Pusey quickly bored, and the kids do not take these seriously. Incidentally, the first couple of months, all children listen to you easily. You relax, and the kids just feel it and start to stand on the ears. If this time is not yet answer a couple of questions, and you will lose the respect and restore it back is very difficult. Methods of really different. I remember I was in shock when the teacher tried to calm the children, called them to order, and when it failed, knocked a table spoon on the table. I surprise flew a couple of meters, and the children nothing calmed down. Sometimes it is enough simply to make a comment. The angle is usually put quite brats. But simply put - is ineffective. It is necessary to explain why he was there and what the consequences were waiting for him, if he continues to behave this way. With some children without threats can not do. I have one bully. Savvy, all on the fly grasp. He remains a sea of ​​time, while others catch up, and so he begins to rave about, mimicking can all get up and leave. All diverted it back up and laugh. Your comments are quiet nobody listens. "Your mum will tell everything, if you do not cease to behave!" Or "I will not take you to the next class!" - Is heavy artillery, works perfectly.

About curses

But I prefer a system of incentives. My students for good behavior and completed assignments given special leaflets with pictures. They may be exchanged for candy or color brochures with English words, or even make money on the movie viewing, also in English. But there are situations in which neither the stick nor the carrot does not help. There are kids with mental health problems, not serious, but it is very noticeable. Such children are hiding under the table, and it is impossible to get them out. The only thing you can do - is to hold a lesson right there, under the table, on the same level with him. Then you can slowly pull it out, but it's a long process. Kid with 3 to 5 years Matera MOST Another amazing thing - a mat. Kids from 3 to 5 years most foul. All of the words they use and the place is absolutely logical. I grabbed it, probably, on the street or from their parents, educators, too, although not saints. I once swore, however, in English, said «fuck». Children very quickly mastered it. Asked what it is and why it is impossible to say so. The only way out - not to pay attention. It is necessary to prohibit the mat, then all down the drain, would swear like a trooper.

On issues

More kids ask questions Sea. The most simple - it's how old you are, whether you have children and how many, and why not, and where your husband. In general, personal and everyday life they care about most. Today's kids love technology. Phones and other gadgets - just magnets. Apple products seen per kilometer and always say, "Oh, you iPhone». Ask to see it, but I do not give, you never know where will climb. Maximum shoot them in the working computer, and then only as a reward. Can and something funny issue. From the banal: a stone tasty? Or, as the sparrows - the children of pigeons? The same with the English: they are interested in very different English word than an adult might ask how would in English, for example, the cricket or hedgehog. In general, the children ask about everything they see: stairs, steps, door, carpet, window, and all-all-all around. Perhaps their parents to this push for its endless, "What did you learn today's lesson?»

About riches

More like they consider jewelry, clothes and comment. Rings - the main object of admiration. But nobody ever asks for fitting, but to touch - yes, that very often. I am surprised at first when the kid came up and said: "And you can touch your ring?" Please do not even know how to react. I spied on their colleagues: they, along with all the children treated, if there is time. If not, they say that later, and interest fizzles. More kids they like to show off their wealth: a new T-shirt, shoes, painted nails. When the young ladies show me your manicure, I try to explain that it is inappropriate and wrong.

About love

As you can see, not love for children led by people who go to work in kindergartens. And love every 20-30 wards quite difficult. Frankly, after a month or two you already cease to perceive the children as the children. They are small people with their problems, and the nature of the concerns. But someone sinks into the soul so that you can not forget for many years. It is believed that teachers should not be pets, but, of course, all they have. I'm like smart and active. So the bully, about whom I said, just one of the most beloved. But I do not mind being served, and that he did relax. There was still a girl, however, is not very smart, but so sweet and kind, that it was simply impossible not to love. Special kids - the ones recently adopted. They are incredibly affectionate, want to hug and kiss the hands of more love. I've been used to. Yet they are trying to please, please, do the job very hard, as if they really were given one last chance.

About dislike

And if the kid does not like it, you're just not much you participate in his life. Released the group - and all was forgotten. By the way, one important detail. If the child is not the most intelligent - well, there is slow uptake, - in any case it is impossible to treat it as something special, even if you want to support - not necessary. The more attention, the worse the others react. They immediately feel that he is stupid, he devoted much time and begin to mock. Pretty angry and unpleasant. It is best not to focus attention on this at all, at the very least leave after school and work out, and the kid he mastered without the aid. If we talk about teachers, who really love children, too little SUCH Speaking of teachers, who really love children, too little of - ten percent of the power. And this is really the professionals, special education, who live children. They were immediately evident. The rest, as already stated, came out of need and expect when it's all over. In one case, I went to someone's class. There have been several groups, a person not less than 30. The room windows open wide open, draft, holodryga terrible. I asked my colleagues what they were staged. The answer was: "They are 29 people, somebody has to get sick. We will be even easier. " Yes, it really is ...

About parents

They each caregiver and their teacher. Someone goes together and relax, especially if children are engaged in the same group, and someone confined to "hello - goodbye." But those who are too formal in communication, a little. Again, parents want to know how their child behaves, what progress he has. There are children "under control". They are the ones who are often too ill or badly behaved. Phone numbers of parents do you know by heart. I do not have a serious friendship, I try not to mix work and personal life. But still we have to communicate. There are a couple of parents who every day come and ask that as a yes. I do not understand. There are also special open sessions for this. I spend them often, children are very fond of when mom and dad come to visit, to try to begin to behave well.

About money

We have to collect money from parents: in the garden landscaping, renovated dining room. Somehow, no one believes that money back and leave. Believe me, no teachers, no head do not put them in his pocket. They must ask their parents for help because of budget funds is negligible. And the same repair you need to do frequently. Yes, and the technical equipment of the kindergarten would be desirable to maintain a level to buy modern toys. Now everything quickly goes down and is not cheap. One option running-educators - individual sessions with children during nap time. Preparation for the school, for example. Of course, this is not officially authorized. But banning especially no hurry. Moreover, that the management of this usually does. He closes his eyes. For a nominal 25%. PLACES BEFORE BUYING occurs through the Head, And now she gives only a couple of places in each group did not have enough Gardens. Before buying places occurs through the manager, and now she gives only a couple of places in each group, which it can sell on your own. All other issues are slightly higher - at the head of the Department of Education. I do not know exactly the whole system, but I think what happens is this: do not want to be a 1152-mi in the queue, and at least 152-mi, pay or go to work. In general, from the perspective of the business is very profitable kindergarten. Not a very high level of competition, there is a demand, a lot of money, subsidies and support at all levels. But for this you have to be connected with the local authorities. Or the child of a powerful man should go in your kindergarten, with conveniently walk. From the standpoint of the teacher prospects a little. But they are there. Development of techniques of education, training, the preparation of various ranks, including scientific degrees. All this is possible, if it live.



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