Heather garden — the atmosphere of ancient myths and legends in your area

Heather is a truly wonderful plant, which are always fun to write. Repeatedly glorified in Anglo-Saxon folklore, literature and film, Heather deservedly carries the atmosphere of ancient myths and legends. Heather gardens (gardens Veresov) as an element of garden design mimic natural Heath or meadows (versatile).


Dignity Heath-garden (the garden Veresov)

Heather garden in bloom twice a year and for a long time. In fact, we can say that the Heather garden is of interest all year round. Erika spring, one of the most beautiful primroses in the garden.

The Heather garden is broken anywhere on the site, where there's sun, good drainage and suitable soil for acidity. The poorest soil is quite satisfied with Heather — they do not need fertilizers. Small garden vereskov can be broken down into any area of the garden in a few square meters. You can draw a garden path, a small vacant lot or a transitional area of the garden in the style of Heather garden.


If you are using a local (not thermophilic) species Heather your Heather garden is a natural landscape in the garden.

Require attention, represent an easy-maintenance garden that looks great with minimal effort gardener.

Ideal for garden plots on the slopes., including slopes on the coast, where the soil is saline.

Plants for cadaveres common Heather (Calluna vulgaris) blooms in summer, but dried flowers remain on the shrub. From this it appears that the Heather blooms a few months. Ancient Scottish legend has it that the humble Heather was the only plant who, at the request of God agreed to grow on the bare, windswept slopes of the hills. For this the Lord bestowed upon Heather... Eric (Erica) — a small shrub with narrow needle-like leaves. Erica bloom in summer or in winter in warm regions, and in the cold winter flowering Erica falls on late autumn or spring. It seems that Eric blooms for six months because dried flowers are persistent on the plant.


Design sagapolutele Heather Heather in such a way that the flowering of your Heather garden was the longest (2 times per year if the climate allows). Place the Heather of the same species and variety groups, a minimum of 2-3 plants (or more, depending on the size of your Heather garden). Planting group vereskov, create a contrast of colors of leaves, colors and textures of plants to your garden has not turned out monotonous. Don't forget that heathers differ not only in color of flowers, but leaves that can buy dramatic fall colors (yellow, rusty, red).

Break the homogeneity of Heather trees (particularly spectacular in the Heather garden look birch), coniferous low shrubs, spring and fall bulbs that bloom at the same time with Heather. Create intriguing contrasts of colour from the Heather and other plants that you complete the garden vereskov.

Play with natural elevation changes in your yard. Do not attempt to neutralize their opposite — stress.

Use in the design of Heather, the rocks, the water, winding paths and elements such as benches, verandas etc.

Stick with the informal, natural style that suits the Heather garden.


If you live in a region with cold winters, but still want to plant Heather in your garden-loving Erica, place them side by side. It'll make life easier in the fall, when you'll arrange a winter shelter for Erica.

In the natural environment of Heather grow on vacant lots, in open glades in the forest, creating a whole versatile. Often shrubs are combined with the bracken fern, separately scattered trees, and wild blackberries. About the wild blackberries we wrote in detail in the article about the Weeds. One thing is the barbed BlackBerry with long entangling branches: the berries are very tasty and sweet, if the summer was warm.

Heather garden occupies a large area of natural areas of the Botanical garden Weasley (Wisley RHS Garden), in Surrey. In the garden Weasley is a national collection vereskov the UK, which were collected over decades, includes over a thousand species and varieties of Heather and is constantly updated. Garden vereskov in Weasley is beautiful virtually year-round mild local climate. We are very lucky that we live 10 minutes drive from the garden of the Weasley's and go there quite often. Every trip to Weasley — a new, unique experience and great pleasure.


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