15 best varieties of cucumbers for the middle band

It would seem that in growing cucumbers is not complex. And this is true, but only if you approach it with a certain amount of knowledge. Including the ones that are best suited for growing in your area.

Variety of cucumbers counts!

First of all, you need to answer 3 questions:

— Where you intend to grow cucumbers in a hothouse, a greenhouse, outdoors or on the windowsill?

— When you want to harvest: in early June, July or August?

— How long you want to harvest cucumbers?



Thus, the early varieties of cucumbers are more susceptible to disease, and the period of fructification, in comparison with the later, much shorter. And, despite the fact that the division of cucumbers in early, middle and late very loosely, from answers to these 3 questions, for obvious reasons, and will depend on the choice of varieties.

Only properly chosen varieties not so terrible disease, which most often affects cucumbers in the middle band: this powdery mildew, downy mildew and bacteriosis, so the choice of varieties should pay special attention to their resistance to these diseases.

Not every variety of cucumber is suitable for pickling!

Another question: what exactly do you need the cucumber — eating fresh or pickling? Their grades on the assignment is divided into 3 groups: zasolochnye, salad, universal. Naturally, each of the varieties has its benefits, but to choose the best everyone has for himself depending on his needs and desires. For example, I always put half zasolochny varieties, and 25% lettuce, and universal.

When you are done with theory, move on to descriptions of the most popular in the Middle zone of cucumber varieties for greenhouses, open ground, shaded areas and home garden.

The best varieties of cucumbers for greenhouses and polytunnels

For greenhouses the preferred parthenocarpic cultivars and hybrids

Murashka F1
Precocious (from 42 to 45 days after sowing) parthenocarpic (i.e. samoplodnye, does not require pollination) hybrid high yielding production of the agricultural firm "Gavrish" (read more about this and other seed producers is described in our review). The plant is the beam type of flowering, medium growth; growth of lateral shoots is limited. Fruit krupnoblochnye with small black spines, length reaching 8-12 cm; they are genetically no bitterness. The variety has high taste qualities, versatility: good both fresh and for pickling. Very resistant to powdery mildew and downy mildew; suitable for cultivation in greenhouses, greenhouses and in open ground.

Precocious (bear fruit on 39 day) variety with female type of flowering, characterized by resistance to complex diseases. Fruits that grow in length up to 11 cm and weight 50 – 65 g, it will be appreciated by fans of gherkins. The fruits are ideal for canning and pickling.

Benefis F1
Precocious (from 43 to 50 days from germination to fruiting) self-pollinated hybrid type of female flowering. Zieleniec weighing 100-120 grams and is 10-12 cm long densely covered with small tubercles. The fruits are devoid of bitterness and have high taste qualities, a universal (salting, pickling, eating fresh). Hybrids are very resistant to this and downy mildew, and root rots.

Alexeitch F1
Early maturing (from germination to fruiting 37-43дня) parthenocarpic hybrid type of female flowering. The plant is medium grade versatile, fruit fruit, weighing 60-80 g and a length of 7-8 cm, the fruits have high taste qualities. Hybrid is highly resistant to powdery mildew and downy mildew.

Emelya F1
Universal early maturing parthenocarpic hybrid, the fruits of which with success are used as fresh and for pickling. And grows better in heated greenhouses. The fruits ripen quickly — within 40-45 days. Bush varieties are indeterminate (has an unlimited growth of lashes), with a predominantly female type of flowering and beam formation of ovaries.

The best varieties of cucumbers for open ground

Varieties for open ground pick carefully

April F1
Universal early maturing hybrid, the fruition which comes after 45-55 days after emergence. Successfully grow not only outdoors but also in the small balcony boxes — the plant is compact and the ability to regulate branching. The cylindrical fruit is quite large: with a weight of 200-250 g at length they reach 22-25 cm... Indisputable advantages of the varieties: the lack of bitterness, undemanding in care and the relative cold resistance that enables to obtain good yields in the open field.

Ploubalay middle-universal (suitable for both fresh consumption and for canning) grade. Plant mixed type of flowering, highly branched and vigorous. Zieleniec short (about 6-7 cm), oblong-ovate, a little bit lumpy. The variety is fairly resistant to downy mildew.

Ant F1
Parthenocarpic ultra-fast (35 – 39 days) hybrid. Plant srednevilyuiskoe, spider flowering type with limited branching side shoots. Fruit krupnoblochnye, cylindrical shape, length reaching 12 cm Variety is resistant to olive spot, as well as false and powdery mildew.

Masha F1
Parthenocarpic ultra-fast (35 – 39 days), high yielding hybrid beam type flowering with a long period of fruiting. Fruit — krupnoblochnye gherkins right cylindrical shape is genetically devoid of bitterness, of the highest taste, and suitable not only for fresh consumption but also for canning. The variety is resistant to complex diseases: powdery and downy mildew, cucumber mosaic virus and others, and to adverse growing conditions.

Yielding, early maturing (43-53 days) zasolochny variety with good taste. Fruits are oblong-oval or cylindrical, with a length reaching 12 cm, entirely covered with large tubercles, reach a weight of 120 g. the Variety is resistant to powdery mildew and bacterial spot.

Rodnichok F1
The mid (from 48 to 55 days) hybrid pollinated by bees that are resistant to complex diseases. Cylindrical fruits are covered with small tubercles with occasional spikes, are devoid of bitterness; used for pickling and canning. Length of ripe silence comes to 12 cm, and the weight does not exceed 100 grams.

As shown by our gardeners for cultivation in the open ground are well-proven and such varieties of cucumbers like the far East and the Phoenix.

The best varieties of cucumbers for shady areas

There are varieties of cucumbers are able to grow even in partial shade

Agree, a suburban area not all sides are equally illuminated by the sun, which is very demanding, many vegetable crops, but its area is not infinite. Tomatoes, peppers, eggplant — they all grow well only in open Sunny areas, and sometimes for planting cucumbers place already simply does not remain. But all is not hopeless, and if open Sunny places in your yard no longer exists, no problem — feel free to plant cucumbers in partial shade, there are varieties that grow well in such conditions.

Murom 36
Precocious (35-45 days) zasolochny grade, smooth or tuberculate fruits which reach a length of 6-8 cm is Relatively resistant to short-term lowering of temperature. The fruits are light green, have ovoid or ellipsoidal shape, and reach a length of 6-10 cm feature of the variety is that its fruits become yellow rather quickly, so you want to pick them often.

The secret of the firm F1
Early maturing parthenocarpic (38-42 days) hybrid multi-purpose. Plant srednevilyuiskoe, with a female type of flowering. Zelenets cylindrically shaped, slaborebristye, medium size, weighing up to 115 g. the Variety is resistant to powdery mildew, ant.

Moscow nights F1
Parthenocarpic the mid (42-45 days) hybrid, the fruits of which are of excellent taste and suitable for pickling and fresh consumption. The plant mainly female type of flowering, selenoprecise. The fruit is cylindrical, tuberculate, dark green with white pubescence. Its length is 14 cm, and weight not exceeding 110 grams. The variety is resistant to cucumber mosaic virus, powdery mildew, ant.

The best varieties of cucumbers for balconies and home garden

Even on the balcony it is possible to gather a good harvest
If possible to grow cucumbers in the garden you have, arrange cucumber "flower bed" on the balcony, loggia and in the window, the main thing — to choose the right variety.

Swallowtail F1

Cornichons early maturing parthenocarpic hybrid predominantly female type of flowering. Fruits fusiform, small (length 11 cm) weighing 60-110 g, have high taste and zasolochnymi qualities. The variety is resistant to cucumber mosaic, olive spot and powdery mildew.

For growing on the balcony and in the home garden are also great the following varieties of cucumbers: the Balcony F1, Kolibri F1, Moscow greenhouse, Biryusa, Nizhyn local and Elegant.

List of cucumber varieties and hybrids for the middle band could still go on and on — it's quite likely I failed to mention loved by many gardeners varieties. published

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