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"The new adults" - people who allow themselves to maintain a series of children's qualities in a rather mature age. For example, watch cartoons, play PSP, wearing stupid clothes dancing in fashionable clubs under the "Blue train runs, swings ..." and give each other designer plush monsters. But at the same time, "new adults" quite cope with their adult responsibilities - raising children, making a career, take care of their parents and build the world around us.

Often used in the press, the term "kidalty" which newspaper mourners like mean "new adults" means a mixture of disdain and fear. Neglect - because it does not have the same people in thirty-five years to buy a speculator for $ 200 a ticket to the premiere of "The Simpsons Movie." And the fear - because these bastards everywhere, everywhere. To whom we leave civilization? What will happen to our great culture? Oh, and children. How will they raise their children ?! Somebody Think of the children!

Meanwhile, the "new adults" great raise their children - the person who paid $ 200 for tunneling on "The Simpsons", three of them, and a fourth on the way. Children of the "new adults" Teachers are often surprised sound judgment, communication skills and common sense - they have with their parents are often a common interest, bond closer relationships better, the distance is less. This - the flip side of the "disappearance of childhood," which in the tragic tones described the American scholar Neil Postman. Kids really have a better understanding of adults, because today's teen may well be a problem with money, women and careers. But the "new adults" have learned to better understand the children, because they have "new adults", there are problems with the study, playmates and parents, who grew up in a very different time, and do not understand about the importance of Second Life.

It is not, infantile whether the "new adults", nor is it too early maturing children. The fact that all of our assumptions about employment, appropriate and befitting a particular human age, were incorrect. Attempts to build scale with age regulations existed since the days of the deep Middle Ages (remember engravings about the "seven ages of man" - from the swaddled baby with a rattle to the poor old man with a crutch). In modern times, psychologists and sociologists, ranging from Freud to Erickson, tried to appoint a correspondence between lifestyle and physiological age. But the last fifty years of the life of Western civilization brought these efforts to naught.

It turns out that if you do not fight on their own land, have full, live long and not very afraid of old age (because health is not bad, and retire something postponed), then mature - in the old, harsh sense of the word - not so required. You can watch cartoons, to raise children, to play PSP, wearing stupid clothes, make a career, dancing in fashionable clubs under the "Blue train runs, swings ..." give each other designer plush monsters, care for their parents, think what you will, when grow and build the world around us.

It is important to remember that the "new adults" - the phenomenon of the class is impossible without serious economic background. To dramatically change careers (a "new adults" like to throw their brokerage and to study the eco-design) to feel that without a piece of bread you do not stay. To spit on building savings (a "new adults" like to move to part-time and do free-diving), we must understand that it is possible at any time to borrow money from friends. To finally not afraid of old age (a "new adults" like an old age to move to Florida and run marathons there), it is necessary to nineteen intelligently manage their retirement accounts. New adult is not present in Nigeria, there are almost none in the South Bronx, and in Volgograd them, frankly, is not so hot as. But if the Lord will be merciful to this and to other temporarily-forgotten parts of the earth to them, then after a certain satiety, some rest and a faith in the future "new maturity" will come and go. Because of the order to be "like children" has not been canceled. Just forces there (in Nigeria, the South Bronx, Volgograd).

No one will die prematurely, and later, no one dies, though obsmotris "The Simpsons." But the best way to deal with gun - buy it, zero in, to learn how to beat nine out of ten, put the gun in the far corner of the box with shorts and try to lead a life so as to never have to use. And the best way to handle pointedly dry, painful sound of traditional "maturity" - find it, zero in, to learn how to beat nine out of ten, put this maturity pigeonholed cabinet with all the series of series of Matt Groening and try to lead a life so that she never use.

Because peacetime - a rare thing. It's a pity to waste it in an adult way.

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