midlife crisis in men and how to deal with it

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Wasted years do You know that unpleasant feeling when you for a long time listening to your favorite music, and then, one day, you realize that there is nothing special (and around, if you look, there is a huge amount of music better than this)? If Yes, then you can understand what a midlife crisis in men.

The only problem is that you can switch track or upload to your player different music – and the man cannot cope with the problem as easily and quickly. What is the essence of the experiences of men in this difficult period? That his life gave him the pall. What he sought for so long, during all his conscious independent life, he was tired.

And now he's tortured by the thought that all his efforts and all that time was wasted. What does this mean mean? The man abruptly changes his schedule. Previously, he was a homebody, he now constantly delayed after work. In the family, he becomes silent and withdrawn, he has a thirst for alcohol and a dislike to talk about life and everyday Affairs.

Maybe he will go left, if time does not understand it and not provide the necessary assistance. To survive a midlife crisis on their own is very difficult. Without outside help, without a true marital and family support is impossible. Very often the desperate men break down everything that managed to build during his life – career, family, position in society – and I sincerely do not understand the true nature of things. Life for them is a prison, and you can become the chief jailer and enemy of her husband.

How to save the spouse a Change of scenery. Kick the wife out of the usual cycle of his life. Ask him to take leave from work and get some beautiful and colorful leisure for a week or two. Beautiful surroundings and previously unknown joy or repel your spouse from sombre reflection on the meaning of his life. The care and concern. He was so used to be the head of a family that is already tired of it.

Let him rest and not load, his concerns about pravesa life. At the same time let him feel that he is still love, that all his works are highly valued. After all, in the end, its share in present prosperity of your family is very large. Don't put him in reproach that he decided to deviate from the normal routine. If your spouse preferred a quiet family dinner a glass or two of beer at the bar with friends – he has every right to do.

If you're staying in the family policy of the execution of the step left – step right, thinking your wife about life as a prison will only receive justification. It is not necessary to behave as if nothing is happening. Can give your spouse understand that you don't like what is happening in this change. Maybe he'll notice what's going on with him, and begin to deal with this myself. In any case, your assistance in dealing with the midlife crisis will be a decisive factor in the decision, note whether your husband his victory at the family table or in the arms of another woman.


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