Signs of midlife crisis in men

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All remember and know about the crisis of middle age, but are absolutely not prepared for his appearance.

The main complexity of this condition in the family men can become the relationship of all family members from the status of head of family. While suffering a lone working and personal life.

So with dignity and with the minimal losses to survive this difficult stage of life, you must be prepared for it. First of all, it is time to recognize the midlife crisis in men: symptoms typical of this condition.

What is the state

Not only men but also their families (especially women) trying to understand what is midlife crisis in men. This is due to the unstable condition which affects the immediate environment. The state of irritation is chasing a man and is manifested in the communion with the family, wife, colleagues, and superiors.

Under the midlife crisis is commonly understood as long-term depression or depression due to the revaluation of life values.
Usually the crisis 40 years for men based on the recognition of the outgoing youth, missed opportunities and approaching old age. Completely innocent to satisfied your man's life of thought is able to push a mentally unstable individual to depression.

Preliminary results done is not a reason to panic, but only if made satisfies and delights. If a man, looking back, sees only unfinished, missing or failed, the state of dissatisfaction threatens to drag.

How to feel the approach of a crisis condition

Definitely say when it comes to midlife crisis in men, it is impossible. Psychologists define a rather diffuse time frame: from 35 to 60 years according to Jung or 40-45 years according to Levinson.

Researches of modern psychologists indicate that each European citizen, regardless of gender, is faced with the complexities of the crisis of middle age from 25 to 50 years. But the moment a crisis starts in middle age, is impossible to miss: dramatic changes in mood, attitude to life and work become visible even to an outsider.

To answer how long the crisis state, is also impossible: everyone is a state proceeds in its own way, with certain difficulties and subtleties. Some crisis can last with attenuation up to the end of life, the other will be held in six months. To push or force things not worth it, perhaps only the intervention of a competent and understands the specialist able to draw the correct conclusions.

TIP! You need to understand that the rapid a midlife crisis does not happen: last this state will not be a day or a week, months or years. And only a balanced approach can ensure a relatively safe communication during this period.
Despite how it appears age crisis in men, main is the desire of the men and others to find the best and most painless way from this condition.

The main signs

So, it is possible to recognize a crisis 30 years in men: the symptoms of this condition are the following:

  • Excessive irritability, alternating with sentimentality: the husband can hide a tear when watching melodramas, and immediately after that scandal with poorly ironed shirt.
  • Dissatisfaction with their appearance: a man seeks out the wrinkles, gray hair and gropes figure on the subject of excess weight – it is extremely important to maintain the visual appeal and feel are in demand.
  • Concern about their health, especially when it comes to sexual viability, which many men identify with their masculinity. In an attempt to keep their ability they can turn to a miracle drug, to get involved in sports and visit the salons.
  • Isolation may be one of the signs of the crisis, especially in previously gregarious personalities. Thus the man tries to hide its internal state, to hold on to the experiences and problems.
  • Worries about the future. A man often thinks about the future, a lengthy thinks of death, as if summing up his life.
  • But only to recognize the signs of a midlife crisis is not enough, because the main work should be focused on working through and the most calm and peaceful passage of the hardships of this period together. Understanding, patience and assistance in search of new life goals – that's the pattern of behavior that can help with overcoming the crisis.

Author: Lyudmila Tikhomirova


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