The role of Robert Downey Jr.

Few actors so lucky in his career, as Robert Downey Jr. Unlike his colleagues, to which is attached a certain role, Robert multilayered as cabbage - tearing off the regular list, it sometimes reveals a role of not only the identity of the hero, but also their inner feelings and problems. By the way, this "acting exposure," he said, and helps him to be a man. Downey Jr. is not afraid to take risks, so when he recently suggested to play in the new film adaptation of a familiar fairy tale about Pinocchio, he did not, thinking for a long time, gladly changed the suit of Iron Man on a wooden. Yes, that's right. As it became known on July 16 in the new movie actor will play not only the carpenter Geppetto, Pinocchio and the most. How 48-year-old actor to transform into a wooden boy is not yet entirely clear, but just one thing - this is not the first and not the last bright reincarnation Robert Downey Jr..

1. The very first role as Robert Downey Jr. was the role of a sick puppy in the movie "Paddock", directed by his father spoke. The film tells the story of eighteen dogs that are patiently waiting for their fate in the wire fenced paddock, simultaneously solving the questions is not a dog. By the way, 5-year-old Robert Downey Jr. was not the only actor to be reincarnated as a dog. The remaining seventeen accidents dog shower also showed actors-people. Sam Downey Jr. recalls those shooting as the most disturbing childhood memory.

2. The most legendary role of Robert Downey Jr. was the role of Charlie Chaplin in his autobiography. Role for the actor became a landmark not only in terms of the character, in which it was necessary to transform, but also brought changes in his personal life. After reaching the screen biopic "Chaplin," in 1992, Robert was announced one of the most promising young actors. The film is appreciated not only by ordinary spectators, but critics eventually Downey Jr. received a nomination for "Oscar" and "Golden Globe" for the main male role, and also awarded the prize BAFTA. However, on the wave of success, the actor appears addiction, and as a result, for failing to work properly, it loses all contracts and goes into oblivion.

3. The most cartoon role of Robert Downey Jr. is a recurring role in the American animated sitcom "Family Guy." By the way, the actor met with this show because of his son, is a fan of crazy little family. And to make nice son, Downey Jr. himself contacted the producer of "Family Guy" and offered himself for the voice of the episode. Producers have met the actor and came up for him a new character - Patrick Pyutershmidta, the wife of his elder brother Peter Griffith. Patrick appears in season 4 of the series, 17 series "strangle fat." Is being treated in a psychiatric hospital, he persuades his sister to full health, and moved to their house. But Peter Griffin reminds him of his childhood, and Patrick begins to kill all the fat people in the district.

4. Blackest role of Robert Downey Jr. was the role of Oscar-winning actor Kirk Lazerus in the Ben Stiller comedy "Tropic Thunder." Hero Downey Jr. pigmentation changes of the skin especially for the new role, but instead of the set, with the other actors gets to a real war. By the way, this role has brought Robert a second nomination for "Oscar" for Best Supporting Actor.

5. The highest grossing role of Robert Downey Jr. was and remains the role of Tony Stark in the comic book series "Iron Man." Thanks to Tony Stark, Robert Downey Jr. became the highest-paid actor in Hollywood according to the magazine Forbes. And yet, in a recent interview with Empire Robert said he was willing to transfer to another character actor, if there is such, because they do not intend to "abuse the hospitality of the public" and wants to try his hand in other stories.

By the way, perhaps Robert Downey Jr. has decided to move a little away from the main hero of the fact that it is associated exclusively until Tony Stark. All media world bypassed Photo Downey Jr., who soothes baby's upset that the actor was not a real Iron Man))))


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